by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Rosario+Vampire or Firebreather.

Summary: When the Enforcers come after Tsukune because he is human, he finds a magical stone that transforms him into half-dragon powerhouse, just like his ancestor.


Chapter 1

Tsukune Aono was running through the school grounds, through the woods, and managed to duck into the old dungeons at the edge of the academy grounds.

The reason he was running was not because of his female admirers. It was because he was being hunted by the members of the Security Enforcement Committee.

Kuyo, the sadistic and sinister leader, Keito, the spider woman, a ghost girl named Deshiko, a bespectacled male named Sojon who becomes a humanoid cerberus, and a tall, sadistic male named Taijo who becomes a large golem.

Apparently someone had let slip that Tsukune Aono was human. As per the schools rules about humans, the Security Enforcement Committee had decided to interrogate Tsukune to see if he was truly human or not. And if he was, then they would naturally kill him.

Fortunately for Tsukune, Ginei Morioka, the perverted werewolf and president of the Newspaper Club, had overheard this plot and told Tsukune to hide somewhere. However, Sojon the cerberus was in the process of tracking him down.

Tsukune had managed to escape into the woods to escape their reputed wrath, and ended up at the old dungeons on the edge of the school grounds. Not sure what was there, but hearing the Security Committee coming after him, he descended into the darkness of the old prison. Wandering through the darkness, which was better lit than he had expected, he eventually came to a small cell at the end of a long and dark tunnel. Walking to the far end of the cell, Tsukune sat down against the wall, only to feel something pulse and glow.

"What the..." Tsukune whispered as he grabbed a square rock and pulled it away from the wall, revealing a glowing red crystal orb about the size of his fist. The crystal was bright red, but glowed with a yellow and orange light. Inside the crystal was what looked like a strange eye, not a human eye, but the eye of a reptile.

Suddenly, a glowing flash of light shot forth from the orb and stopped right in front of Tsukune. The light took shape, into what Tsukune could only describe as a dragons head. And not an Eastern dragons head, but more like a European dragons head, like from the old Knights and Dragons stories.

"Who... what are you?" Tsukune gasped.

"I am the spirit of the Dragon Stone!" The floating head said.

"The what?" he asked.

"You don't know?" the head said.


"I find that strange, since only the presence of someone with dragon blood could awaken me." the head explained.

"What? Me? I'm not a... dragon? I'm human!" Tsukune said. "Unfortunately for me."

The spirit flew around Tsukune for a few seconds, as if studying him.

"What is your name?" the spirit asked.

"Tsukune Aono." the boy said.

"You are not completely human." the spirit said.

"What?" Tsukune gasped.

"I see." the spirit said hovering around him.

"See what?"

"Your bloodline is diminished, but it is the bloodline of Duncan Rosenblatt!"

"Rosenblatt?" Tsukune gasped in confusion, only to have his eyes open wide in realization. "I know that name! He was my great grandfather!"

"I knew it! You are the descendant of the Firebreather!"

"Firebreather? What are you talking about?" Tsukune asked, even more confused.

"Duncan Rosenblatt, the Firebreather, was the last half-human, half-dragon the world had ever known. More than a century ago he hid the Dragon Stone here in these dungeons in order to keep its power safe from those who would use it for sinister purposes." the spirit explained.

"Okay." Tsukune said, understanding, but still confused. "But... what does this have to do with me?"

"Only a descendant of the Firebreather could have awoken me from my slumber. The Stone belongs to you, Tsukune Aono. With it you will be able to unleash your true power."

"Power? What power? I don't understand. Besides I don't know how to activate it." Tsukune said.

"I can help you with that. Once activated, the power will transform you into your monster form."

"Transform me?" he gasped.

"Yes. The Stone has the power to reignite your diluted dragon blood and elevate it to the same level as that of the original Firebreather."

"So... I would be... half-dragon?" Tsukune asked.


