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Chapter 1 Getting There

APOV (Amy)

I made it. After 3 months of being trapped in that nightmare, I was free. I was thankful that Cassie was able to escape with me. She has helped me so much I would miss her if she wasn't with me.

Oh, I should introduce us. My name is Amy but my mom called me Caroline for short. I have long curly red hair and storm grey eyes. I am 8 years old and until 3 months ago, I lived in Port Angeles with my mom and Aunt Maggie, when a man with red eyes came and killed them and took me away. Cassie is 16 and is from the La Push reservation. She is very pretty and very tall when I stand beside her and reach up I can just touch her chin, she has very long blue black hair and pretty gold brown eyes. She was taken when she was 6 she has been in that place the longest out of every other girl there.

We are going north through the forest so that we can go first Forks then on to La Push. It is very hard to walk through the brush because we don't have shoes but we can't stop because He might find us.

"We've been walking for days Cassie!" What do you expect? I'm 8.

Cassie laughed "Caroline, I know it feels like that and it will take much longer still but it shouldn't take us more that 2 days to get there if we keep going" Cassie is the only one I told about my second name I like the way she says it, it reminds me of mom.

Wait… "2 days? We're going to be walking for 2 days?"

"Less then 2 probably about a day and a half, we have about a day's worth of walking left. If we hurry we might be able to get there sooner."

"Well let's go! I don't like it out here."

CPOV (Cassie)

I had to laugh. Amy was such a sweet girl. As much as I wish that she hadn't been put through all that she has in the past 3 months, I'm glad I got to meet her and get to know her.

As we moved through the forest I though of going home to La Push, taking Amy there as well and hoping I can keep my secret. See the reason we were able to escape is because I'm able to turn into a wolf and even when I'm human I am very strong and fast.

I believed we were just out side of Forks when…

"Amy! Are you all right? Speak to me hun." I had no idea what happened she just fell forward not moving. I picked her up and ran. Soon I was able to see houses and I knew I was in Forks. Suddenly a young woman appeared. She was beautiful with pale white skin, long wavy mahogany hair and caramel gold eyes shades lighter then my own, she smelled a lot like that place we came from but seeing as I didn't recognize her I went up to her.

"Is she all right?" the lady asks me.

"I have no idea. I'm so scared for her." I respond still staring

"I know someone who can help her if you'll let me take her."

"All right, but I need to come too." Still not knowing who this lady was "May I ask what you're name is?"

"Oh how silly of me my name's Isabella Cullen, Bella for short, and you are?"

"I'm Cassandra, Cassie for short, and this is Amy."

"Well Cassie, if we're going to get Amy looked after quickly I'll need to carry you it'll be quicker if I run."

"Um…sure." how would it be quicker if she ran?

"Ok, here shut your eyes and we'll be there in no time."

A/N: Amy's name idea came from the song "Unusually Unusual" by Lonestar figured I should put that in, in case anyone was wondering.