by Gunman

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Summary: Tsukune and company go to Witches Knoll, encountering the sinister witch Lady Oyakata and her apprentice Ruby, as well as a trio of other half-monsters, and the Dragon King himself!


Chapter 3
Blood and Fire

In a remote corner of the world, a barren desert-like zone that looked like a flame-thrower had scorched the entire area, there was a large cave. In this cave rested a powerful, massive creature with dark blue scales and reddish-gray highlights around it's head.

A deep, raspy breathing kicked up dust and dirt as the creature breathed. It was asleep.


It's eyes opened and it looked at the voice.

"You." the deep, hissing voice stated for the first time in years.

The Dragon Spirit bowed it's head, it's only visible body part, in respect to the large creature.

"What do you want?" the large creature asked, seemingly bored and annoyed at the interruption of his slumber.

"I have news, my lord. The Firebreather has been reborn." the Dragon Spirit said.

At this, the large creature's eyes opened wide, it's attention fully focused on the floating spirit.

"Are you certain of this?" the large creature asked.

"Yes, my lord. The descendant of your son has come forth." the spirit said. "He is currently in the country of Japan."

"Indeed. Then it is time that I met him." the monstrous beast grinned as he rose up, stretching his muscles, getting the kinks out of his neck, his arms, his legs, his tail. He took a deep breath and then started to walk out of his cave. He paused and turned back to the spirit. "What is his name?"

"Tsukune Aono."


"Tsukune-kun?" Moka said, gently touching the young dragon's arm. "Are you alright?"

"Uh, I think so, Moka-chan." Tsukune replied. "I just felt... I don't know. Like someone just stepped on my grave... and lit it on fire."

The half-dragon boy and vampire girl looked back to their friends, noticing the unconscious form of the sexy math teacher, Kagome Ririko, who was actually a lamia: a half-snake creature whose tail is used to possesses and control people by implanting knowledge into a person while removing their emotions.

Her attempt to seduce and control Tsukune had been a bitter success as Moka and the others found out just what she was trying to do. Moka, Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari had attempted to stop her from controlling Tsukune, but once Moka was injured by the large whipping tail of the math teacher her control over Tsukune was broken, and he rose up in order to beat her back and save his friends.

Naturally Ririko was shocked to find out that Tsukune was a dragon. Or, a half-dragon. Regardless she found that her attempts to control him, using her tail or her 'physical gifts' was useless once Moka was injured.

"Are you okay, Tsukune-kun?" Kurumu asked, jumping up and pulling the half-dragon's head into the chest of her yellow sweater. "Don't worry, Kurumu is here now."


"Ouch!" Kurumu shouted as a large washbin crashed into her head, causing her to release Tsukune. "Yukari!" the succubus shouted at the preteen witch.

"Stop trying to smother him, you cow!" Yukari shouted.

"You're just jealous that I can give him better comfort than you can!"

"A pillow would be less dangerous."

"I'm better than a pillow!"

"You're more like a mattress." Yukari said with a smirk.

"Why You!" Kurumu shouted as she put the young witch in a headlock.

"Think we should break it up?" Moka asked.

"No. Let them go. I'm actually a little hungry." Tsukune said.

"Yeah. You haven't eaten anything since you started getting tutored by Kagome-sensei."

"How long ago was that?"

"Three days."

"What? I should be dead!"

"If you were only human." Moka said, her arm entwined with his as she lead him out of the classroom.

"Guess there's something to be said for my being a half-dragon." he grinned.

"Yes. And speaking of which." Moka smiled before moving in to him.


"Ah! Moka!" Tsukune cried out as the vampire started to suck his blood.


Once the semester finals were completed, the students of Yokai were given a weeks reprieve until their next class term began.

Ms Nekonome actually took this upon herself to announce that the Newspaper Club would be going to the human world for a class trip.

"Class trip? To where?" Kurumu asked.

