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Romeo and Cinderella

Chapter 1

"Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou my dear Romeo."

Those were the last things I had sung before I woke up that morning, from the dream I had been having off and on for the past few months. I continued to be disappointed every time dawn came. The dream was always so real; every time I dreamt it I thought it had finally come true and every time I would wake up longing to go back to the marvelous world of my sleep.

My name was and, well I guess still technically is, Rin Kagamine, the daughter of two nobles of the West City. Currently my home, in which my father was a duke, was in a Civil War, dividing it into the East and West sides. Because of that, amongst many other pride based reasons I am sure, my very strict parents insisted that I marry another nobleman from the West side of our city; insisted as in set me up. The whole charade started around my eighteenth birthday. I guess that was when—

A light rapping on the door announced the arrival of my maid—a beautiful woman with long and dazzlingly pink hair—Luka. She let herself in bringing an intricate gold tray holding some tea. A smile lightened her face as she greeted me good morning.

"Good morning, Lady Rin," she addressed.

"Good morning, Luka," I replied.

"I expect you slept well?"

I sighed. "I had that same dream again; the one about Romeo and Cinderella. It seemed more real than ever this time."

"Hmm… how bizarre. Well, you know they say that dreams that repeat themselves are likely to come true."

Chuckling, I replied, "Sure. And since when have 'they' ever said that?"

Luka sat down on my bed beside me. "I'm just trying to get your spirits high. Nobody likes an unhappy princess."

I scowled. "I'm no princess," I muttered. I hated whenever Luka called me a princess and she knew I hated it. I didn't like my personality being labeled as "princess-like" because I always felt the princesses were prissy little brats complaining at every crumb dropped on the floor.

"But you act like it." Like that. I hated that. "Now let's get you up and dressed. Your father is having and important breakfast this morning and you need to be looking your finest."

A bit of fear came across my face. "You don't mean…"

"Yes," Luka concluded unpleasantly. "You have to wear the corset."

My dreadful doom lay right before me. Luka dressed me in a lovely emerald skirt and blouse and on any normal day I would've gone out and about simply wearing that, but of course on special occasions I had to wear a suffocating corset as well. Luka got one out of my wardrobe: black and lacey and half my size.

"Suck in," she told me. I pulled in my gut as much as it could go and Luka began lacing up my sides.

By about the second or third tightening of the ribbons tracing my edges I happened to look outside my window. There, down in the town square which was located conveniently near my home, I saw a boy, very charming, dressed in a black cloak that, from my distance, appeared to be some sort of velvet. I was instantly captivated by his easy spirit as he spoke to the jeweler—I believed her name was Haku—who had recently come into our busy marketplace (regardless the current warring state of the city our economy was quite prosperous, unlike the falling east side). His golden hair gleamed like riches and then he looked up to the window to my room with a little smile. I jumped, slightly taken aback, half in fear, half excitement, almost running into Luka, but overall allowing her to tighten the corset the rest of the way.

"There we go," she gasped, both satisfied and worn from the task. She looked up at me with a slightly annoyed half smile. "What was that for?"

"I'm sorry, I just—" I cut myself off and looked back out the window. The boy with the golden hair was gone. Disappointed, I turned back and finished my sentence. "There was someone down there and he looked up at me."

"Oh," Luka replied. "Could this perhaps be a little crush that you have?" She reverted to a slightly darker smile.

I blushed. "No! I don't even know him."

Luka smiled more. "Well, suit yourself~"

I grimaced.

"Come on, now. It's just about time that we go down and meet the master. Our guests should be here any minute now. We wouldn't want to displease your father."

Luka led me out of my room into a tiled hallway with many alternating closed doors and windows. A large chandelier hung at the end of the hallway hailing the Grand Staircase and Hall. Because of my father's high position in the government we were blessed with a large, palatial manor. I stepped slowly down the marble staircase. I know that seems very cliché, but I had no choice in the unstable stilettos Luka had stuck me in. A fantastic doorway was to my left at the bottom of the two-story-sized staircase and on my right the Grand Hall leading to the ballroom which would contain another flight of ridiculous stairs, and in the corner, a lovely ebony piano.

