This is my first TVD fanfic. I have come to really love Damon and Elena…especially Damon. I am at the moment pretty obsessed with this show and one night while watching Pride and Prejudice I just kept thinking that well Damon and Elena are a little like Elizabeth and Darcy. So this is my little take on a Damon and Elena Pride and Prejudice but don't take that too literally because I'm really just using the model that you judge someone at first my who they are and where they come from but find that this person is not what you originally thought they were.

I've been writing this down for awhile and it's consumed me so much that it took me longer to finish my Gilmore Girls fanfic Facebook Friends, but since I've just finished that one I told myself that I would wait to publish this one before I had more chapters typed out but I just couldn't wait anymore so here it is.

There are some things are the same but this story really is AR. Hope you enjoy and please review…they make me happy and want to get these chapters out.



Not What I thought

I always knew the town I lived in, Mystic Falls, was different than other places. I just could never quite put my finger on it until recently. My family was one of the founding families of Mystic Falls, a high distinction in this town. After my parents died I was given a choice to join the Founder's council or pass it up. No one would or could tell me what the council was exactly but in the end I agreed. Now I kind of wish I hadn't.

The town that I had lived in my entire life and loved apparently had a history of vampires. Unbelievable right? Vampires was something that was only supposed to exist in books and movies, definitely not real life but apparently since about 1864 vampires have existed in Mystic Falls. Apparently from what the council knew there were currently none in the town but they would show up every so often and make a mess of things until the council eventually killed them or drove them out of town.

As much as I wish my parents were still alive I'm glad that I wasn't in the dark anymore about this town's deepest secret, so you can imagine my surprise when my Aunt Jenna's boyfriend and the town vampire hunter and my history teacher told me in confidence that his best friend was coming for a visit and oh yeah he just happened to be a vampire.

"How can you, a vampire hunter bring a vampire into Mystic Falls?" I ask Alaric incredulously after he told me. "A vampire Alaric."

"It's a long complicated story Elena." Alaric said shaking his head. "The point is he's a vampire but he's also my friend and I'm telling you he's safe."

"He's a vampire Ric. After everything you and the council have told me, how can you know tell me that he, a vampire, is safe?" I counter.

"Look you trust me right?" he asks and I nod my head after a moment. "Then trust me on this. Damon Salvatore, while being a sarcastic jerk is safe. He's not a threat to you or this town. You have my word on that."

I thought about his words for a moment before turning back to look at him, "Does the council know you're bringing a vampire into town?"

"No which is why I'm coming to you about this. They won't like it no matter how many assurances I make to them so I'm planning on keeping this from them but I need someone to back me up on this if it happens to get out."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm confident that Damon won't do anything to out his vampire status but just in case I'd like to be able to tell the council that I had the backing of one of the council members." he explains.

"And you think the backing of the youngest and newest member of the council is going to make a difference." I say rolling my eyes.

"I get your point, but the fact is everyone on that council has been at this for awhile and the few vampires they have encountered were bad and they don't understand that they're not all like that. If I tell them that my friend who happens to be a vampire is coming, well they're more than likely to react first and ask questions later." he pointed out.

I thought about it and knew he was right. The council was fairly trigger happy when it came to vampires. "You promise that he won't hurt anyone because if he does it's not just on you it's on me too."

"I know and I promise." he said sincerely.

"Ugh I can't believe I'm agreeing to this." I say putting my head in my hands. "How is this going to work anyways? You know the council is going to be suspicious of anyone new that comes into town, especially if they only make an appearance at night."

"Actually that's not going to be a problem. Damon actually has family here – in fact his father Giuseppe is one of the founding members of this town, but the Salvatore's are still here."

"That's right he's a Salvatore so he's related to Zach."

"That's correct."

"So couldn't you just use Zach as your confidant on the council?"

"He knows but he's also related to Damon so…"

"So you need someone else." I say, "Ok but how does he plan on getting by the whole coming out at dark only thing?" I asked and Alaric just smiled "What?"

"Oh you'll see."

It was another three days until Damon Salvatore made his appearance in Mystic Falls and he couldn't have planned a better entrance. He arrived during the annual July Fourth town picnic – in broad daylight. He rolled into town in his classic blue Ford Mustang and everyone turned to look. Actually it was slightly hard not to, because the car's engine was pretty loud. When he coolly stepped out of the car and into the sun I couldn't quite comprehend the fact that Alaric who had been standing right next to me just told me that was in fact Damon.


He was a vampire, but he was walking outside in the middle of the day, under the bright sun. How was this even possible? Was this what Alaric had meant when he said I would see?