"The human world!" the cat-teacher said.

"The human world?" Yukari gasped.

"Where in the human world?" Tsukune asked.

"That's a surprise!" Nekonome said with a cheerful smile.

"Why do I not like where this is going?" Moka asked.

"Sense of the obvious?" Tsukune replied.


(Later, during lunch...)

Tsukune was on his way to meet Moka for lunch when he suddenly smelled something familiar.

A scent that he once had the displeasure of knowing his first day at Yokai.

He ducked low as a swinging fist missed his head, crashing into a thick-looking tree and knocking it down. Tsukune turned to the side and looked up to see Saizo, the bullying orc.

"Aono!" the orc roared.

"Huh?" Tsukune gasped, giving Saizo his attention.

"I'm gonna end your life and take Moka for my own!"

"What, again?" he gasped.

Saizo tried to punch down Tsukune, only for the young man to duck and dodge. He gripped Saizo's arm and tossed him over his shoulder.

"Care to take another shot?" Tsukune asked, actually lucky he remembered that move from those old Kung-Fu movies.

Saizo scrambled to his feet as he tore his jacket from his chest. "So you learned a few moves. Big Deal! No More Games!" the bully shouted as he suddenly transformed into his orc form. "And This Time... No Vampire To Protect You!"

"I don't really need Moka to protect me anymore." Tsukune said as he removed his jacket and shirt and transformed into his dragon form.

Naturally, this shocked the bully.

"What? You... you're a... a... a gargoyle?" Saizo gasped.

Tsukune sweatdropped.

Okay, this is going to be easier than I expected. Tsukune thought. "Hardly. But how about we make this a fair fight." he said as he retracted his wings.

"And I was looking forward to chicken wings tonight." Saizo grinned as he leapt at Tsukune.

Tsukune pulled his fist back threw it forward, punching Saizo in the face, and launching him through the forest and into a boulder. Tsukune moved towards him as he rose up and reset his jaw.

"How did... you... do that...?" Saizo mumbled.

"Call it my inheritance." Tsukune said as Saizo growled before leaping at Tsukune, his claws out to slash the dragon-boy across the chest. Tsukune blocked his punches and then caught both of his large hands with his own.

What the... such strength! He's... not human! Saizo thought as Tsukune gripped the orcs wrists and quickly spun him around and around like a dervish and tossing him straight up and out of the forest.

Instantly, his wings sprouted from his back, and Tsukune took off into the air.

Within a couple of seconds, Tsukune had caught up to the orc, fluttering just above him in mid-air. He threw a punch to Saizo's stomach, knocking the bully back towards the cold earth, right before he let loose a forceful stream of fire that wrapped around Saizo before he slammed into the ground like a meteor.

Burnt, crippled and unconscious, (not to mention humiliated once more) Saizo was lying inside a large hole when Tsukune flew back down towards the forest, where his shirt and jacket waited for him. He said nothing to Saizo as he carefully put his clothes back on and headed for lunch.

"Tsukune-kun? Where were you?" Moka asked as soon as the dragon boy showed up.

"Oh, just taking care of some old business." Tsukune said with a smile so as not to worry the vampire girl.


The semester break had started, and Tsukune was at the bus stop with Moka.

The pair were enjoying their time together, right as Yukari and Kurumu arrived, both of them carrying a stack of charts and a tripod.

"I don't understand why I'm carrying all these charts!" Kurumu snapped.

"Because it's for Tsukune!" Yukari said.

"You couldn't use your magic to carry this stuff?" the succubus huffed.

"And deprive you of the opportunity to help out a fellow student?" the preteen witch smirked.


Yukari then used her magic to set up her tripod with all of her charts, the first one looked like a professional 'family tree' of sorts.

"So... here's what I've worked out." Yukari said as she waved her wand at the chart. "Duncan Rosenblatt, the half-human, half-dragon Firebreather, was actually Tsukune-kun's great-great-grandfather. Not his great-grandfather, as you previously stated. You were only one generation off."

