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Chapter 9 Learning

SPOV (Seth)

"What happened to her? What did you do?" I yelled at Alice and Edward.

"Seth calm down, she will be alright. You try having hundreds of visions go through your mind in a minute." Edward yelled back.

"Edward's right Seth. Even for a vampire that would be quite the ordeal. Her body is protecting itself." Carlisle told me in a way that made me calm down and listen. "See? She's coming around now." I turned my head and sure enough, Amy was sitting upright, holding her head.

I rushed over to her, holding her up. "How are you feeling Amy?" I ask slightly worried.

"Like I could tack the worlds biggest Aspirin and it still wouldn't help."

Carlisle nodded with a curious look on his face. "Amy, do you think you could try to see something for us?"

"What! After she just blacked out because of all this, you want her to do more?"

"No, I'll be fine Seth. Just hold on a minute." She closed her eyes for a second then opened them. They were slightly glazed over just like Alice's get when she's having a vision, I heard Edward gasp just as Amy started speaking. "I can see a wedding… It's Edward and Bella's, But Bella looks different. She isn't as pale and her cheeks are pink. Also her eyes are a deep chocolate brown."

"Amy, that happened almost a year ago. Before Edward changed Bella into a vampire." Carlisle told her shocked.

Amy frowned and turned to Edward. "You married a human?" She looked shocked.

"Yes, I love Bella and so we got married before I changed her."

She nodded at that. "Yes I saw."

"So you can see the past. Is that all?" Carlisle asked.

"Oh no, I can see lots. Like the fact that I'm going to have triplets,"

All of our jaws dropped at that. Triplets? How is that possible? She's forever 8 years old. No way am I doing a kid, and anyways… Vampires can't have kids.

As these questions were going through my brain, I heard Carlisle ask, "Amy how is it possible for you to even have children, let alone 3?"

"Oh that's easy. I have another gift that causes me to be almost human. Where I can eat, sleep, age and bare children. Also I don't feed from blood."

"How do you know?" Carlisle insisted on knowing. Always so bloody curious. I rolled my eyes at him and laughed as I head Amy's answer.

"Because I can see myself doing all of these things. Duh."

"Amazing. Absolutely amazing."

"The kids bit are only one path though, I can see lots."

"What else do you see?"

"Well… In one, everyone dies because of three men, vampires. Two with black hair and one with white, surrounded by other vampires."

"The Volturi. Why do they kill us? How do we stop it?"

"They kill us because of me. On of the black haired ones sees me in someone's mind and thinks I'm dangerous. They kill us without question. To stop it I see us flying to Italy. And talking to them ourselves."

"Well then. We need to go to Italy then don't we? You guys can't just die." I said into the stunned silence.

"Actually Seth, it might be better if you stay here." Amy was shaking her head before Carlisle could even finish talking.

"No. Seth has to come. Main reason is if we were to leave without him… He'd go nuts."

"I would guess that you'd know what was best for him… Alright, when should we leave?"

"Within the week. I hope it all works out… I'd like some uncles." We looked at her curiously at this.

"Nuh-uh, I'm not going to tell you. You can just find out for yourselves… if it works out."

APOV (Alice)

I'm rather glad that Amy can see the future as well as me, it gives me a chance to have a break… Not having to look for things… Only if I want to. Amy's visions seem much clearer then mine and they don't seem to be bothered by the wolves, and the way she can see multiple paths all at once… That could really come in handy.

We are heading to Italy today after a week of preparations. I sure hope the kings listen to us.

We arrived in Italy and went straight to the Volturi castle. We hid Amy in the middle of us all with Seth. We walked into the throne room where Aro, Marcus and Caius sat in their thrones with Jane and Alec standing close.

APOV (Amy)

We were standing in a room I'd only seen in visions. Though there was only tow extra vampires right now, they looked like twins… I wonder.

"Carlisle! My friend. Welcome, we're so glad you came to visit us." The black haired vampire said looking quite excited.

"Yes Aro, it's been, a while since we've been here."

"Yes it has. I see Bella's now a vampire excellent! Immortality looks beautiful on you my dear. May I?" He'd turned to Bella looking even more excited then before.

"Of course Aro." She answered walking forward with her hand raised as if to shake the black haired vampire's – who I now know is Aro – hand. He grabbed her hand and seemed to go into deep thought, he then looked up and smiled.

"Still as blank and as fascinating as ever my dear."

At this time, I slipped out of Seth's hold to walk forward towards the three vampire kings, ignoring my new family calling me back.

"Hello Aro. My name is Amy Jacobs. I'm 8 years old and a vampire. I can tell you're thinking that I'm an immortal child and I guess you're right, but unlike the ones you knew, I will not expose us because I am very well controlled and I don't need to drink blood. Also, my power is really cool. I copy and modify the powers of other vampires. I would like you and your brothers to spare me and my family. Please?"

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