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Hello welcome to my Christmas drabbles. There are 25 of these, counting down the days to Christmas.

Things to Note:

Pairings are random, if there are any at all. Please note though that my favorite pairing is JoshuaNeku.

Even though my favorite pairing is JoshuaNeku don't expect anything.

Song 01: Once Upon a December

Shiki tilted her head. Walking next to her on the streets of Shibuya, Neku was humming. It was… different, not unusual, but different. As a music lover, it wasn't uncommon to hear Neku humming his favorite songs all the time. The melody though, it wasn't Neku's usual choice of music. This was haunting, twisting and turning before sharply vanishing like a fleeing dream. It wasn't a tune Shiki could really place her finger on, couldn't really describe. Plus, if she strained her ears hard enough, over the busy chatter, she could have sworn Shibuya was singing in sync with Neku.

"Neku," Shiki started, "What is that song you're singing?"

Neku paused in mid-strife, surprised by the question. "Oh, well, I guess it's was my mother's favorite lullaby to sing to me as a kid," he said softly, scratching the back of his head in a nervous gesture.

Shiki blinked at the confession, picking up on subtle change of Neku's mood, a small poke at her natural curiosity. It had been a few months since the game and even though they all had bonded fast, she didn't really know Neku all that well. Interesting quirks and hobbies aside, there wasn't much anyone knew about Neku's personal life. It was something she had let go; respecting whatever invisible barrier Neku had placed in front those issues.

"Was?" she asked, questioning the use of past tense.

That caused Neku to freeze. His shoulders hunched together and a frown appearing on his face. Shiki panicked for a moment, knowing she had crossed that invisible line she shouldn't have crossed.

"Neku! Oh I'm so sorry. I should not have asked," she frantically apologized. She dimly realized in the back of her mind that Shibuya's singing had stopped for a moment, before changing pace to something frantic, broken, wailing type of song.

Neku shook his head. "It's okay, Shiki," he said reassuringly. Shiki didn't believe him. "No really. I just… don't like remembering it all. My mom," he took a deep breath, swallowing the lump in his throat. "She died a few years ago, when I was really young. I don't have too many memories of her really," he confessed.

Shiki felt guilty. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought up those old memories."

Neku gave her a half smile, one that seems full of pain and it breaks Shiki's heart knowing she caused this. "Really, it's okay, Shiki. I had a few years to come to term with it."


Neku shook his head, interrupting her. "No buts. We've got gift shopping to do don't we?" he teased lightly, trying to get his friend's mind off the subject. His smile is a little brighter than one before.

Without waiting for Shiki's response, Neku grabs her arm, drags her off towards the nearest store. Shiki follows without another word, listening to Neku as he continued to hum that sad lullaby and Shibuya singing in the background.

Dancing bears, Painted wings,

Things I almost remember,

And a song someone sings,

Once Upon a December