Tsukune didn't seem upset by that too much. It was a simple mistake.

"Duncan Rosenblatt married a Japanese woman and had a daughter. Tsukune's great-grandmother. This daughter married a Japanese man, and had a son. Tsukune's grandfather. This son married a Japanese woman, who had a daughter. Tsukune's mother. And his mother married his father and they had a son. Tsukune. Now, because of this, we're looking at about three or four generations of diluted dragon bloodline that, which was already only half-dragon to begin with, would've resulted in Tsukune being more or less average."

"Thanks." Tsukune grumbled.

"But luckily, thanks to the Dragon Stone, you are now back up to the same level as your great-great-grandfather, Duncan, who was a half-dragon, like you are now."

"Thank you, Mrs Obvious!" Kurumu huffed, whacking Yukari on the head with her fist.

"OUCH!" the preteen witch cried out.

"But maybe you could have told us something we didn't already know? Something useful?" the busty succubus asked.

"Fine! I traced the Rosenblatt family line back as far as I could. It ends, or starts actually, in the 17th Century in Europe. But that's not the important part. What is important is that, until Duncan, the entire family line was completely human. The only anomaly in this whole affair, is Duncan's father."

"Which would be my great-great-great-grandfather." Tsukune said.

"Yes. Who, if you haven't figured it out yet, was a dragon." Yukari stated.

"Okay. I, guess, that makes sense." Kurumu said. "So... who or what was this dragon?"

"I was getting to that. His name was Belloc, the dragon king. Back then he was the king of all monsters." Yukari said. "It's said that he was even more powerful than the vampires."

Moka actually looked interested at this.

"What can you tell me about him, Yukari-chan?" Tsukune asked.

"Well, that's just it. Prior to Duncan getting married to your great-great-grandmother, there isn't much in the way of information about Belloc. I mean, there are plenty of details about his battles against other monsters such as vampires and cyclops and even witches. But there is almost nothing about where he came from or where he disappeared to more than a century ago. No background history, nothing about his personal life. I couldn't even find out where he lived, or if he is even still alive."

That thought stuck in Tsukune's mind, however.

If Belloc was alive, then maybe he would want to see Tsukune because he was part dragon. Or would he reject him because he was part human? The thought intrigued and terrified him at the same time.

"What about his battles against the vampires?" Moka asked.

"Well, his greatest accomplishment was when he beat the vampire king Alucard nearly a thousand years ago." Yukari said, unrolling a scroll that looked very old. "According to this old scroll, Alucard became a bestial vampire and tried to destroy the world. Belloc and another unnamed vampire were able to defeat him, sealing him away in a special prison. His only other notable accomplishment was defeating a vampire knight and claiming his sword when the vampire tried to kill Belloc as a show of his strength and skill."

"Really? What was the knight's name?" the pink-haired girl asked.

"Don't know. His name's been smudged out." Yukari said as she turned the scroll this way and that as if to try and ready it better.

While Yukari and Kurumu continued to argue, Tsukune was pulled out of his thoughts by Moka when she saw the bus coming for them.

Ms. Nekonome was already aboard the bus.

"Well, let's go people! The human world awaits us!" the bubbly catwoman said.

When Tsukune and the others got on-board, they saw that Mizore was already there as well.

While Kurumu was shocked by this, actually curious as to where the ice girl was, she nevertheless pulled Yukari along and took their seats around the dragon boy.

Mizore was behind Tsukune while Moka sat next to him. Yukari was in front of him, and Kurumu herself was sitting across from Tsukune and Moka, the aisle of the bus between the dragon and the succubus while the vampire girl was seated at the window.

While the bus was heading towards the Tunnel System that would take them to the Human World, Tsukune decided to just rest, the lovely pink-haired girl holding his hand to comfort him as best as possible.

