Marguerita had become the mate of Tugger and so a True Jellicle's Princess. Munkustrap and Demeter succeeded into have their kit. They were freed from Macavity by an unexpected help...all seemed to be peaceful and happy... but it will last? What's about the Prophecy? Why Old Deuteronomy and the Elders are so worried? And why are the Elven and Goblins involved too?

Here the sequel to The Chosen and Two Words

Jellicles Empire's Capital

Royal Palace

Medical Warehouse

Munkustrap sat near Marguerita.

The human girl was dividing some drain herbs on a table.

She had asked to be useful and was a lot surprised when she discovered it wasn't so strange for royalty to help with labor as storage or hunting for food.

The Jellicles didn't take animals in captivity for food.

They liked much to hunt their prey in a loyal struggle.

And they collected vegetables and herbs in the forest or in some well cured fields.

"Everything alright?" he asked as Smash, the housecat of Marguerita, jumped on his kneels.

The black cat started to purr and rubbed his head against Munkustrap's chest.

Marguerita smiled looking away from her work.

"Yes, fine" she replied "it isn't too complicate"

Munkustrap looked down to the pile she was doing.

She was working in an amazing way.

"You are doing a very good job! Neither my mother Jelly could do it more well!" he replied.

Marguerita blushed.

She knew that the Royal Consort Jellylorum was responsible of medical storage and medical supplies both for the True Jellicle's tribe and the other shifting cats tribes.

The other Royal Consort Exotica was responsible for food storage and supplies for the True Jellicles and for some kind of supplies even for all the other tribes.

Empress Grizabella was in charge of diplomatic relationships with the other tribes and other beings.

And they did their job with a very high quality.

"My grandma taught me" she explained "I was little but I loved being with her. She taught me all I know of herbs and medicaments"

Munkustrap nodded and looked as his sister in law went on her work.

She was really beautiful and very clever.

She had adapted very fast to their civilization, much more technologically advanced than hers.

"Margue" he started.

The girl stopped and turned to face him again.

Munkustrap looked for the right words rubbing Smash's neck.

"Now that you are one of us" he continued "Old Deuteronomy think you should know more about us"

"Nice picture!" said a voice behind them.

They both jumped and turned to see a chuckling Tugger approaching.

He sat near his mate and kissed her.

He smiled amused to his brother.

Marguerita stroked her face against his cheek.

Munkustrap noticed it.

Since Marguerita and Tugger had mated she has become much more like a jellicle.

Yes, his father was right.

It was time that Marguerita would know everything about their world.

"I'm explaining to Marguerita our... peculiarities" Munkustrap emphasized the last word.

Tugger got the message and tensed.

Marguerita sensed something was in the air and looked up to them.

She first looked at them perplexed, then annoyed and at the end worried.

"Alright" she said "what are you hiding?"

"You are going to become a frog and I have to kiss you?" she asked Tugger.

Tugger looked horrified to her but Munkustrap laughed.

He has recognized the human fable.

"No, don't worry" he assured her "Tugger was already a frog!"

Tugger looked scathingly at him.

"I want to tell you what the True Jellicles are" he said "and why we are the ruling tribe"

Marguerita looked at him, completely intrigued.

"You already know that we can shift into housecat form, and like cats we can see in the dark"

"We can bite, and our bite is worse than a bark" added Tugger

"And you are blind when you are born" continued Marguerita.

She had studied with Jenny and Jelly the Jellicle's physiology and anatomy.

They had a very high sense of balance, if they fall on their head they land on their feet.

As she had see it with her own eyes when Pouncival and Etcetera had fall from a balcony during a fight play.

They can sense when a storm was in the air and they always could find their way blind when they were lost.

"And you can use magic" she said.

Munkustarp nodded.

"So in what you are different from the other tribes?" she asked "because that's the point? Isn't it?"

Tugger nodded and looked at his brother

"Yeah, we are different by... magic" he replied.

"Magic?" asked Marguerita perplexed "I thought that all the Jellicles can do magic"
"Yes but we, the True Jellicles, are much more powerful" explained Munkustrap.

"A lot of us have some Everlasting Cat's gifts and who hasn't them is at least a powerful concentrate of magic its own" added Tugger.

Marguerita nodded trying to put all the information in her head.

She knew that they believed into the Everlasting Cat, a goddess and she had discovered that She wasn't different from her God.

She had also understand that all the Gods of humans are the same, and the same with the Everlasting.

And that She wasn't really a she or a he. She was the beginning.