We walked past the foyer toward the dining hall, one of them, which was not-so-conveniently placed on the opposite side of the manor from my room. I'm sure it made Luka's task absolute torture, having to carry my food to me from the other side of our mansion. Every day. Except for the rare occasions when we had family breakfasts.

Luka escorted me inside the Breakfast Hall where my father was seated at the head of a long table next to my mother. I would assemble myself on his other side where I always sat. I had always been rather close to my father up until recently, ever since he and my mother had continually pestered about marriage to a noble of this city or a neighboring one, excluding the East City of course for my father's prejudice insisted I didn't even get near one of those "low-lying dogs."

"You look lovely," my father complimented, obviously trying to make sure I kept the mood light this morning.

"Thank you, father," I replied in my "proper" English.

A few minutes later some of our servants brought in our guests. My mother and father rose to greet them as I stayed seated. The man who walked in was rather tall and had black hair that almost seemed bluish. He was accompanied by a woman of a normal stature who had very light hair that was on the boundary of white. She wore a lovely white and gold dress, seeming to show off the wealth of the family in which they belonged to, then I remembered the emerald and black dress I had glued to me and realized that I was no better.

My father was inviting the visitors to the table: "… Well let us not just stand here and socialize. Come, sit. My servants shall be serving breakfast very soon."

The two foreign guests seated themselves at the opposite side of the table so that there were 3 chairs' spaces separating the two families. One time the woman smiled pleasantly toward me. I returned the grin halfheartedly. I wasn't sure what it was, but there was some sort of strange feeling hiding behind her smile that I didn't like. Surely it was only my imagination.

I didn't pay attention to the conversation. It was all adult speak to me and even though I was eighteen, and I guess technically and adult, I could care less about whatever my parents and their company talked about, considering it was usually some sort of political or business conversation. Instead my mind wandered elsewhere as I struggled not to let out a sudden sigh or put my elbow on the table. I was so intrigued by the boy I had seen out the window. It was strange. I often spent my afternoons gazing onto the square yet this was the first time I had ever seen his presence there. And even more bizarre, I felt that I knew him from somewhere. Maybe he just had one of those faces, one that everyone thinks they've seen on the street or something of the sort. My mother's constant side-glances told me that I was showing too much of my troubles on my face and I quickly composed myself and went back to picking at the fruits on my half empty plate.

The rest of my day went by uneventful (with the exception of trying to get out of my corset). There was no sign of the boy in the square, only the same vendors, consumers, and the mysterious girl with the long teal hair.

"I long to run away like Juliet, but don't call me by that name," I sang into the night. "Yes, we're to be bound, or would that be too boring? Beloved, will you live with me?"

I heard someone's voice behind me, a sweet, longing voice, which hummed into the wind, so quiet I almost thought it wasn't there. The voice and I sang into the night with such passion that I was sure that the stillness around us was quivering with emotion. I just barely felt the voice's breath on my neck as I stared into the glimmering moon. We sang until the dawn broke and a streak of sun woke me from my slumber.

Author's Note: Okay! So here's my first story on here. I am a HUGE Vocaloid fan (if you didn't guess that already). I'll do my best to keep everything interesting and historically accurate~

I know that I haven't really given a solid time period. Just for early clarification, this story takes place a few years after the reign of Louis XIV, but the setting is in Germany.

Just a sneak peek for the next chapter. Things get a bit more dramatic and there's a sliver of character history involved. I hope everyone liked this!

SO I use quotes (in English) from Vocaloid songs in this story. There is one song mentioned in this chapter (it's a bit obvious) and I will give virtual hugs to anyone who can guess what it is.

I upload every week! So don't worry. I'll see you soon~