Once the bus had passed through the tunnel and was well on their way to the nearest human city, Tsukune was broken out of his musings by a voice he wanted to hear from for a while.

"Tsukune Aono!"

"Oh! You're awake." Tsukune said to the Dragon Spirit as he held up the red stone. "I've had questions I needed to ask you."

"I am sure. How may I help you?"

"I wanted to know about my ancestor."

"Duncan Rosenblatt?"

"No. His father."

"Lord Belloc."

"Yes. What can you tell me about him?"

"Lord Belloc was the most powerful dragon of all time. He won his title and position over centuries of combat, defeating not only dragons but other monsters and beasts as well. Even today he is considered the greatest dragon of his or any age."

Not what I meant, really. Tsukune thought. "But... is he still alive? And if he is, where is he? And does he know about me? And why did he take a human wife who, I assume, was Duncan's mother?"

However, before the Dragon Spirit could answer, the creepy Bus Driver spoke up.

"We're here!"


The bus arrives at Witches Knoll where the group finds a large and magnificent sunflower field in the center of a large forest.

"Wow. Nice place." Tsukune gasped.

"It's beautiful!" Moka gasped.

"You all have a look around and we'll meet you back in the city." Ms. Nekonome said. "Toodaloo!"

The five teens looked at her as she rode off in the bus with the Bus Driver before any of them could protest.

"Did she just say 'Toodaloo' and then left us stranded here?" Kurumu asked.

"Yup." Mizore stated.

"Well, great! How are we supposed to get to the city?" the succubus asked.

"And our hotel!" Moka said.

"I guess we'll figure something out." Tsukune said.

"Like what? Have you and Kurumu fly us there?"

"Or just me and Tsukune could..." the succubus started to say.

"KURUMU!" Moka and Mizore shouted, something that shocked the young snow woman as Kurumu was knocked on her rear end.

"Yukari? What's wrong?" Tsukune asked the young witch, who had a puzzled look on her face.

"Just... something familiar about this place." Yukari said.

"Hey! There is something over there!" Mizore suddenly shouted.

The quintet raced over the hill and gasped when they got to the top of it.

Down at the edge of another field of sunflowers they saw three unique individuals battling a group of killer plants to save a group of humans.

"What is going on?" Tsukune gasped.

"Those look like Garigari Plant's!" Yukari said. "They mostly resemble The Nepenthes plants of Asia, and are actually known to devour insects and other small..."

"That's nice, but can you tell us something useful about them?" Kurumu asked.

The witch and the succubus were broken out of their arguing by Tsukune and Moka, their attention directed to the sunflower field.

Moka and Tsukune noticed an athletic young man with short brown hair pulling a girl out from the sunflowers. It looked as if something was trying to pull the girl back into the flower field. Even from where they were, the pair could smell the young man. He smelled like Moka.

Mizore and Kurumu noticed a rather sexy young woman with long purple hair wielding a katana sword as she cut down several strange plants that were trying to grab her. She was dressed in a white and green school uniform, her skirt slitted up the side, allowing them to see her stockings and a garter belt up the side of said skirt. Kurumu noticed that her breasts were a size larger than hers. (Of course she also looked a little older too.)

Yukari noticed the last person, a beautiful young woman with long reddish-brown hair, dressed in a strange white dress and was shooting bolts of light arrows from a strange bow made of light at the plant monsters, saving another young woman from being grabbed and eaten by the strange monster plants. The size of her breasts were making Yukari jealous, despite that the woman was older than her.

"What's going on?" Yukari asked.

"Who are they?" Mizore wondered.

"I don't know, but it looks like they need help!" Moka said.

"Are you sure?" Kurumu asked. "They seem to be doing pretty good."

"Well, I'm going to help them!" Tsukune said.

The girls looked at each other before reacting. Moka was first, then Kurumu, then Mizore, and finally Yukari.

