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Last Chapter! Thank you for reading this lovely little story. Merry Christmas!

Some pointless trivia, every title is named after a Christmas Song (with the exception of Once Upon a December which isn't a christmas song). This chapter didn't turn out exactly as I wanted to, but I feel it's a nice end. Enjoy!

Song 25: Do You Hear What I Hear

It was late into the night and closer to dawn when the Joshua finally was able to separate Neku away from the others. While Neku didn't say anything, he couldn't help but wonder why (and how) Joshua managed to whisk them up to the top of 104.

It was a sight to behold though. Shibuya was quiet, slumbering. Unknown to Neku, a fresh blanket of snow had fallen while everyone was inside partying. It was quite picturesque.

"Wow," Neku said, breathing out a white puff of air.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Joshua mused.

"This is what you wanted to show me?" Neku asked. Joshua was being oddly friendly these last few weeks. Neku couldn't quite place his finger on it. It was nice, but not very Joshua-like.

Joshua smirked ('Ah, there's the Joshua vibe,' Neku thinks to himself). "Partly, yes. I merely thought you should see and hear what I do, what you've changed Shibuya into." He climb onto the edge of the building and began to conduct to an invisible band.

Neku watched in amazement as the lights to flicker on and off in time with the beat. Bells began to chime and as the song began to unfold. The melody rang louder and clearer as Shibuya lit up in sync with the song. The sky began to grow brighter as the sun began to slowly rise. With a final crescendo, the sun broke the horizon, casting all of Shibuya in warm yellow glow.

Joshua turned around to see Neku standing there speechless. A gentle smile tugged at his face, as he said,

"Merry Christmas Neku."