Title: Five Winrii We'll Never Meet

Author: S J Smith

Rating: K

Written for: The Live Journal Community, DramaDramaDuck, for the A.U. prompt.

Summary: Winry in five different A.U. settings. No pairings.

Disclaimer: Arakawa owns all and isn't letting me sublease anyone!

A.N.: It was decided, after a comment I made last year, that "Winrii" is the plural of "Winry." Hence the title.

rock band scenario: Playing for Pay

"Check check." Winry glanced stage right, making sure the tech was paying attention. She got a thumb's up and spoke into the mike again. "Test. Teeeeest."

It was hard to keep from jumping up and down. This was the first time the band was playing for pay and containing her excitement was difficult. She didn't know how the guys were handling it, but they seemed to be taking it a lot more casually than she was.

"Tessssst," she said into the mike, looking sideways again.

The thumb's up was making her smile. The whole night was making her smile. They'd rock this little bar all the way to the stars tonight.