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Trust In Him

Chapter 11: Located

The apprentice watched as the entire scene unfolded in front of her. Sam's identity have been revealed to the other girl while Brian stood there recounting his last memory of the lawyer to her. Everything had been going as planned so far and they were approaching the climax of the test s.

As she monitored the tests in front of her, her mentor was busy designing his next set of tests. Jigsaw was always busy, always building, always looking forward to "saving" his next test subjects. Right now he is working on his latest venture which would involve an abandoned house. While they were watching their current test happen before their eyes, this old man was already making designs for his next plan.

The captive boy, Keith, had all but lost hope. He knew that someone was going to get him out of there. Someone will come barging through that door and take this horrible man away. He knows his dad and brother is out there trying to find him and he knows that they won't stop until he is safe.

"Looks like we're nearing the end." Amanda said, pointing to one of the monitors. Her mentor heard her and stood from where he was seated, taking deliberate steps as he entered the room. Jigsaw saw the timer on the side of the monitor. True, the game was just minutes away from ending where their test subjects, but the lesson is yet to be learned.

"There seems to be an ongoing development," Jigsaw observed as he turned his head to one of the monitors.

Amanda followed her mentor and turned the monitor he was talking about. She saw movement in one of the monitors. This one was not linked to any cameras watching over their main test, however, it was monitoring another individual.

Detective Shawn Cooper.

TiH TiH TiH -

Back at the police station, Cooper rushed through the hall until he found what he was looking for. He didn't bother with reading the sign on the door because he already knew what was inside. Right behind him was Detective Kerry and Chief Wilson. They followed him right to the room, where he told them he would solve the mystery of Keith Carmine's abduction.

The sign on the room read "Surveillance Room". The chief momentarily forgot that every corner of the station was rigged with surveillance cameras. He also forgot that HE was the one who permitted the installation of said cameras.

When he entered the room, he saw the two of the three officers stationed inside working behind their respective desk, while the other one, a woman, stood behind them, supervising them. She turned her head when Wilson knocked on the door.

"Chief!" exclaimed the female officer. The other two turned in their seats to acknowledge his presence before going back to their job. "Sorry about the excitement. It's not every day we see you in here, sir."

"It's alright," said the chief, waving it off like it was nothing. "Detective Cooper here would like your assistance for a brief moment."

The officer named Cassandra looked to the detective that needed her help. She recognized him somewhere, probably read something that contained his picture, but unsure if she would want to bring it up. She didn't bring it up. "Go ahead." The female officer stepped aside and let Cooper direct the other two.

He told them to rewind an hour ago. They did so in a short amount of time. The station's cameras were the standard surveillance systems. So it meant that the feed was in color and had sound. Cooper now told them to change to the camera angles right outside the interrogation rooms. There were four that they displayed, and right on the screen was a seated Keith Carmine and Brooke Richter. He had read Brooke's file. She was a clean slate.

"Alright. Now play it." Cooper commanded. One of them pressed play and the scene played out. Keith was playing with Brooke as they waited for Grayson. Then they suddenly turned their heads to the interrogation room. That was the time when Cooper was trying to force information out of the teen. Brooke stands up, motions that she's hungry and leaves to order her food and get the little kid a drink.

The detectives moved towards the screen when they saw a woman with short black hair approach the little kid. The angle of the videos didn't help them identify the woman. Keith looks at the woman and smiles cheerfully, a surprise for them. He hadn't shown any expressions of fear towards the woman. It was like he knew her.

"I don't understand." Kerry said. "This doesn't look like a kidnapping."

"Keith didn't know it yet." Cooper replied. He saw the woman and Keith converse for a moment, until the woman stood up. She extended her hand and pointed her thumb to the hallway to her right.

"He saw the woman as someone he can trust." Wilson concluded. "He must have met her before or she could have been a friend with either Brooke or Grayson."

The woman, who was now holding Keith by hand, walked to the hallway on her right and turned the corner. "Where did they go?" Cooper looked at all of the angles, but it seems that the two had walked off where they could not be seen. The two officers pressed a few buttons on their keyboards until they were shown another angle. This certain angle wasn't from inside the station.

"I believe that's outside." The female officer said. "That's in the back entrance."

There was a small alleyway right where the camera was placed. It was very dark at the time the video was taken, with the only source of light available was the street lamps from the sidewalk. The woman and Keith calmly walked through the alley and stopped right in front of a red car. The kid looked up to the woman, a faint question could be heard, but wasn't audible because they were far from the camera. Next, they saw the two get in the car, with the woman sitting on the driver's seat, and saw it drive off into the dark.