Moka ran up and helped pull out another young woman from the field as Tsukune let loose a stream of fire at the plants.

Kurumu's long nails slashed down several flowers and Mizore froze several others that were pulling in another human traveler.

And finally, Yukari unleashed a forceful bolt of magical energy that neutralized the rest of the killer flowers, which worked, but knocked the young witch down.

The humans saved, and still unconscious, the unique group of monsters approached each other for a confab.

"Thanks. But we could have handled it." the purple-haired woman said, resheathing her katana.

"Sure. But together we got it done quicker." Tsukune said.

"True. Didn't mean to be rude, but we're not used to other people helping us. Especially other people like us." the woman said.

"Really? Why?" Moka asked.

"Long story." she said.

"Who are you guys?" Kurumu asked.

"I'm Busujima Saeko." the sexy purple-haired woman said.

"I'm Inoue Orihime." the busty girl with the long red-brown hair said with a smile.

"I'm Ikari Shinji." the brown haired teenager in the short white shirt and brown pants said.

"And who are you guys?" Saeko asked.

"I'm Aono Tsukune." the dragon boy said.

"I'm Akashiya Moka." the vampire girl said.

"I'm Kurono Kurumu." the succubus said.

"Shirayuki Mizore." the snow maiden said.

"Sendo Yukari." the preteen witch said.

Shinji cocked his head to the side as he stared at the group of five.

Hmm. The young one is a witch, that's obvious. The girl with the lilac hair is probably a snow girl. She has ice powers. The girl with the blue hair smells like a succubus. The boy is a dragon, I think. And the girl with the pink hair is a vampire. Like me. Shinji thought.

"Wow. A dragon, a vampire, a succubus, a snow maiden and a witch. Interesting group." Saeko said with a smirkm, which was only widened by the shocked expressions on their faces.

"How did you..." Kurumu asked.

"Maybe we should talk." Orihime said.

While the group talked, Shinji decided to stay back to collect his own thoughts. Which, unfortunately, were interrupted by a certain pink-haired girl.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Moka asked Shinji, suddenly appearing next to her.

"Oh! Sorry, I was... thinking."

"About what?"

"You're a vampire. Aren't you?" he asked simply.

"Yes I am. You're one too." she replied.

"Yes. Though... not by choice." he replied sadly.

There was something in his voice that made Moka think that he was either turned, or his life as a vampire had been somewhat difficult.

"And exactly what kind of monsters are you all?" Yukari asked, curious as she stayed next to Moka's side.

"Well, since we know what you are... I'm a half-catwoman." Saeko stated.

"I'm a mystic." Orihime said cheerfully.

"I'm half-vampire." Shinji said.

The group looked at Shinji when he said that.

"Half-vampire? How does that work?" Kurumu asked.

"Well only one of two ways." Yukari said. "The first way is if a pregnant human woman is bitten by a vampire before she is about to give birth. This would infuse the developing fetus with vampiric blood while it was still growing. Though, it would not be a complete transformation. The only other way this is possible would be if the woman was raped by a vampire."

Shinji hung his head. "Actually... it's the latter."

The Yokai group looked shocked, even as Orihime threw her arms around Shinji's torso from behind to hug him, and Saeko interlaced her fingers with his right hand to comfort him.

Moka and the others noticed this.

"Despite what had happened to her, my mother was a very compassionate person. She gave birth to me, raised me, and loved me as if I was her son. Even after she found out what I was she still loved me, believing that I could be a good person." Shinji explained.

"She sounds like a wonderful woman." Tsukune said.

"She was." he said.

"Was?" Moka asked. "She... died?"

"Two years ago. Car accident. I was on my own, until Saeko-chan and Orihime-chan found me." he said.

"We've been traveling together ever since." Saeko said.

"Traveling?" Tsukune asked.

"Let's just say that... it's easier for people like us to keep moving." Saeko stated.

"I'm surprised you weren't found and taken to Yokai." Moka said.