Alaric approached him holding out his hand and Damon took it with a small smile playing on the corner of his lips and they gave eachother what most would consider a 'guy hug' complete with the taps on the back. Damon must have said something to Alaric because he laughed and Zach approached and Damon greeted him as well by putting a hand on his shoulder then turned to face Jenna as she approached their little group. He took her hand and kissed it and even from my vantage point I was pretty sure Jenna was blushing.

"Who's the hottie?" Caroline asked as she came up beside me with Bonnie in tow.

"What?" I ask absentmindedly continuing to look over at them.

"The hottie with Mr. Salzman, Jenna and Zach." Caroline said as she checked Damon out.

"Um…oh…that's uh…Damon Salvatore."

"Salvatore? Is he related to Zach?" Bonnie asked curiously.

"Yeah I think so."

"Well he's delicious. I could totally go for him." Caroline said.

"He's definitely hot but he also looks older and if you've forgotten Care you're still jail bait. I don't think you mom, the sheriff would be too thrilled." Bonnie reminded her rolling her eyes.

"Hey I can keep my mouth shut, especially for him. He definitely looks worth the consequences." Caroline said before she suddenly started to fix her clothes. "Oh they're headed this way."

I looked up and sure enough the four of them were heading over to where we were standing. As they approached I was able to get a good look at Damon for the first time. He was wearing sun glasses but I could tell he was handsome with his dark hair and chiseled face. He was wearing all black but I could still make out his lean muscular physique. Caroline was right, he was hot but I also had to remember that he was also a vampire. The odd thing was even with his dark sunglasses I sensed he was looking directly at me as they walked over.

"Elena this is the friend I was telling you about, Damon Salvatore." Alaric said motioning between them, "And Damon this is the young lady I was telling you about, Elena Gilbert. She also happens to be Jenna's niece."

Damon took off his sunglasses and I was surprised by the intensity in his crystal blue eyes. I heard a small gasp come from Caroline behind me but I ignored it. The way Damon was looking at me, well he seemed to be studying me closely and there was a small look of confusion in his eyes. "Kat…I mean Elena…it's um nice to meet you." he said extending his hand and I just looked at it for a moment not taking it until Jenna nudged me.

"Oh um uh sorry." I said as I finally took his hand and I immediately felt a jolt of electricity go through me. He must have felt it too because another look of confusion passed through his face but it quickly left. "It's uh good to meet you too Damon. Ric has told me a lot a bout you."

"Really well not too much I hope." he said glancing at Alaric, "He has told me a lot about you as well but don't worry they're all good. I hope they're all true." he said looking at me intently and I instantly understood his meaning and I nodded my head.

"What is Salzman trying to set them up or something?" I heard Caroline complain to Bonnie behind me but Bonnie just shushed her.

"Elena won't you introduce me to your lovely friends?" he said motioning to Bonnie and Caroline and the latter just beamed.

"Oh uh this Caroline and Bonnie, my best friends."

He took Caroline's hand and kissed it and she visibly blushed a deep red. He then took Bonnie's hand but they both pulled away almost instantly. From the look that passed through both of their faces is looked as if touching the other had hurt them somehow. I looked at Bonnie trying to find out what happened but she was just staring at her hands looking confused.

"Bonnie what's wrong?" I asked concerned but Bonnie just shook her head.

"Bonnie was it?" Damon asked his eyes shining as the looked down at her, "What did you say your last name was?"

"It's uh…it's Bennett. Bonnie Bennett." she answered looking at him.

"Bennett…well that's just freakin…" Damon started to say but Alaric silenced him with a look and he just grimaced before looking back at us. "If you'll excuse me ladies, I believe I'm parched and in need of a drink."

He abruptly left with Zach trying to catch up to him leaving the rest of us wondering what had just happened. At least I was wondering. While Caroline and Jenna started talking about Damon's eyes, Alaric and I stepped away from them and I gave him the meanest glare I could muster. "He's a vampire that walks in the sun! Was that your surprise because that's more of a nightmare!" I say angrily, "How the hell is that even possible?"

"Relax Elena, it's actually good thing. Damon walking in the sun means people don't get suspicious that he's a vampire and before you go freaking out that anyone could be a vampire, don't." Alaric explained, "It requires a special object, a lapis lazuli, and a spell. Trust me Damon's one of the very few vampires that can walk in the sun."

I shook my head unsure of what to think. My gaze wandered to where Damon was standing with Zach, "I don't like this…he seems on edge. I hope the drink he was referring to isn't someone's…"

"No of course not." he said cutting me off. "He's probably just looking for some alcohol. He's a bit of drinker."

"And that's so much better, a drunk vampire." I said sarcastically as I continued to look at Damon who had in deed found the bar, "Well needless to say if he hurts or kills anyone while he's here it's on you Alaric."

"Trust me, I know." he said glancing over at Damon as well. "But Damon won't do that."