Marguerita was a little shocked when she found that Cassandra, Coricopat and Tantomille could really listen her and that sometimes She spook through them.

And that Old Deuteronomy could even speak with Her.

"All the Jellicles can use magic or accumulate a big amount of magical energy in order to subvert natural laws" explained Munkustrap "or be able to return this energy to the Universe"

He looked down as he said the last words.

Then he looked up to into Marguerita's eyes.

The girl was letteraly on his every words. She was taught that Earth was a planet, that there are a lot of planet in the Universe.

She had grasped the idea of Universe, indeed.

Skimble was teaching her some astronomy and had found her very responsive to the new informations she get through the lessons.

And it was extraordinary considering that the mayor of the humans still believed that the Earth was plat and that was the Sun to turn around it!

She said she had suspected that earth was a globe and that it turned around the sun looking into the sky, daily and nightly.

Munkustrap looked into her eyes, she was really an extraordinary woman.

"But only a True Jellicle can do all three" he said "use magic, accumulate, and return it. And have a gift"

Tugger caressed Marugerita's side, like he did when he was nervous.

"And what about me?" asked Marguerita.

Munkustrap looked at her and smiled.

She was indeed very perceptive!

"When you mated with Tugger, you... had become a True Jellicles in every way" he said

He looked at her.
"You remembered what you had felt when you mated?" he asked.

Marguerita blushed and rested on Tugger chest.

Munkustrap smiled kindly realizing her embarrass.

"Your powers increased, didn't them?" he asked.

She nodded.

"And I became immortal too" she added "Tantomille, Demeter and Grizabella had already explained to me"

She looked to Tugger her eyes full of love.

"I gave him part of myself as he did to me"

"Yes" Munkustrap smiled "and Tugger gained some of your sensibility and some of your balance"

Tugger snorted for the some but didn't replied.

"But almost none had expected that you would become a True Jellicle"

Munkustrap hid a smile when he sow the girl reached for her hears and the top of her head.

"Sorry" she said "no cat's hears"

Tugger laughed openly and kissed her.

Munkustrap chuckled.

"I don't mean you have become a jellicle in the body, you can't" he added.

Marguerita smiled.

She loved the Jellicles, she loved her mate's body. Oh how she loved it!

But she loved her body too. And she knew that Tugger too loved it.

"You became a True Jellicle by the magic" explained Tugger.

"And you may have to attend to the giving back ceremony, too" added Munkustrap

"Sorry?" asked Marguerita confused

"Don't worry" Tugger reassuerd her "it is for the empire's sake and it isn't difficult or dangerous"

"And we will have the help of the tribe, for the most part of them" he added.

"And for the others? The ones without the tribe?" asked Marguerita.

Munkustrap sighed.

She had to know the truth.

He looked to Tugger then to Marguerita.

"They will be wearing, I can't lie" he replied "you will feel exausted after, as you had run for three day without sleeping"

Marguerita shivered.

"But it will left on you a sensation of... right and satisfaction" continued Munkustrap.

Munkustrap let her some moments to get all the informations he gave her.

"I'm sorry" he added "none had any idea of what would happened, so we couldn't warn you before"

He felt really sorry for her, like he hadn't be honest to her.

"Don't worry" Marguerita reassured him.

She bowed her head back and kissed Tugger.

"Be forever with Tugger paid me off everything" she said.

Munkustrap smiled happily.

"Do you mind if I introduce you to our politics?" asked Munkustrap.

Marguerita shook her head, she was intrigued.

"You already know that there are a lot of Jellicle's tribes, like the russian..." explained Munkustrap.

"The ones obsessed with bethraial?" she asked.

Munkustrap glared at Tugger but his brother chuckled.

"Yes dear" answered Tugger.

Munkustrap sighed and rolled his eyes but said nothing.

"We, the True Jellicles, have the duty to deal with every problem between the tribes and guaranteed the peace between the Jellicles" he continued.

"And when Old Deuteronomy would left the throne, Alonzo will become the High Adviser, Coriopat or Tantomille would take Alonzo's place as Second Commander of the Protectors and Tugger wil become the Leader of the Protectors" he explained.

"And Munk will be our next Emperor" added Tugger.

Marguerita hold her breath.

"And what I..." she began.

"You will have to take Jellylorum's duty while Demeter will become Empress and Coricopat or Tantomille will take Exotica's duty" replied Munkustrap.

Marguerita opened wide her mouth.

"I have to be like a Royal Consort?" she asked.

