Chapter 31
Cali P.O.V

It was about 3 weeks into 5th year and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, Severus allowed to me to see him most nights. The new professor of DADA was useless, but Ron hated her so I didn't mind her too much. Professor Umbridge was her name. She was a ministry official. We wouldn't be doing any practical, all learning from books and of course Harry and Ron hated that. I didn't mind, I learnt fine from a book. Also when Drake messaged Lucius he said to just follow along and get into Umbridge's good books. Severus hated Umbridge, but hated Ron and Harry more. He'd rant so much to me, but I didn't mind.

Me and Drake sit at the front in DADA attempting to be seen as the good ones, whilst, Harry and Ron get constantly told off. Currently I was sat in the great hall next to Drake, him waffling on about some new broom that uncle Lucius had sent him, and how he was going to crush potter in the qudich tornement this year.

"Smile, it isn't all bad" a voice pops into my head and I smile up at severus.
"oh be quiet you, DADA is rubbish this year with that blooming Umbridge"
"I thought you could learn from text books?" Severus asks. I nod slyly.
"I can but I hate all the moaning, everyone hates her, even drake and they don't shut up about it."
"Well in my lesson, we're doing something fun today."
"And what's that?"
"We're making truth potions" I smiles. Severus had been showing me how to make this potion during the holidays.
"Are we actually starting them today?" I ask happily.
"Yes. You'll be working with Draco, and all the other dunderheads can struggle on there own or in pairs."

An owl swooped into the great hall, and dropped a letter on my lap, I stroked it a recognized the bird as Uncle Lucius'. I opened it carefully.

My sweet Caitlyn,
Your uncle has been telling me all about how the silly ministry has been regulating your Defense against the dark arts classes, this is good, I will speak to Severus, hmm, he will teach you, draco and maybe one or two of your friends some things.

Is the rest of school going ok? Are my death eater's children treating you properly?
I've told Severus to tell Dumbledore about our Deatheaters meeting tonight. I want you there; Severus will explain how we will get around it later.

I love you.

I looked up at Severus. Who frowned.
"It's father, I'll show you later, but he says something about a deatheaters meeting tonight, he wants me there."
"Yes, I must speak to Dumbledore about it soon, your father knows we may be a bit late."
"How will you get it past Dumbledore?" I ask whilst scribbling a reply to my father.

"I will say that I have received a message that you are to be brought to the next meeting. I will tell him, how beneficial you could be to the cause, helping me spy. Then when called tonight, I will inform the old man, and tell him you are coming with Me."
"And if he asked where the message came from?"
"I will make something up Caitlyn"
I cut the connection and replied to my father.

Dear father,
School is fine, and yes, everyone who should, treats me with respect. I will accompany Severus tonight.
Must dash,

I sent the short but sweet reply to my father, as Draco tugged on my arm, claiming we would be late, if I didn't hurry.

Drake and me walked down the winding staircases the reached to the dungeons. I entered, smiling at my love; he winked carefully before returning to his desk, and scowling to the rest of the class as the filled in.

"Right, wands away, bags away, paper and pen out!" He demanded. I was already sat, ready to write the instructions that I already knew off the top of my head. I waited carefully for Severus to begin writing the instructions; I copied the instructions in my swirly script.

I saw Ron elbow Harry and they sat there not writing anything down, even though I could see Harry wanted to. Drake also noticed and smirked at me. "Professor Snape" he called out.
Without turning round Severus replied. "Yes Draco"
"Potter and Weasley aren't writing this down, sir" Severus turned round slowly.
"I have a question Professor" Ron states, I continue writing.
"Yes…"Severus says looking bored already.
Harry gulps. "Actually, don't worry Professor, I worked it out"
Severus scoffs.

He turns back and continues writing, at this point I'm already around about four steps ahead. I finish writing up the method and sit quietly waiting. "Cal, why aren't you writing?" Drake asks.
"I've finished them; I went through them with Severus yesterday."

Once everyone had finished writing the method up, Severus paired us up and we made the potion.

That evening Severus came and collected me and he looked quite pale. "We need to go and see the headmaster" I nod, already knowing why this needs to be done, my father wants me there tonight, and Severus needs the old man's permission.
"When he tells you, act scared, nervous, shocked Surprised. Like before tell him, that, that you just want to help, you just wanna help like I do."

I nod, "I understand."

Severus knocks on the old man's door. We are told to enter.
"Ahh, Miss LeStrange, Professor Snape. I'm gathering you haven't said anything."
"No Headmaster"
"Am I in trouble sir?" I ask acting the innocent little girl.
"As we discussed earlier, your father has returned." I nod.
I drop my gaze to the floor, "I-i-I had no idea professor."

Severus grunts in pain.
"Professor Snape, what's wrong?" I ask.
"He's calling us Headmaster, please, can I take Caitlyn, and he-he wants to see her" Severus grunts out in pain.
"Take me where?"
"Your father, wants you at the death eaters meeting."
"She's too young Severus." Dumbledore says.
"Professor, I came to your meeting and I really want to help, I owe it to you, and the others, please" I say softly, looking up at the older man, biting my lip.
"Okay, you may go Caitlyn and like professor Snape, you will bring me information."

I smile. "Of course professor!"
"Return to me, when your back" He says to Severus, who simply nods.
"Thank you for letting me help Professor Dumbledore" I say as Severus leads me out of the headmaster's office and down to his quarters.

He holds me to him tightly as we apparate to Malfoy Manor. When we land Severus bows to my father and stands with Uncle Lucius. I rush up to my father, and hug him tightly, "Hello father"
"Hello precious" he whispers and holds me tightly.

When we break apart I stand beside him as the rest of the people appear and take their place. Father is making small talk with Uncle Lucius and Severus. I hear they are talking about me, and how I got Dumbledore to let me come. When the last Death eater arrives father starts.

"My followers. I bring fortunate news. There has been another mass escape from Azkaban with the help of Lucius Malfoy, some of my loyal followers are returned. Out you come…." Father reels off names but I fade out, staring at the first face that comes into the light…

"M-Mom" I say quietly. No one hears me, yet they hear her…
"Caitlyn" she says at the same time.

I shut my eyes. "Mom" I say again, wanting to run out of the circle and embrace my mother, I see myself in her, she looks so much better then when I last spoke to her through the mirror. I see Aunt Cissa beside me also almost break down in tears at the sight of her sister.

"Are you ok?" Severus asks, popping into my head.
"Y-yes" I whimper.

I feel a hand on my shoulder which brings me back into the present. "Caitlyn sweetie." It's my father. "You can go to her… she's here, she's real." I look around and see the circle has split, the old returning hero's of my father's will being held, being spoke to, congratulated by the ones that were here, except for my mother.

She was stood there, in the center of what was the circle, staring at me, the way I was staring at her; I feel two hands on my back, shoving me slowly towards her. With each step I feel myself taking, she takes one closer as well. I collapse to my knees in shock and confusion.

I feel a tear rolling down my eye, I see my father in front of me, Severus I feel behind me, Lucius and Cissa with Sev and my mother, kneeling in front of me, worried, smiling but worried.

"Mom" I say louder and she holds her arms out and I just collapse into them.