"Can you get a visual on the car's license plate?" Cooper asked the two officers.

"We'll try, but don't bank on it." One of them replied as he turned in his seat. "We don't have the tech you see in CSI, so it'll take a while."

With the license plate still being identified, Cooper thought of what he should do next. There was a lack of evidence that could point to where the Jigsaw Killer could be or who was the mystery woman. It irritated him. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Richards' phone. He needed to inform her of what they have just uncovered.

"Seems like we hit a dead end." He turned his head to see Kerry approaching him.

"What do you mean 'we'?" Cooper turned towards the Jigsaw expert and scowled. Every time anyone would insinuate that they "helped" him and say something gin the lines of "we did it", it would always offend him, just like what he was feeling right now.

"There is no need to play the lone wolf here, Cooper." Chief Wilson approached and came in between the two. "She is here to help us."

"Did it ever occur to you that I didn't her help?" he stepped up to his superior, his voice louder than before. "I already have someone to help me. I don't need anyone else."

"Don't you dare raise your voice at me detective." Wilson jabbed a finger at Cooper's shoulder, pushing him back half a step. Standing face to face, he towered over the young detective by half a foot. "I'll hand it to you Cooper, it takes a lot of balls to stand up to me and risk giving up your badge just for pride."

There was a brief stare down between the two before Cooper decided it was better to leave it at that. He entered his office and sat down on his office chair. He had had worse arguments with the chief, some over the tiniest of details in cases and a few over major decisions regarding protocol. But he knew those times were justified. This one felt petty.

Standing on his desk was a stack of files in folders about those who were reported missing. He didn't have time to look at all of them since he was only interested in bringing home Keith safe. It was a promise he intended to keep.

Then there was the horrible looking puppet that lay on its side on one of file cabinets in his office. He put it up there after he read the note that addressed him. It looked at him with those large, unmoving black eyes. It was designed to look like a freak, an appearance that is probably shared by its creator. Cooper put it on his desk and thought to himself.

He had looked at everything and yet there was this feeling bugging him that he missed something. He wondered what was it while he looked around the room tying to find an answer. When he turned to the puppet, he then had an idea. Cooper abruptly grabbed the puppet and set it on his desk.

It was a wild idea, but an idea nonetheless. Cooper had remembered that he got so angry at the abductor's taunt that he forgot the puppet was left here, forgotten for the time being. Now he inspected the exterior of the puppet, lifted it up and saw nothing of interest. Then he looked inside the puppet's coat and found something that was attached, no stitched, on it.

There was a white square patch with a logo of a red star with a yellow outline and two blue lines orbiting around the star. It had the name underneath the logo was a phrase, a company name perhaps. It said 'Star Package'.

With a new lead, he pulled out his phone and immediately put his partner on the line. When she picked up he didn't even let her say a word. "Do you know anything about 'Star Package'?"

"'Star Package'?" she repeated in surprise. Cooper could hear Richards getting in her car and trying to find her keys somewhere in her pockets.

"Yeah. And are you still at Lisa's?" he asked.

The engine roared to life after a turn of a key. "Does that answer your question?" She let the car run for a moment to continue the conversation. "So, what were you asking about?"

"I was asking about 'Star Package'. Do you know anything about it?"

Richards poked around her head and tried to remember anything about a 'Star Package'. She had heard of it before probably too long ago that any memory of it was deemed forgotten. Cooper's inquiring voice ringed in her head as she continued to think, as annoying it may be, but it helped her remember something about 'Star Package'. The phrase was actually a formerly popular courier service in town that shut down just five years ago. They were small compared to other delivering companies like FedEx Express and DHL Express. It was inevitable that they were going out of business. Star Package's headquarters was located near the center of the city, just a few minutes away from where she was.

She told Cooper what she remembered about Star Package and he asked where he could find it. She gave the address, if she was not mistaken. "It's been abandoned for years. What do you-", then the idea hit her. "Alright. I'll be there."

Cooper ended the call. He proceeded to enter Chief Wilson's office with the puppet in hand while the chief was talking with Kerry. He stood up from his desk upon seeing Cooper, making Kerry turn to the detective. He slammed the puppet on his desk and a wide grin formed on his face with a gleam in his eye, Cooper's pride obviously at an all time high.

"I know where he is." Proclaimed the detective.