A/N This is basically my attempt at communicating just how much I love the movie "Shakespeare in Love", it shows Viola and Will after the dance because they just can't stop thinking about each other (my how I love love stories) SO yes please r/r and tell me if you want me to do another please thank you!

Disclaimer: I never thought up the movie Shakespeare in Love. The title of this piece is from one of Shakespeare's sonnets. If I had thought up the movie Shakespeare in Love my life would be complete, just as if I was Shakespeare (which I never could be) I would not be bothering with a FanFiction website. So although I often communicate with Shakespeare on the other side (kidding....kidding......) I did not think up the storyline!!!

Oh God, what strange possession caused me to go there yesterday? I am sure he saw through my disguise, why else would he run after me through the streets of London like he did? I must be mad, for not only have I done that but I will go back once more, as Thomas Kent, and play the role of whoever he wishes me to, because of the dance last night.

How do I explain just what happened last night? When our eyes met over our hands and to the wistful sound of the music we slowly turned and turned, his eyes piercing my soul, and I could only look back into his fathomless eyes and pretend that I did not know him, even when I was sure he recognized me. I have no boundaries anymore, I would climb the highest mountain, cross the deepest sea, or overcome whatever hardship was flung my way. And why?

I know only this: that the strange burning I feel inside my soul now that is like a flame has suddenly sprung up where before there was only ashes intoxicates, and I feel giddy, and joyful. I am in love, that forbidden feeling that once upon a time I wished for in my chambers with my nurse. I wished for poetry, for adventure, and for love, and she laughed, for love is an unheard-of thing today. What fool would marry for love, it is joked, and I must bite my tongue, for inside my idealistic heart there is but one wish - to know once and for all the true feeling of passion eternal in my life, a passion that will not fade but instead bear on and on and on, forevermore.

Will Shakespeare holds a part of me I never knew I had, and I shall never have again, one that was not present till I saw him and then I gave it to him before I myself even knew it. To think of him is sweet pain, a pain because of the things I know he will never know, and the sweetness because he is my love and nothing that goes with him could ever not be sweet. To see him again I will do anything - risk my parents' wrath if they were here.

Wessex. How can I love Wessex? The man is not crude, but does not possess a soul, and he looks upon me as chattel, this I know all too well. His words cannot compare to my dear Will's, nor can his being, for my Will is beloved in every way and Wessex is not, Wessex wants me only for my money and if I happen to be fair that is all the better for him. It is hard to describe...if I could spend only one more day on earth I would spend it with Will and that day would be better than all the rest of them put together, but if I must spend a lifetime with Wessex when it is with Will that my heart resides, can I survive?

I will bind my breasts, and wear a boy's wig and when I go later in this day, any part I play will be ecstasy, be it the boy that runs on to collect the sword and speaks only an "Ay", for being near him who lights my mind will never pall for me. I loved his work, but now I love the man behind them, and I have only seen him twice.

I feel filled with an inspiration that before has never lit upon my fingertips. When I put pen to paper now, the words seem to fly out, so eager are they to alight upon my parchment. What vision did I see last night? What heavenly goddess had left her chair in Heaven to grace the hall of that dance? For what mortal being could possess such eyes, eyes that light the world with their life and beauty, and a smile that leaves no room for rivalry, and hair that falls like a golden cascade down shoulders of creamy alabaster.

I fear my heart is no longer mine, but this is such sweet captivity that every moment seems a new drop of sunlight glistening upon her fair face. Never have I felt this way, never, and those paltry emotions felt for Rosalind and all the rest are merely fools' gold next to the treasure that I have discovered. And therefore never have I written this way, never felt as if my heart's being was pouring out onto the page, with such raw love that I could almost touch it.

I love her not only for her beauty, but for what I saw looking back at me from those eyes, those eyes that know so much yet still reach out to embrace life, eyes that find in you your weakness and bathe it in a cool soft gaze. Eyes that at once are gentle, yet snapping; liquid, and loving, and beauty in itself that shall never fade; eyes that looked across at mine from over our hands in a way that seemed to breathe faster, if eyes could breathe. They faltered not a moment from their fixed point, those blessed minutes as our eyes read each other's souls. Those eyes have taken my soul with their thirst for life, and their need to live just once a life that has been denied.

Today I am inspired not by the Muses, but one more fair than those, and mark my words, even if she should never glance my way again, or I never look upon her eyes again, she shall live on in Juliet, and I will not forget her, for even love that is denied is kept secret in a yearning heart.

I would brave the anger of the Lord Wessex just to see her again.