Chapter 1: Surprise Visit

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Hermione 'Granger': The Dark lord's daughter.


The golden trio's, Gryffindor's know-it-all. Is suddenly thrown into a word of misery, pain, evil and love. Friends will become Enemies, Enemies will become friends. There is no more peace, or tranquility all is havoc. Hermione must choose, between her friends and her family. Between light and dark. Good and Evil.

Chapter one.

My third year hasn't begun and it's all ready hectic. It all started when Severus Snape came to visit me.

He walked into my 'Muggle' bedroom.

"Miss Granger." I was shocked to see my potions professor in Muggle London.

"Professor? Professor Snape? What are you doing in Muggle London?" I asked. In these three years I've been at Hogwarts I had grown much more cunning and sneaky.

"Miss Granger. I'm here to talk to you about a rather … delicate matter, and even though it's not term time, I'm still your professor you should still respect me Miss Granger." I raised my eyebrows.

"Of course sir, sorry sir. Would you like to sit down?" I wonder why I was being polite to the dungeon bat. He sat down in the chair opposite me.

"Thanks Miss Granger. Professor Dumbledore has stuck me with the task of telling you your real heritage." He said with a sneer on his face.

"Pardon?" I asked. I know I was the smartest witch of this generation but I must be slow today.

"You're not Muggle born. So it seems." He said with a scowl.

"OH Merlin professor. Do you know who my real parents are?" I asked there were lots of pure blood family's or even half blood family's I could be part of. Oh Merlin help me.

"It seems you're the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and The Dark Lord" I screamed.

"Pardon, did you just say I'm He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's daughter. As well as B. B... Bellatrix." was my ever so witty reply. Darn it, I really am slow today.

"Yes your real name Caitlyn Lestrange." He replied. I was thankful I was already seated; I pale and feel my legs buckle under me.

"Why does Professor Dumbledore want me to know?" I asked.

"The dark lord is getting stronger Caitlyn. Each and every day. I need to tell you I'm loyal to your father not Dumbledore. Your father is coming back Caitlyn. He has a plan. Dumbledore doesn't know what I have planned for you." He stared at me. "When Potter 'killed' your father the first time. I was appointed your protector. The Malfoy's were supposed to be your guardians, Dumbledore took you away. Put you with these Muggles."

"Do you believe me so far?" He asked.

I nodded. "It explains why I led Potter into those dangerous tasks to find the sorcerer's stone in first year. Why I stole from your stores in second year. I felt like you wouldn't tell me off. I felt excited doing all this. I liked being bad." I replied thinking carefully about my first two years at Hogwarts.

"If you looked like what you're supposed to look like. You'd have some special powers, form your dad."

"Like what?" I asked, in all my reading, I hadn't come across the notion that a person's appearance could give them powers but then, this is the Dark Lord we were talking about.

"Snake talking, reading minds, the power to tell when someone is lying to you." He said. "If you enjoyed being bad, you are definitely their daughter." He smirked at the look on my face. "I'm taking you to the Malfoy's now. Where you are supposed to be living." He says, almost with distaste in his voice over how I'd been living.

He took my hand and aparated to Malfoy manor. Oh God! What are Lucius and Narcissa going to say? Actually, what they hell is Draco going to say?

"Cissa. Caitlyn's here" Snape yelled.

Narcissa, ran in, tears in her eyes.

"Caitlyn, my niece is that you?"

"Apparently so." I replied.

Lucius walked in. "Severus! What is that mud blood doing in my home?" He yelled. Snape looked at Narcissa.

"Lucius. This is Caitlyn." Narcissa replied.

"As in my niece." They all nodded.

"Lucius, would you remove the glamour?" Lucius nodded and pulled his wand from his cane and pointed it at me. I turned away. He muttered a spell and I felt a slight tingle.

"Look in the mirror. Caitlyn Rosa Lestrange."

I looked like a younger version of Bellatrix and weirdly I like it.

"Oh MY GOD! I look like Bellatrix."

"Well she is your mother dear" Aunt Cissa said.

"I really think I believe you now." I say, running a hand down my now smooth black hair.

"But do you like it?" Lucius asked.

"I think I do." I mumbled. "I really think I do" I repeated.

"Would you like to reveal your true identity at school?" Lucius asked me. I thought about it. About the amount of people who hated me because I was a 'Mudblood' but I'm not anymore…I'm a pure blood. Of course I wanted to reveal it!

"Hell yeah! Opening feast." Was my reply. Lucius smiled and Narcissa hugged me.

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