Note: This is an attempted crossover one-shot short fic on Pandora Hearts D. Gray-Man

Disclaimer: I do not own Pandora Hearts nor D. Gray-Man. Pandora Hearts belongs to Katsura Hoshino and D. Gray-Man belongs to Jun Mochizuki. There are hints of spoilers, such as Neah is the name of the Noah that is residing with Allen, or Jack splitting up his body to seal Glen's soul away.

In a white piano room, two figures are in the room. One sitting on the sofa, the other near a piano.

Jack can sympathize the teenager in front of him.

No, I really can sympathize him. Jack thought as he looked at the dark hair grayed skin teen in front of him, playing the piano.

He is playing a lullaby, reminiscing the memory he has with his elder sibling.

Not them, his elder brother, Mana.

Jack sympathizes Neah for the suffering and his memories he will put in the future of an unwilling person.

Jack knows what Neah is going to do, because he remembered the prediction that was predicted when that clock struck in the coming-of-his-age party twenty years ago.

Because he, himself, knew that his chosen descendant in the distant future will bear his memories and soul, for he has no choice. If they are coming back, he must prevent another tragedy. By splitting himself up after his death.

For Neah, he wants to end the endless sins, the meaningless wars, the Earl's Insanity, the cries of the experiments, turn the world to gray so both worlds can understand each other, if not, than the surface of the gray world.

That, Jack, can understand. No, he remembers the bloodied stained gloves he has after slaying his best friend as he was the cause of the tragedy, the cause of their insanity, the cause of her death. For what? The greater good? He thought bitterly.

Jack understood the gray world, for he was force to turn against his own best friend to save so many lives that are left from that tragedy. Jack opens his eyes to see golden blue eyes staring back at him with curiosity.

"Why did you stop playing?" The hero of the Tragedy of Sabre asks. Neah looks at him, thoughtfully before saying his answer at loud to him.

"I got bored of it." The thirty-five year old Vessalius knew he was lying, but didn't say it out loud. After all, one keeps his or her secrets until they want it out. Jack muses, he stood up and walked to the Noah. The Musician.

"May I?" Jack ask, Neah looked at him before getting off, grabbing the closest chair, putting it right next to the piano stool. Taking that as a yes, Jack sits on the piano stool.

"I never knew you could play the piano." Jack smiles at him, but it is a sad one, Neah noted.

"That's true, but I remember the notes. My best friend taught it to me before he died." Neah noted the past tense, but didn't mention it nor did he wanted to pry on how his best friend died as he watched Jack played the piano. Neah looked at Jack and saw that his eyes are closed, like he remembered the song from the heart. Neah closes his eyes as well, the song he hears, he couldn't figure out the genre of it. He hadn't heard of it before. It is beautiful, haunting, and sad. Lacie, how ironic. Jack muses sadly as he play the song to its last notes, whenever he played the song alone. He was reminded of Glen, Lacie, Vincent, Gilbert, and Alice.

"It's beautiful, could you teach me?" Neah asks after Jack finishes. Jack looks at him before nodding with a smile.

"Yes." Jack begins to teach Neah the song that Glen love to play for Lacie, the song he put in the pocket watch after her death, as a gift for Glen.

Yes, Jack thought, he can sympathize him. Jack can sympathize him for the oncoming, unknown, and fragile future for the both of them.

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