"How can you be so sure? You're telling me in all certainty that Damon won't be feeding off any humans while he's in Mystic Falls."

"I'm telling you that he won't hurt or kill anyone. He mainly sticks to the blood bags but has been known to feed from the person that he's well intimate with." He said and I put my hand up to stop him from going on, "But, but never enough to actually kill them. It's just a part of the…well you know but he never hurts them."

"Eww. Yes feeding on people doesn't hurt…at all." I say glaring at him and he glares at me right back, "It's just he feeds on people, I don't know how to be ok about this. I can't believe you talked me into this being ok. He's a vampire."

"And he's different." he said, "Look Damon is the first vampire you've ever met so you don't have anything to compare him to just the stories you've heard. Trust me when I say Damon is different. He doesn't find the thrill in the hunt anymore. He's not malicious and he doesn't kill people for sport like many of his kind do. Yes he may have been like that in the past, but he's definitely not like anymore."

He looked at me and I'm not sure what he saw but he put his hand on my shoulder, "I know it's hard but you should give him a chance Elena."

I thought about it as I continued to watch Damon make this way through the citizens of Mystic Falls. The women all looked at him like he was a piece of meat ready to be eaten which was rather ironic if you think about it.

I was weary about Damon but for some reason that I couldn't pin point I believed that he wouldn't hurt anyone. Suddenly he looked up and his eyes met mine and a smirk graced his lips and he gave me a cocky little wave with his fingers and I quickly looked away trying not to blush for being caught looking at him.

"Ok fine I'll give him a chance." I say looking at Alaric seriously, "But you had better make sure he doesn't go around compelling people either just to get his way around here. I don't want him taking away anyone's free will either. You'd better prove me wrong about him Alaric." I warn before I walk away.

I had spent the rest of the better part of the day with my friends and my boyfriend Matt. It had been fun and carefree except for the fact that Bonnie had decided to leave early after acting strangely following her encounter with Damon earlier. I had tried to ask her what was wrong, but she wouldn't budge and open up to me about what had happened. Then when she suddenly decided to leave, I started to get worried.

I wanted to go after her but I had made a promise to Matt that today we would spend time together since he had been working so much lately to try to save up money for college and we barely ever got to spend time together. As it began to grow darker, I went to my car to get my sweater and the blankets so we could sit and watch the fireworks. As I was walking back I heard Alaric and Damon talking. I knew I should just keep on walking, but I couldn't help it and I ducked behind a tree and listened.

"This stupid town has not changed much with its picnics and festivals. It's all so charming." Damon commented sarcastically. "I can't believe you talked me into coming back to this stupid Podunk town."

"As I recall it didn't take much convincing and you were the one that convinced me to move here in the first place." Alaric said.

"Well really what better place for a vampire hunter than a place that always seems to have a vampire lurking around the corner and right now that's me."

"Either way you're the reason why I came to Mystic Falls in the first place but I'm not complaining because I happen to like it." Alaric stated.

"Eh to each his own." Damon said, "So is there a certain reason why you like it here and by that I mean a certain blonde bubbly beautiful babe I met this afternoon."

"If you're referring to Jenna, then well uh yeah she's the main reason why I'm thinking about putting roots down here."

"Roots? Here? I was just asking if she was the reason why you liked it here I didn't know we've moved on to roots already." Damon commented. "My, my please don't tell me you're thinking about getting hitched again Ric because you and I both know how wonderfully that turned out for you last time."

Last time? Alaric was married?

"Yes well Jenna is definitely not Isobel and well yes I am going to ask her to marry me."

Damon didn't say anything for a moment and just looked at Alaric thoughtfully before he finally put his hand on his shoulder. "Well then Ric I'm happy for you. I'm glad you'll be getting laid on at least once per week basis. The moodiness was not very becoming on you. "

"Thanks Damon." Alaric responds shaking his head.

"So the lovely Jenna huh? Well she seems like a find woman."

"Yeah but I'm not exactly marrying just her, she's the guardian for Elena and Jeremy Gilbert as well."

"Oh yes the ice queen and the angry teenager."

Ice queen?

"Ice queen? I don't think I have ever heard anyone refer to Elena as an ice queen before." Alaric commented.

"Oh but trust me she is. Don't get me wrong she's…cute, attractive, but behind it is a girl who doesn't let the people around her in, not really anyways. She doesn't like things out of place, including the people around her. She needs her life in a certain order and she's a judgy one and I'm fairly certain she can be just as cruel and mean as I am, possibly even worse because you don't see it coming." Damon explained.

"You barely even spoke to her. How on earth did you get all of that from a few exchanged words? Did you acquire some new abilities since the last time I saw you that I don't know about?" Alaric asked dumfounded.

