You've never gotten your happy ending

Because the boys just overlook you

Pass you by for someone prettier



&&&full of charm

And who are you

But the quiet girl on the sidelines

Disgracing your family's fiery hair with lips closed tight,

Holding back any words of argument

Their eyes see right through you

Because Dom's so damn gorgeous

And Lily's spirited

And Molly's the intelligent one

So why even pay attention to you?

( Why see the failure? )

The girl who could've/should've/isn't anything like

Her extraordinary cousins

And so your days pass,

Silent and lonely

Until he comes

And paints your grey world with colors

Rainbows light your sky

And he holds your hand

And you feel,


For once,


Because he doesn't overlook you

But he's p-p-perfect

( you can't help but stutter his name )

And you're Flawed

( a capital 'f' just as a reminder of how

Truly screwed up you are )

But everything is clicking into place

And your head is resting on his chest

And he's saying that he thinks you're cute

And wonderful

And you're thinking that maybe

( definitely )

He likes you

And there's finally a boy

Who will fetch the stars for you

And throw them down to Earth

So you can wish oncetwiceonemillion times

As each streak of light stains the sky

And you can't help but to laugh

( did you just giggle, dear?

You never giggle )

And lean closer into him

And even with his confession

You still don't feel like you belong

In the hands of such an angel

But he's holding on tightly

And kissing you lightly

And looking in your eyes to say things

So unbearably sweet

You just want to be his forever

Because you are finally realizing

That you don't need to be everything

Everyone else is

Because he loves you

For just being you

( and you love him too )

Fun announcement: I'm dating! He's, yeah, um, just read above. That sums it all up.