I like interviewing characters from anime. I DON'T MAKE UP SOME YAOI RUBBISH! *deep breath* Anyhoo, I love Cou. OMIGOSH! I'M A POET!

I don't own Elemental Gelade or Cou. You know... "legally." *giggle* Seriously, if I did own Elemental Gelade, there would be more gore in the anime. RINNIE WANT BLOOD!

Me: 'Kay! 'Kay! Everyone, settle down.

Cou: *looks around* We're the only ones here.


Cou: Where am I?

Me: This is my writer's nook. It completely on the other side of the house to my bedroom. Convenient, no?

Cou: Uh... How did I get here?

Me: You came throught the portal in my bathtub. Read The Portal of EPICOCITY! *wink*

Cou: *looks around* Who are you talking to now?


Cou: Wait! *jumps out of seat* Where's Ren? What have you done with her?

Me: Nothing! I could never do anything nasty to Ren-chan. She's safe right where you left her.

Cou: What about the others?

Me: The same. Now, if you would please take your seat. I have some questions to ask you.

Cou: Um... Alright.

Me: What kind of hair product do you use?

Cou: I don't use hair product.

Me: *pointing with a furious look* DON'T LIE TO ME, COUD VAN GIRUET! I can see into you SOUL!

Cou: *blink blink*

Me: Can I touch your hair?

Cou: I'd prefer it if you didn't.

Me: I either touch your hair or sniff your awsome jacket.

Cou: *reluctantly leans forward and lets me pat him on the head*

Me: *giggles and twirls around in spinny chair with delight* Can I sniff your awsome jacket?

Cou: No. Can I go now?

Me: You're mean.

Cou: You're crazy.

Me: *flicks hair and flutters eyes* Thank you!

Cou: ...

Me: What's your favourite colour?

Cou: Red. Can I go now?

Me: Typical. Are you a dog person or a cat person.

Cou: Please... Let me go...

Me: Come on, Cou-san. Embrace the interview.

Cou: I don't even know who you are!

Me: My name is Karynne. I'm a Leo, but I don't believe that has any effect on my personality or anything like that. I enjoy curry and bothering people.

Cou: Clearly.

Me: Do I smell of curry?

Cou: No, I mean- Oh, never mind.

And then he looked into her eyes and said, "My darling, I love you!" My aunty wanted me to say that.

Cou: *shudder* I just got a chill.

Me: What's your favourite dinosaur?

Cou: I dunno. T-Rex?

Me: That's positively BORING! Everyone says that. Choose something else.

Cou: Okay, Velo-


Cou: Stego-


Cou: Brach-

Me: If you do not take this seriously, Cou-san, I'm going to have to punish you.


Me: *throws stuffed chameleon at Cou*

Cou: I wanna go home!

Me: Do you like Twilight?

Cou: What?

Me: You know! The books and the movies.

Cou: *slowly shakes his head in confusion*

Me: *tents fingers* Good... Good...

Cou: Are we just about through?

Me: Do you like JB?

Cou: What's that?

Me: A singer who failed puberty.

Cou: I don't know.

Me: Hmm... I seem to be lacking inspiration. JAMES!

James: *enters* What?

Me: What question should I ask Cou-san next?

James: I dunno.

Me: Come on...

James: Nope. I don't even know who he is, so...

Me: Why, this is Cou! Cou, this is James.

Cou: Do you know how I can get home?

James: Oh, this again. Sorry. She does this whenever she's bored and waiting for an episode of Bleach to load.

Cou: So, can you get me out of here?

James: *ums and ahs as if he's considering the question before smirking cheekily* No. *leaves*

Cou: Wait! *goes to follow him*

Me: NO! *throws dollhouse at floor in front of door* YOU DO NOT LEAVE!

Cou: *sits back in his chair with eyes wide in fear*

Me: Do like Bleach?

Cou: Never seen it.

Me: *turns on computer and watches an episode of Bleach with Cou* Well?

Cou: That's twenty minutes of my life I can't get back.

Me: I know! Isn't it Great!

Cou: ...

Me: Do you like Death Note?

Cou: If I say that I've never seen it, you'll make me watch it. If I say that I like it, you'll probably make me watch it. I'm going to say that no, I do not like Death Note.

Me: So, you do not know who L is.

Cou: No.


Cou: *looks up at ceiling where I was screaming at*

Me: If you had to let either Ren, Cisqua, Rowen, or Kuea die, which one would you choose?

Cou: What kind of a question is that?

Me: The hypothetical kind. Why so edgy?

Cou: Cicqua.

Me: Wow! Very little thought needed there.

Cou: *shrug*

Me: Who is the cutest girl you know? *blink blink*

Cou: If I say you, can I leave?

Me: You may leave once the interview is finished.

Cou: Okay. Ren.

Me: *cloud of jealosy covers face for a brief moment* Oh, wellz. Can't be helped.

Cou: How many more questions are there?

Me: I dunno. I'm just making this up as I go along.

Cou: *groan*

Me: Don't think of pink elephants.

Cou: ...

Me: What are you thinking of, Cou-san?

Cou: ...Pink elephants.

Me: BUT I STRICTLY COMMANDED YOU NOT TO! *throws stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog at him.* OH, NO! SONIKKU! *retrieves the toy and hugs him tightly*

Cou: ...

Me: Cou.

Cou: ...Yes?

Me: Do you think I'm pretty?

Cou: *glances around the room and notices how many object that could function as dangerous projectiles* ...Yes.

Me: *squeals girlishly* Say it again. *pulls out phone and films him*

Cou: Karynne is pretty.

Me: *squeals girlishly* I'll take you home now.

Cou: Thank you.

Me: Can I come with you?

Cou: Could you not?

Me: *pouts*