"Yokai Academy? We were never invited there." Orihime said. "Though it would have been nice to have finished up our education. I could have gotten a job as a cook."

At hearing that, both Shinji and Saeko grimaced. This did not go unnoticed by the Yokai crew.

Yukari seemed to be the only one vocal about this.

"Something we should know?" the preteen witch asked.

"Trust us, you don't want to." Saeko said with a forced, toothy smile.

Yukari looked at Saeko strangely.


"You said you were half-catwoman."

"That's right."

"So... what's your other half?"


"Oh. Right."

"Hey! The humans are waking up!" Orihime said.

Tsukune and the others approached the quartet of humans. There were three girls and one guy.

"Hi. Are you guys alright?" Tsukune asked.

"Yeah, we're fine. Thanks for saving us." the first woman said.

"You're welcome." Moka said.

"But what are you all doing here? And what was up with those plants?" Kurumu asked.

"I don't know. We came here on a dare. Mostly since this place is supposed to be haunted." the second girl said.

"Haunted?" Mizore asked.

"Yeah. It's kind of a supernatural tourist attraction." the first girl said.

"Well, I guess you'll be more careful from now on." Saeko said.

"Yeah, really." the second girl said. "We owe you one for this. If there's anything we can do..."

"Well... we could use a ride into town." Tsukune said.

"Sure. Our cars are right over here." the third girl said, pointing to a pathway that they had come down.

Moka and Tsukune turned back to Shinji, Saeko and Orihime.

"Well, are you coming?" Moka asked.

"You mean with you?" Orihime asked.

"Yeah. You could stay with us at our hotel." Tsukune said.

The trio looked at each other.

"You're sure?" Saeko asked.

"Yes! I'd love to hear your stories." Yukari said.

The trio looked at each other for a little while before agreeing.

"Alright. But... just for the night." Shinji said.


As the group of new friends left the Knoll, they were unaware that they were being watched by a unique figure, herself hidden within the shadows of the trees.

Incredible. Two of those girls are almost like witches. At least the young one is. Amazing. It's been years since another witch has come to this Knoll. But why does she ally herself with those other monsters? They seem strong. This could be... difficult. The woman thought.


(Over the Indian Ocean)

The US military Destroyer was on it's way back to base when it's radar picked up something heading towards them. And fast.

"Sir! We've got unidentified incoming!" the radar tech shouted. "500 yards and closing!"

"Any response to hails or open communications?"

"Negative, sir! 250 yards and closing!"

"Can we get a confirmation as to what it is?"

"No, sir. Whatever it is, it's not one of ours. And it's practically on top of us!"

"All hands! Battle Stations! Repeat! All Hands! Battle Stations!"

The crew of the Destroyer rushed out onto the deck of their ship, prepared for a fight, right as a giant shadow flew overhead, shaking the ship in its wake.

The captain of the ship rushed out of the bridge and just gasped as the large shadow, which made no engine noise, continued to fly off towards the horizon.



"Do you have any idea where that thing is headed?"

"Based on current course and trajectory... I think it's heading to Japan."


Authors Notes:

Just so everyone is aware, Shinji, Saeko and Orihime are from different animes, and I've given them unique powers and personas.
But I've also put them into this story because I love crossovers, if you couldn't tell.
More unique individuals will follow, but for right now, here are their stats:

Saeko Busujima - 18, long purple hair, blue eyes, 5'8.5", 123 lbs, 33D-22-34in
Shinji Ikari - 17, short brown hair, reddish eyes, 5'7", 130 lbs
Orihime Inoue - 16, long reddish hair, black-green eyes, 5'6", 115 lbs., 38E/24/34

You already know what they are, so you can guess as to their power ranges. As for Orihime, she's more like Uyru the Quincy Archer as well as her own mystic powers which makes her almost half-witch and such.

Hope you all enjoy this update and I'll try to get the rest up when I can.
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