Tsukune was stunned at all that he was hearing. Not just the fact that he was the descendant of a monster, but that he was being offered the chance to become a monster. Or, if he understood it right, a half-monster.

What do I do? Tsukune thought. On the one hand, technically this stone belongs to me, but on the other hand I don't know if I want to be a monster. Then again, all my friends here at Yokai are monsters. Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore. If I do this, I might be strong enough to protect them instead of them protecting me. And if I become a monster, maybe Kuyo and the Security Enforcement Committee won't come after me. But... will this make me less human?

"Firebreather?" the Spirit asked.

"HE'S OVER HERE!" a voice shouted through the darkness of the dungeons.

"What do I do?" Tsukune asked quickly.

"Place your hand upon the Stone." The spirit said.

Tsukune placed his left hand on the stone, the crystal-red orb suddenly glowing a bright orange and yellow. Tsukune felt as if his entire body were being microwaved from the inside out. He let out a fierce scream/roar as the entire dungeon was lit with an intense light that was not unlike fire.

Kuyo and the rest of the School Enforcers followed the light and heat into the deepest and (until recently) darkest part of the dungeons, coming to the last cell at the end of the long tunnel that was scorched by fire and brimstone. The five Enforcers stepped into the cell and gasped when a single figure emerged through the smoke and ash.

The figure was male, dressed in the black pants that was part of the Academy uniform, but without his shoes, shirt, jacket or tie. His body looked like it was covered in thick reddish-orange dragon scales that looked almost like armor. His facial features was a mixture of human and reptile, with spiked ridges along his forehead, his normally flat teeth sharpened into points, his eyes a bright yellow with black slits in the middle. His body also seemed more muscular than it had before. His hair was blond and sticking straight up.

"Who are you?" Kuyo asked the dragon-like teenager.

"Tsukune Aono." the dragon teen said.

"What? You're Aono?" Keito asked.

"The human?" Sojon asked, sniffing the dragon teen. "He does smell like Aono, but... he doesn't smell human!"

"He doesn't look human to me." Deshiko said.

"Are you sure you're Aono?" Kuyo asked.

Tsukune closed his eyes and breathed deeply, his features suddenly changing from half-dragon into full human. His hair changed from blond to black, his eyes changed from yellow to blue, etc.

Kuyo and the others gasped when they saw, standing before them, the 'human' Tsukune Aono. The one they had been after.

"This isn't right! We were told that he was human!" Keito snapped.

"Told? Who told you that?" Tsukune asked.

"That art teacher, Hitomi Ishigami." Kuyo said.

"The one who tried to turn Moka-chan into a statue?" Tsukune asked.

"Yes. She was fired because your News Club exposed her activities." Deshiko said.

"Maybe she wanted revenge against you." Sojon said.

"That seems to be the case." Taijo said.

"But wait! If you're not human, then why did you run from us?" Keito asked Tsukune.

Tsukune looked sheepish as he tried to explain. "Well... Gin told us that you were a bunch of Yakuza thugs who like to bully people. And we're not supposed to reveal our true natures to anyone, and I haven't changed in a long time." he said, lying just a little. "I guess I just panicked and..."

"Alright, alright, alright!" Kuyo snapped, cutting him off. "It's obvious that you're not a human and that we have been misinformed. You're free to go. But stay out of trouble!"

"Uh, yes. I'll try to." Tsukune said as he walked past the group and out of the dungeons, a small red stone gripped tightly in his fist.

"So... what do we do now?" Taijo asked.

"We locate that lying witch, Ishigami!" Kuyo snarled.

"Sir?" Keito asked.

"She tried to trick us into executing a student. Even if she had a grudge against that student, it could have gotten us into trouble if we had executed him." Kuyo stated.

"Right!" the others said in unison.


"Are you sure the Protection Committee tracked Tsukune-kun here?" Kurumu Kurono asked as the four girls ran towards the old prison.

"Yes! I overheard some of the students talking and..." Yukari said.

