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Romeo and Cinderella

Epilogue: Juliet

A dark shadow loomed over my head. I broke from Len's kiss and looked back at the tall figure.

It was…

"You…" I spat, glaring into his azure eyes. "You killed my best friend." It was him. Oh, how I wanted to snap his neck in two.

Kaito took out a knife and pointed it at my chest.

My face blanched. Of course. Of course he was armed. Len, save me! I screamed in my head. I turned to face him and saw… nothing. He was gone. It was as if he were never even there in the first place…

So in the end the voice couldn't save me after all.

"Forget it, bitch. Your Romeo isn't here to rescue you. He never will again."

No one could save me.

"You know why, love? He's dead," Kaito sputtered. "That damned bastard is dead."

But you know what my heart said?

"I hope you two spend eternity together—in Hell!"

"Fuck off, bitch."

There was no way I was going alone.

I grabbed Kaito and used all my might to jump of the edge of the stony dock. I felt the knife pierce through my skin. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life, but I couldn't let go. I clung to Kaito as if my everything depended on it and hung on even after we hit the water. Kaito had the breath knocked out of him. He and I sunk down together, the weight of my heavy clothing helping me drag him down.

The pain was nearly unbearable. I felt my consciousness slipping from me slowly. But I couldn't let go now. Just a little longer. I could have my revenge if we just sank far enough.

I could no longer feel anything. The pressure banged against me so hard that I was sure that my brains would explode if the stab wound didn't kill me first. Salt water seeped into my eyes and injury, burning worse than a thousand flames. This was it. I couldn't hold on anymore. I could only hope that we had gotten just deep enough…

My pain began to fade. I felt my body let go. I opened my eyes and watched myself, still burdening Kaito as we sunk together into the deep abyss. It was just what he wanted. He could have me now. Forever.

It wasn't like it mattered anymore.

I was dead…

Oh my God. I was dead! If I had veins fear would be coursing through them. If I had tears my eyes would be crying them, if I even had eyes. I watched myself sink to the ocean's depths. It was so dark down here. I wished that I could see a light or at least know where to go. Wasn't someone supposed to lead me somewhere? What was I supposed to do? I just shut my eyes and asked my heart where to go next, but I had no heart to ask.

"Rin! Rin, come here!" I heard a voice call. The voice. I looked up and saw him. For the first time, I could see the voice that laced my dreams.

"Len," I breathed. "I am… but you are… and we were… What?" Everything was black now except for him.

"Come with me," Len directed, holding out his hand. I took it.

It felt like wind had just blasted me from every direction all at the same time. The sensation only lasted a moment and we were in a long, cavernous hallway. The carpet was red with maroon diamonds patterning it. The walls were intricately carved dark-wood with a glossy shine. Candle holders were high up the walls and though they did not shine very brightly, there was still plenty of light.

I looked into Len's eyes—his beautiful, ocean blue eyes. "I'm so sorry," Len grieved. "I never wanted you to have to meet me here." I had never seen Len cry before. This was the first time.

I smiled weakly at him. It didn't seem to cheer him up any. "It's okay," I assured him. "But how? How did you end up here in the first place?"

Len breathed in deeply, trying to calm himself enough to speak clearly. "It was the night that we shared a dream; when the mirror cracked. Kaito had stowed away on our ship and…" His breath caught in his throat. Len shook his head. "I could only wish the same wouldn't happen for you."

I clenched my fists, nails digging into my hands. "That… dirty child." I launched into Len's arms, burying my face in his chest. "He took everything from me, Len. Everything." My freedom, my friends, my loved ones. It was all because of him that I had gotten myself into this mess in the first place.

"He'll get what he deserves," Len said through gritted teeth. I could imagine the fiery passion burning in his eyes.

"How do you know, though?" I shook my head. "I don't even know anything anymore."

Len patted me thoughtfully on the back. "Come on," he told me. "Nothing will get done if we just stand here."

I nodded. "I know. You're right," I admitted, rubbing the tears from my face. "Let's go."

Len walked me down the hallway. There seemed to be no end to it. Lining the edges of the walls were lonely souls, crying to leave this place, looking for lost lovers, wondering what to do next. I hoped I would never become like that. But the worrying of my own soul seemed just as restless as theirs. I knew that if I didn't have Len I would be just as lost as the rest of them.

But something tugged at my strings. I was still missing some of the pieces. And those parts pulled me back. I felt almost like I was dissolving, falling back with all the other spirits. I held onto Len's arm tightly. He flinched at the sudden touch but didn't say anything.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"However far we need to go."

I blinked and looked down, only to look back up when something caught the corner of my eye.

A woman held a little girl's hand. The girl looked eerily familiar. I noticed she had Len's eyes but otherwise looked a lot like me. Her face were dull and expressionless. I then looked up at the woman and a feeling of utter shock pulsed through me. It was Miku. Her eyes had that same dull tone. She was just as hopeless as the rest of the broken souls lining the walls.

"Miku…"I gasped.

I watched as Miku blinked her eyes slowly, as if she had heard me. I ran to her and grabbed her.

"Miku!" I shook her by the arms. "Wake up! It's me, Rin! You have to wake up, Miku. Please, wake up!" Another moment of shaking passed before a pulsation of life brought her back to me.

"Rin…? Oh, no. Why are you here?" Miku demanded, bringing her arms forward and breaking from the little girl's grip.

"M-Momma?" the girl said. My eyes grew huge. The little girl rubbed her face and looked up at me. "Is that you, Momma?" she whispered.

"Rin, Len, this is your daughter," Miku explained.

I looked back to see Len's expression matching mine.

"When I… came here, this girl was wandering around looking for her mother. She looked a lot like you two and when I asked about her past she said that she hadn't been born yet." Miku didn't look phased at all by the story, much unlike me, I was sure. Well. She had known it for a few months, though, I guessed. "I didn't know what to call her, so I just gave her the name Lenka." Miku patted Lenka on the head, making the girl giggle and push her away.

I knelt down and picked up my daughter. Wow. It would take a bit to get used to that. As soon as I touched her I no longer felt the sensation of being pulled into lost hope. I suddenly felt like everything that was taken away from me was given back.

"Lenka," I said, feeling how it rolled off my tongue. "I like that. Lenka… It's the perfect name."

I hugged Lenka softly in my arms and she snuggled her nose into my hair. A few blissful moments passed before she asked, "Mommy? What's that light?" She lifted a finger behind me.

I turned around to where she was pointing. The end of the hallway had been swallowed by a shining luminosity.

I set Lenka back down on her feet. "Is that… the end?" I wondered.

"No," Len denied, shaking his head. "It's a new beginning.

"So we can start over…" Miku added.

"And do it right this time."

Len and I each took one of Lenka's hands and I took Miku's. I looked at Len and Miku and beamed a beam of hope. We walked together into the light. It engulfed us, taking us to a place far away from here.

This was where my real story would begin.

"Happy birthday."


Author's Note: So… I kind of died at the bittersweet at the end there. This is so… so strange. Romeo and Cinderella is… is complete. _ This is crazy.

Best line in the whole story: "Fuck off, bitch."

I think that's the first time I said that word in this story… tell me if I'm wrong.

I told myself I wouldn't get emotional in the end.

I told myself.

I lied.


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