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Chapter 1

What the hell is wrong with me? Sixteen-year-old Kyle Holt thought to himself, absentmindedly kicking a pebble down the damp Oregon road. He's my best friend. My fucking best, friend. Kyle argued to himself. He suddenly stopped his wanderings, accidentally stepped on the pebble which in turn caused it to flip into the air. He pinched the bridge of his nose and squinted his eyes in annoyance, a habit he picked up from his grandfather. Shaking his head quickly, he hoped to toss the thoughts out of his head as if it were nothing more than a dirty rag, but it was no use. As he continued his trek home, he cursed his life. He glared up at the sky in anger, wondering why he was thinking such impure thoughts about his friend and why no one up there was helping him through the mistake they had obviously made.

His mind was still in I-hate-myself land when he suddenly ran head first into a solid object. He stumbled backwards and caught himself just in time so that he was safe from falling on his ass. He was glad that he was, at least, able to do something that did not make him into a bigger idiot then he already was.

"Kyle, what the hell are you doing not paying attention? If your Grandma Wendy caught you, well, I would not want to be you." Kyle raised his head to look into the smiling eyes of his Grandpa Stanley.

"Hey, Gramps." Kyle greeted him unenthusiastically.

"You look like Bennny just stole all of your test prep books. Tell your grandpa, what's wrong?"

Kyle looked at his gramps, not sure whether he should say anything. Yeah, he needed to let off some steam but wasn't telling his grandfather about his gay thoughts. Wasn't that against some sort of grandpa/grandson code? However, there was no one else that he could voice his opinions to and he was sure that if he spent one more second pondering this dilemma he would surely die. The worst that could happen would be that Grandpa Stanley would hit him with the cane he randomly liked to carry around. He decided to give it a try.

"Gramps, you know Chris right?"

Grandpa Stanley furled his eyebrows in an "Are you joking" look. "Chris?" He asked slowly. "As in Chris Calloway? As in Chris Calloway, your best friend since pre-school, Chris Calloway? I really pray to god that I know him or else I'm afraid that I am going out of my mind." He laughed. "Why the sudden need for your grandpa to confirm his knowledge of your best friend?"

Kyle took in a deep breath and let out all of the pain that had been killing him for so long. "Gramps, um, I think I might be in love."

"Well, that's damn wonderful now isn't? Who's the lucky lady and might I ask, what does Chris have to do with any of this?"

"No Gramps, you don't understand, Chris has everything to do with this, because the one I love is Chris." Kyle closed his eyes for a second, scared of the expression that he was sure would cross his grandfather's face. That look of pure disappointment because his grandson could no longer be on the "normal" path he had created for him and would instead go down a road filled with criticism and hatred. He knew his grandfather wanted him to become a business man with an ability to gain money and support his family. But now that he admitted he was homosexual, what kind of family could he create?

He was sure that once he opened his eyes he would see his grandfather's disgust and disappointment filled eyes staring back at him. To his surprise, instead of opening his eyes to an "I want to disown you" look stamped on his grandfather's face, he had on a look of reminiscing, filled with sadness, longing and tenderness. His grandpa turned to face him and Kyle saw tears in his grandpa's eyes.

Fuck, Kyle thought to himself, the first time I see my gramps cry and it's all because of me.

Suddenly, Grandpa Stanley smiled sadly at Kyle. "Kyle, do you know where your name came from?" He asked, seemingly out of the blue.

Kyle gave his gramps a confused look; this was not one of his top 10 ways about how he thought gramps would react. It wasn't even on the top 100. Whatever, he decided to play along.

"No, whenever I asked grandma, she would always get an angry look on her face or cry or do both. I always hoped my name came from the main guy from that show Kyle XY, totally awesome show." He ended with a snicker.

"Actually, I'm sad to tell you this, but it isn't, I know you're very disappointed now." Grandpa Stanley lightly joked with his grandson.

"Damn." Kyle stated lightly.

"Your name came from a long, long time ago when I lived in a small town called South Park. It belonged to a boy by the name of Kyle Broflovski."

"Hm," Kyle thoughtfully commented not sure how he should react to the statement.

"He was my best friend and also-"Grandpa Stanley cleared his throat softly, "Let's go talk to Grandpa Butters and Kenny, they should be able to help me explain better."