"No I'm just perceptive as always and that girl has ice written all over her it's just masked behind a sweet face." He said then got quiet for a moment. "She looks like her, they could be twins."


He didn't say anything but he must have made some kind of motion and I almost thought for a second that I was caught until Alaric started speaking again. "Oh you mean…but then oh that's why you started to say her name."


"Well I'm going to say the same thing to you that I told Elena." Alaric said, "Just get to know her before you make any judgments, especially if she is the reason why you're calling her an ice queen. From what you've told me they're definitely nothing alike."

I remind him of someone?

"See I told you she was judgy."

"Damon." Alaric warned.

"Fine I'll hold off but I know I'm right."

"So what was that whole thing with Bonnie Bennett earlier?" Alaric asked changing the subject. "You seemed, for lack of a better word scared when you found out her last name. Care to share?"

"No not scared just surprised. Let's just say I have a long history with the Bennett women of Mystic Falls and not all of it good. I like to keep out of their way as much as possible."

"I don't know that does sound an awful lot like you're scared to me." Alaric said laughing.

"Please I don't feel any of those stupid petty human emotions and I am especially not scared of a teenage girl." Damon said, "but I do value my undead life which is why staying away from any woman with the last name of Bennett is a good idea for me and it also appeases the terms of that stupid promise."

"What promise?"

"Well remember when I told you the story about how I got this…well let's just say I made a pact with…"

"Elena! Elena are you over here?" Matt yelled walking around and Damon suddenly stopped talking.

Crap Matt!

"Oh hey Mr. Salzman, have you seen Elena? She was supposed to go to her car and grab her sweater and a blanket but she still hasn't come back and the fireworks are starting soon." Matt said concerned.

"No I haven't seen her." Alaric said.

"Oh but I think I have. Isn't that her over by those trees." Damon said and they all turned and looked.

Crap. I came out from behind the tree sheepishly and Alaric looked at Damon who had a small scowl on his face.

"Elena what were you doing over there?" Matt asked walking up to me and taking the blanket from my arms. "I thought something had happened to you."

"Oh I uh…um I thought I saw an owl or something." I said lying horribly. Behind Matt's shoulder I could see Damon looking at me, amusement from my lie dancing in his eyes.

"That must have been the owl I saw earlier as well." Damon said looking right at me before turning his attention to Matt and extending his hand. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Alaric, I mean Mr. Salzman's BFF, Damon Salvatore."

"Oh hi, nice to me you. Matt Donovan." Matt said shaking Damon's hand.

"So are the two of you?" Damon asked looking between the two of us.

"Yeah Elena's my girlfriend." Matt said smiling as he put his arm around me and I plastered a smile on face at his actions. What was Damon up to?

"Aww how sweet." Damon said looking right at me.

"Uh we'd better go Matt. We don't want to miss the fireworks." I said turning to Matt and pulling his hand.

"Yeah you're right. It was good meeting you Damon. Later Mr. Salzman." Matt said and led the way back to the crowd as the fireworks started to light the night sky. As we walked away, I could fee Damon's eyes on me and it sent shivers through me.


By the time I got home, it was well past midnight, but Jenna and Alaric were still up and apparently drinking from the sounds coming from the family room. I walked in and immediately noticed that Damon was with them. Great someone had invited the vampire in.

"Hey guys." I said as tentatively entered the family room.

"Elena!" Jenna exclaimed when she noticed me. "Did you have a good rest of the night?"

"Yeah and I see you guys brought the party back here." I said looking at the tequila and vodka bottles on the leather ottoman then looked at Alaric. "And I see Damon was invited…in." Alaric looked at me apologetically and mouthed sorry and I saw Damon roll his eyes.

"Sorry Elena, I know this is your house but I didn't think it would be a big deal if we came back here. You know being responsible adults, no drinking and driving." Jenna said, "Well I guess at least me since I'm already home."

"No it's fine. I think I'm just tired." I said, "You guys have fun I'm just gonna go up to bed.

"Don't you want to have a drink with us first?" Damon asked as I turned to walk away but at his question I turned back around and looked at him without saying anything.

"She's a minor Damon." Alaric warned looking at Damon pointedly.

"True but we are in the privacy of her own home and I doubt any of you would go and tell the sheriff that Miss Gilbert here has been under the influence," Damon said looking at Elena in the challenging her, "Plus she's a teenager, she can't possibly tell me she hasn't had a drink in her life."

"You've got me," I said shrugging and looking right back at him, "I have but like I said I'm tired and drinking right now doesn't sound like something I want to do. Good night guys." I said and turned and left quickly and went to my room and shut the door. Once inside I let out a big sigh before grabbing some pajamas and going to the bathroom to change. When I emerge from the bathroom a few minutes later I nearly screamed out when I see the last person I would ever want laying on my bed.