This is a little omake (parody) thing that got written part way thru the fic. It fits in right after Aya suggests the game and says "It's Green"

As a side note, this is in no way suppose to insult or make fun of anyone elses fics or ideas. It is more a private joke between us and seems to happen at least once every time we write a fic together. Please take it completely in jest.

Now, on with the show:


After their three guesses were expended and Aya admitted to being color-blind, the group once more settled into silence. At last Yohji snapped, crying, "I am not going to die of boredom! If I'm going to die it's at least going to be from something interesting!"

"I'll take suffocation for fifty, Alex," Aya mumbled from where he leaned against the wall.

"No!" Yohji shouted, fit to bring down the house (or would have, had it not already come down). "I'm going to go by auto-erotic asphyxiation!"

"Er...what?" Omi asked weakly, blushing furious, or would have been, if what was left of his blood wasn't busier with other tasks, such as keeping his brain functional.

"Come on, everybody," Yohji exhorted, like the lead exerciser in a demented fitness video, "let's WANK!"

"In front of everyone?"

"So turn off the lights!"

"Do we have to?" Ken asked, his eyes fixed on Aya; then his concussed conscious mind caught up with his still-healthy libido and he winced. "I mean, it really the time? I'm kinda hurt here and we're gonna die in a matter of hours" It suddenly occurred to him that he was still on Yohji's lap, so if Yohji was going to carry out his proposition then he would..."Never mind, let's do it!" Ken cried.

The flashlights were switched off and they all promptly set to it as healthy young men do, only to be interrupted by an odd sound.

"What's that?" Omi whispered.

"It's not my hand in your pants," Ken immediately replied.

"No, I mean that sound."

They listened. "It almost sounds like..." Yohji began.

"Voices?" Aya said curiously.

"Maybe they can rescue us!" Omi said eagerly, and shouted, unintentionally in Aya's ear, it being dark and all, though why Aya's head was so close to his mouth is a matter for another story--"HELP! We're down here! Help us!"

But there was no response, save the voice became louder, and now it could be heard to be several voices, welling up from the deep like water, and chanting--no, singing, in an uneven but energetic chorus, strange words, the likes of which had only rarely been heard in Japan before:

"There's a guy who can never die, for he is Im-mor-tal..."


The following are some comments we were making as we exchanged the fic back and forth:


Tag! You're it! Have fun! Thinking Yohji will reach Ken can do the whole "Don't die with me here!" then everyone shows up, bombs go off, they all trapped with little air and a nice concussing Ken! Have fun!


Gotta go to lunch - or eat, I was writing this on lunchbreak - hope it's not too bad, whatever, I'm hungry, and I make up injuries, never sure of first aid (though shouldn't Omi be lying down, aren't you supposed to elevate the wound or something?) For that matter I'm not going to guess how falling rocks would cut him like that. Sharp rocks! But blood loss is good. Anyway, yes, food. And am anxiously awaiting your next contribution.


Not a lot cause basically...umm, I suck...yah...doesn't really go anywhere, just having fun doing h/c :) and not even very good H/C...*sigh* Have fun, eagerly awaiting your ie the good, parts!


did I ever mention you are a royal pest?? Grrr!!


When in doubt, hurt someone else! 'sides I like Yohji in pain ^_^ Okay, you're up...


Okay, now I'm off medical inaccuracies and onto technobabble and breaking laws of physics! Yay! You wanna check w/ Matt about the possibility of any of this next bit {incidentally I really like the Black Rider music - track 5, so fun to start, then all serious...}


batter up...and yes, track 17 is my favorite lovely! Stirring and sweet and heartrending...I just know it's going to be the last music in Return of the King and it's going to shatter me...


Umm yah, thank you soo much for the lack of anywhere to go ;)...don't worry, I'll find a way...even if it is cheesy and far too over the top! ;)


Ok, I know, that's as sucky place for you probably...and its randon...and rather short, and I'm not quite sure I can see Aya doing some ways I can though...a good leader would recognize Yohji's point and take responsibility for seeing it carried out...yes I'm BSing...oh, and if you read your section, I did change the time slightly and YES I went looking for times and measurements and had to do calculations...your swing now...good thing we write better than we play base ball, eh? ;)


Don't ask me what happened...apparently if Yohji's not allowed his auto-erotic asphyxiation, he's going to angst up a storm. On a different note, can you imagine the Japanese trying to pronounce "Wolverine"? Not a pretty thought.


Here, and it goes right into the next bit (I cut and paste your *ahem* alternate version to the bottom *grin* Hope this works...understand I've had a LONG day and my mind is kinda...well...Jello after seven hours of hanging lights and, if sentences simply completely don't make sense...tough! :) Pass the fic, round 'n round 'n round she goes, where she stops, NOBODY knows, certainly not us, ne? ;)


Ok, this is the next bit that I really really honestly was...ahem, WASN'T writing in my Japanese lecture...;)


yergh, soooooo corny. Sowwy!


Er. Um. Yeah. Can you say sap? And more sap? and would you like a little sap with your sap? with a sap on top and some sappy sappiness on the side. Don't forget the angst, either.


I'm had to happen sooner or later...we're only human...