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This is my take on the whole April's niece situation that seems to be pretty populat in the fandom. Hopefully not another Mary sue take so if you see me going down that road stop me!

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It was the typical movie night for a small group of New York residents who happened to live below the city itself, and for that matter, they weren't typical at all. Raphael was sitting in a recliner currently controlling the remote to the tv, trying his very best to ignore the general chaos and focus on his program. Donatello was off in a corner working on some project or another, which he would probably do until the very last second when the previews ended and the movie actually began. Michelangelo was running about the place making sure they had drinks and snacks and all the right movies to watch while Splinter meditated in his room. Personally Raph thought Splinter was steeling himself for the night ahead, but who knew? The last of the four brothers, Leonardo, was off helping Casey pick up and bring back the half dozen or so pizzas they'd devour before the night was over.

The only other unaccounted for guest decided to grace the lair with her presence, though it was clear from the very first moment that something was seriously wrong. There was shock written on her features, and a sort of jerkiness to her movements as if her body and mind weren't responding to one another. On her own April O'Neil managed to find her way to the couch, though by the time she had the tv had been muted, electronics had been set down and snacks had been forgotten.

It was the Splinter's appearance in the room that finally broke the silence, "My child, what conflicts you?"

There was a shake of her head in disbelief and several animated attempts to speak, but her voice failed her. Her hand went to cover her mouth though she's said nothing yet and by the time the tears started flowing and the sobs could be heard, she had three mutant turtles and an aged mutant rat by her side.

It took nearly twenty minutes to calm her down enough to get actual words and sentences from her, and by that point Casey and Leo had returned with the pizza that sat mostly forgotten by this point. "My sister is gone…There was an accident and she and Jason….they're just gone." They were dead, but April couldn't bring herself to say the words, it was too surreal, she and Megan had lost their own parents when they were younger and now this. Worse yet, her older sister had a daughter too, who was going through the same thing, only Mandy didn't have a sister's support.

"She must be….a mess." She murmured, mostly to herself. Casey and the others were able to get the basic details out of April, with gentle questions and reassuring comments, the who's and what's of the situation but little else. The night ended with Casey carrying a worn out April home, escorted by a tag team of turtles.

"So…that's the plan." April stated and Splinter nodded from his seat. She'd turned to the eldest mutant more than once since meeting him, and now in her time of tragedy he was a great assent emotionally. Splinter always seemed to know just what to say to calm a situation, or bring important matters into focus.

"What's the plan?" Raph questioned, walking into the living room and clearly private conversation without so much as announcing himself. In his opinion, if they wanted privacy, they wouldn't have been talking in the living room. Splinter looked annoyed but April spoke up before the rat had a chance to reprimand his son.

"I was just telling Splinter that Mandy is going to be staying with me." She stated, though even April sounded unsure of the matter. "I mean…my parents are gone, Jason doesn't…didn't have any siblings and Mandy barely knows his parents. I mean, she barley knows me, but everyone thinks it would be best if she comes here. I'm not ready to be a parent…I don't know how to handle a teenager!" Her calm words turned to stressed ramblings quickly and that wasn't even factoring in the obvious fact that she'd need to hide a huge part of her life from another person who'd be living with her.

"Miss O'Neil." Splinter stated calmly and softly, which immediately had the young woman focusing on him again, "I believe your niece needs more a companion, who understands her situation, than a parent right now." It was simple and yet it was true and it had the red head nodding with a bit of a sigh.

"I know…you're right. I just…don't think I'm ready for this, for any of this." She admitted and Splinter nodded, resting a clawed hand briefly on her shoulder.

"And in knowing that Miss O'Neil, I believe you are." She gave him a weak smile and a brief nod before he turned to address his sons, the rest of whom had filed into the room moments after Raph on their way home from nightly patrols along with Casey Jones. "Miss O'Neil tells me that you, Casey, will be driving to help move Miss Burbank's things."

Casey, who already had his hockey mask off nodded, "Yeah rentin' the biggest U-haul they got, I know broads have a lot of stuff." He stated and while some might have thought his comment insensitive April was trying hard not to laugh at him, Casey was just so…so Casey at times.

Splinter ignored the sexually derogatory statement and merely nodded, "Then it is decided, my sons will go with you."

There were choruses of, "What?" "No!" "But Master!" and other such arguments that not only the turtles but their two human companions offered up, all it took to silence them was a tap of Splinter's walking stick on the concrete ground and the lifting of a single hand to quite them all.

"This is a perfect opportunity. My sons, you know our time on this plane is limited, and that I shall not always be there for you. This is a chance for you to see the world around you without me there, and to test your skills away from the city that has been your home."

"But what about you Master?" Raph questioned, speaking what everyone was thinking, "We'll all be gone, not even Cas' or Ape will be around. You'll be alone!"

Splinter frowned slightly but couldn't fault his sons for their worry, "Do not thing me so frail and weak yet Raphael. The Foot have been up to nothing since their publication and the exposure of our kind to the public and I am capable of defending myself, or have you forgotten who it was that trained you?" He questioned, and the red masked turtle glanced away, all four silent and unable to offer a good defense for why they should stay rather than go as their Master ordered.

Not even April argued the decision, though she did wonder how exactly she was supposed to keep four grown mutant turtles from being seen, though mutants were considered limitedly legal citizens now-in that they weren't shot on sight, there was still far too much controversy for the turtles to feel safe walking around in public. She could only hope they were all up to snuff on their stealth lessons.

Still, though they didn't have a good reason to stay, it didn't stop them from trying, "It's not right Master Splinter. If any of our enemies finds out we're gone you'll be alone. You always taught us to fight as a team, not alone." Raph, oddly, was the one to comment this.

Splinter nodded a little, glad to see the lesson was finally taking hold in his often, most difficult student. "Then I suggest you make sure that our enemies do not catch you leaving." He answered, getting the final say on the matter.

"Casey just make sure the shop doesn't burn down….and call me if you have any questions…but don't call on Thursday because that's the day of the funeral. And for god sakes Casey if someone else answers my phone, be nice! Don't forget to clean up the spare rooms, and the bathroom and I don't mean to your standards Casey."

The ex-hockey player was smirking as he nodded, at least he wasn't getting angry or upset all orders being given to him. "Easy Ape, me and the boys'll take care of everything. You go, have a good time…well…ya know, don't worry about things here. Sides, ya know Master Splinter won't let things fall apart." That statement alone set her at ease. As much as she knew Casey and the turtles had good intentions things rarely went as planned in that department, but with Splinter overseeing everything she did feel better.

"Now you just worry about getting' through security and on that plane." He stated as the taxi pulled up to the terminal. Though Casey did have a motorcycle one couldn't exactly carry several weeks worth of luggage on it. Being the gentleman he was he got out and helped her get her things, staying with her as she checked in for her flight and checked most of her luggage. Only when they had to part at the security gate did he part from her, but not before drawing her into a tight hug and offering a simple kiss on the forehead. "We got this babe, just do what ya gotta do and before ya know it, three weeks me and the boys will be in Detroit."

As April pulled away from the curb and began the dangerous task of getting through security and onto her plane, she couldn't help but wonder whether or not she should be comforted by Casey's statement.