"Moka-chan? Kurumu-chan? Yukari-chan? Mizore-chan?" a familiar voice said as the girls stopped in front of the prison as a figure emerged from the lower dungeon opening.

The girls paused when they saw Tsukune emerge from the dungeons wearing only his pants. Moka blushed, Yukari stared, Mizore took a picture, and Kurumu...


"TSUKUNE-KUN! YOU'RE ALIVE!" the busty succubus shouted as she wrapped herself tightly around Tsukune's head.

BONG! A wash bin slammed into the succubus's head.

"He won't be for much longer if you don't let him breath!" Yukari shouted while waving her wand.

"Tsukune-kun! What happened?" Moka asked.

"Well... it's kind of a long story. I'll tell you when we get back to my room."

We're going to Tsukune's room? Kurumu blushed.

"Your room?" Moka asked.

"Well, I need a change of clothes." Tsukune said.

"Are you sure that's necessary?" Yukari asked, staring at Tsukune's chest. "I don't mind the view."

"YUKARI!" Moka shouted, sending the preteen witch on her butt.


One change of clothes and one explanation later...

"So, this Stone, that you found inside the dungeons, is what turned you into a dragon?" Yukari asked as she closely examined the red crystal orb. "And you can actually make it grow and shrink in size?"

Kurumu was curled up in Tsukune's bed. Mizore was looking around Tsukune's room, trying to find out more about Tsukune. Moka was actually helping Tsukune dress.

"Half-dragon, actually." Tsukune said as he looked in the mirror while Moka was helping him tie his tie. "But yeah, it did, and yes I can, Yukari. Apparently my blood was so weak I couldn't access my dragon powers. The Stone was able to enhance my blood to what my great grandfather was. A half-human, half-dragon. That means I basically have all the same powers that he did."

Tsukune then noticed that Moka had stopped tying his tie.

"Moka? Is something wrong?" Tsukune asked.

"Well... maybe." the pink-haired vampire girl said. "Can I... suck your blood?"

"MOKA!" Kurumu shouted, startling the pink-haired girl. "Is that all you can think about?"

"I just want to know how much Tsukune-kun has changed!" Moka snapped back.

"But still!" the succubus shouted.

"Okay." Tsukune agreed.


The girls watched the pair for a few seconds, until Moka pulled away from him.

"Your blood..." Moka gasped.

"Moka?" Tsukune asked.

"It's... Delicious!" she beamed.

"And that's different how?" Kurumu asked, giving the vampire girl an impassive look.

"No, I mean... it tastes different but it's still delicious! It's like... the difference between grape juice and apple juice."

Tsukune didn't know how to take that. He was basically being compared to fruit.

"And now that that's out of the way... what powers do you possess now?" Kurumu asked the now half-dragon boy.

"I... I don't know. The spirit didn't say." Tsukune said.

"Well, from what I've read about dragons, you probably have incredible strength, a high degree of invulnerability, you can probably fly and you can most definitely breath fire." Yukari said.

At hearing this, Mizore froze. (Figuratively, not literally)

If Tsukune was a dragon who could breath fire, it would make her trying to claim him as her mate more difficult.

"You know, since tomorrow is Saturday, let's go out and test your new powers. We need to know just how powerful you are now." Yukari said.

"Okay. Sure." Tsukune agreed.

"I'll help!" Moka said.

"Me too!" Kurumu said.

"I wish to help also." Mizore said.


Authors Notes:

This idea just came to me and I had to write it up.

It's not a crossover since I'm not using characters from Firebreather, except in mentioning them in passing. I was basically trying to figure out how to give Tsukune monster powers, and then I saw this advertisement for 'Firebreather' and figured, 'that's a good way to go'.

So, here it is, and I hope everyone enjoys it. It's also my first R+V story. My other stories are crossovers.

Also, the other two members of the Enforcers (the cerberus and the golem) didn't have names, so I made them up.

And also, let me know what you all think.