"Well since I don't feel me and Demeter will have other mates...I'm sorry you will take some more duty beyond being the...Leader of Healers like you will be after Jenny"

He smiled as she blushed.

Jellylorum and Jenny had stated that Marguerita has the Everlasting's gift of healing and Jenny had indicated her as her heir.

"But don't worry now" added Tugger embracing her form behind.

"Yeah it will pass more then thousand centuries before Father or the others will be too tired to rule" assured Munkustrap.

Marguerita relaxed.

"Oh, well" she said relieved "so I'll have time to be ready and do my best"

Munkustrap looked proud of her and nodded.

She was concerned to not be at the level with her future role, she was worrying for her new people more than herself.

Like a true Jellicle's Princess.

"For now we have our duty to run out" he said

"And you have to be a Jellicle's Princess and attend to every ceremony we do" he added.

Marguerita nodded.

She had some hard time to adapted her mind into thinking she will have centuries of time at her disposal.

"But there is still a thing I don't understand" she admitted.

"Speak freely" said Munkustrap.

"To be a True Jellilces you have to be born from a True Jellicles or every Jellicles could be True?" she asked.

"A kit born from a True Jellicle is a True himself, but sometimes a kit with True Jellicle's power can be born outside this tribe" explained Munkustrap.

"Usually Cassandra or the other priests or priestesses detected the kit and we invited the kit and his or her family into the Capital, in order to educated the kit to deal with his/her power" added Tugger.

Marguerita nodded.

"How many tribes there are?" she asked.

"Thirty" replied Munkustrap "and everyone with their own rulers and different type of governments"

"They could elected their leader from the kits of the former leader or among the tribe" he said.

"And you made no distinction by sex" added Marguerita

"Why this would make difference? Male or Female we choose our best leader to reign" replied Munkustrap.
"Except for the Emperor" added Marguerita "it was an hereditary position, why?"

"Because being the Emperor of the Jellicles means take care of all the tribes, solve their conflicts and problems, cure their wounds and help them in everything. Every Jellicle's leader would ask for advice to the Emperor and his Council. And you have to be raised from birth to take this role" explained Munkustrap.

At every words he said he felt their weight.

"So every tribe has its own ruler" said Marguerita

"Yes but the laws are all the same for all the tribes" added Tugger "and they are made by the Emperor, the Royal Consorts and the Council"

"And the Council is made up by the delegations from every tribe plus all the adult True Jellicles" explained Munkustrap

"So we have to be diplomatic with all the tribes and doing ceremonies to them, to keep the Jellicles united" said Marguerita understanding.

Munkustrap nodded.

"And there are also the ceremonies with the others beings" added Tugger looking to Munkustrap.

"Other beings?" asked Marugerita "Humans?"

She had thought that they had to be hide from the humans.

Munkustrap and Tugger exchanged a look.

"There are other two Worlds, Marguerita" explained Munkustrap "there are Jellicles, Humans...and Elves and Goblins"

Marguerita starred at them.

They weren't kidding, they were so serious!

"They are real?" she asked.

"Yes, baby" replied Tugger caressing her cheek.

"And they are with pointed hears?" she asked

"Yeah, the Elves are like you humans but more thin and with pointed hears" answered Munkustrap.

"And the Goblins?" asked Marguerita.

"They are a multi races people" explained Munkustrap.

Marguerita tilted her head aside, perplexed.

She really looked like a cat!

"They included Pixie, Brownie, Dwarf, Fairy, Gremlin, Pukwudgie, Kobold, Troll, Redcap and Beasts" explained Munkustrap.

Marguerita shook her head.

"Ok so there are four Worlds, Jellicles, Humans, Elves and Goblins" she summarized

"And they were connected all by portals? Like Humans and Jellicles Worlds?" she asked.

"Indeed" answered Munkustrap

"Ok I think I understand" said Marguerita "or at least I hope"

She smiled at the two toms and put the last herbs together.

"I promise I'll do my best to be a good Jellicle's Princess" she said.

Munkustrap nodded.

"I know" he replied.

Tugger smiled and stood up.

"Munk" he called "it's time to have some training"

Munkustap nodded and stood up.

The two toms started to walk out the room while their hears picked up a thump.

They turned to see Marguerita on her feet.

A basket full of herbs was on the ground but the girl wasn't concerned.

She simply didn't see it.

She staggered and almost fell on the ground.

Tugger was quickly to grab her unconscious body.

"Margue!" called Tugger.

While his mate didn't replied he looked terrorized to his oldest brother.

"We have to take her to Jenny" said Munkustrap.

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