"Hmm….." Kallen wondered. "It can't be! Nope! Lelouch absolutely cannot be Zero! He's too weak to be Zero! But then again, Zero does absolutely nothing but give orders! So, could it be?" Kallen had just saw Suzaku split Zero's mask with a bullet and saw what appeared to be Lelouch Lamperouge's face. She was beginning to suspect that Zero was in fact Lelouch. But the questions she had been asking herself since the time she got back to Ashford Academy were totally unanswerable. The, she finally decide that she would uncover the truth.

Kallen snuck into the home of Lelouch through the window of his apartment in Ashford Academy. It just happened then that Sayoko was asleep at the point of time Kallen "broke in" in to the apartment. She ransacked Lelouch's cupboard trying to find a Zero suit that would prove that Lelouch was Zero. She actually hoped to find nothing though as that would prove that his friend was not the masked terrorist Zero that aims to destroy Britannia. "Holy god! What the hell is this!" She screamed while lifting up a pair of dirty white panties that smelled of Pizza. "Ewww…." cried Kallen. She hated Pizza. There was also a stain of blood on the cloth. "Oh my god! Don't tell me Lelouch is Bisexual! This explains why he is so horny around Suzaku! Although this doesn't prove Lelouch is Zero, it proves Lelouch is in fact a Bisexual! How, Kallen Kozuki! How could you ever fall in love with a Bisexual!" Kallen cried.

All this noise Kallen was making made C.C. come out of the bathroom. "Who the hell is there making so much noise! Oh my gosh! Don't tell me it's the Pizza Delivery guy! God, I gotta get outta here and get my Pizza! Kallen's heart skipped a beat when she heard this. "Oh no!" she thought. "C.C. has heard me! What do I do! What do I do!"