Goblin Kingdom

Into the Labyrinth

Munkustrap walked into the corridor lighting the way with his torch.

Demeter looked up to see a lot of engraving on the walls.

Tugger and Marguerita entered into a larger path and they all hold their breaths in amazement.

The looked up, all the vault was full of sparkling stones, set into the rock, like stars into the night sky.

"What a strange place" Demeter said.

Marguerita looked at the sparkling stones and couldn't help but think that it was a beautiful place, full of harmony and charm.

If it wasn't for what had just happened she would be in peace with herself in that place, her worries about the safety of her baby, about all her new family, washed away by the beauty of that place.

"It was amazing" Tugger said looking at the rocks walls "I never knew there were sparkling stone elsewhere than..." he stopped and, under his fur, he paled.

"What is?" asked Marguerita feeling her throat tightening anxiously.

Tugger looked at Munkustrap, Skimbleshanks and Knok, then both him and Munkustrap took their mates by their waist and led them away from the walls.

"What?" asked Demeter shaking herself from her dreamy state.

She looked up to Munkustrap a bit confused while Marguerita looked at Tugger, demanding for some answers. Tugger looked at her, then at the walls and shivered a bit.

"There is a place, called the 'World between' where the entrance and the main all is said to be a sky into the earth, under the soil" he explained.

Marguerita didn't understand but something made her shiver, she caressed her belly, feeling the baby kicking, and took a deep breath.

"What is the 'World between'?" she asked.

"The world between Life and Death" replied Skimbleshanks moving near her to look at the walls.

Marguerita paled and pressed herself against Tugger, she was beginning to not like that place so much after all...

Skimbleshanks was concentrated onto the walls and, apparently, didn't notice her reaction as he went on.

"Stories said that who walked under that underground's sky would be blessed or damned" he continued.

"And who choose the blessed and the damned ones?" asked Demeter who was into Munkustrap's arms.

Skimbleshanks turned to look at her and sighed.
"None know" he replied "because none has come out to tell"

There was a moment of silence then Knok moved and used his own torch to look forward into the corridor.
"We are into King Jareth's Kingdom, we have to reach the castle and ask his help" he remembered them.

Munkustrap nodded and took a deep breath before letting Demeter go and moving near the older tom.

"Ok lets go" he said.

He began to feel damned, damned to say that sentence forever as his fellows slowly disappeared into that damned place!

They walked for a while and Tugger had to grab first Marguerita then Knok preventing them to fell into two different gorge that hoped without any notice.

Marguerita was felling tired but didn't dare to tell, she even was trying to concealed it to Tugger but it was useless as she could see when silently Tugger passed an harm around her waist and helped her to walk.

She was so tired that she didn't protested but, instead, she gladly accepted her mate's help.

Soon something caught her eyes and her heart jumped of joy.

"Look!" she pointed at the end of the corridor where she had spotted some light, sun light!

Without thinking she moved away from Tugger and began to run towards it.

"Margue!" called Tugger and the others.

But she failed to heard the worries into their voices and took it as happy ones that made her turn, while running, only to see they were trying to catch her.

Munkustrap was the first to reach her and to grab her. He hold her against his chest as his ears were moving, trying to catch something. The others had stopped and were doing the same, Marguerita hissed to herself, cursing her lower hearing, she couldn't hear nothing.

Suddenly Konk and Skimbleshanks jumped against them and Marguerita found herself pushed onto the ground, in front of her, together with Munkustrap. She managed to turn just in time to see a trapdoor opening under Knok and Skimbleshanks, just where she and Munkustrap had been, and the two toms disappeared into it.

"NO!" the others yelled and Marguerita felt her eyes feeling with tears.

"No, no, no" she began to sob almost hysterically.

Tugger was immediately at her side and embraced her, trying to calm her down.

Demeter reached Munkustrap and knelt at his side. She had her eyes full of tears and was caressing an almost shocked Munkustrap.

They starred at the floor where the trapdoor had opened and now was not there... and they weren't able to move for a while.

Then Munkustrap looked up at the sparkling stars and starred at them.
"Ones would be blessed, others damned" Marguerita said looking at the star like stoned too.

Munkustrap looked at her then shook himself from the shock... he had to react. They all have to react.

Konk and Skimbleshanks hadn't scarified themselves for having them just sat and starring at the roof.

"Lets found that castle" he said standing up.

He offered an hand to Demeter who looked at him with big and waiting eyes, he smiled at her.
"They are waiting for our help, we have to go" he said helping her up.

Tugger looked at his brother and nodded, then he rose up to and helped Marguerita to do the same.

The four shared a look full of newfound force then they moved froward.

They began to run, searching for the exit.

Turning around a corner Tugger almost fell into the void if it wasn't for Munkustrap who grabbed him and prevent him to fell.

Once again they saw the light and tried to reach it but stones began to fell from the roof, even if it was plate and no rocks could fell from it...

They avoid the rocks, zigzagging among the falling stones, and finally they reached the light.

Marguerita felt the warm of the rays, the light caress of the day and she cried out of relief when her foots touched tender grass instead of stone.

"We are out" Demeter whispered as she wasn't daring to say it too loud.

They looked around, trying to figure out where they were.

Their path had took them into a little cleaning, surrounded by a tight forest of trees. Five steps separated them from the nearest tree and none was there.

Or this is what they thought until an arrow almost hit Tugger's left ear and crashed against the rocks behind them.

"Intruders!" yelled a voice from the woods.

"Hey wait!" exclaimed Tugger, but more other arrows replied to him.

Marguerita grabbed his arm and they all began to run away.

"But we are not intruders!" Tugger almost yelled.

"Do you want to stop and tell them?" Munkustrap said nodding behind them.

Both Tugger and Marguerita dared to look behind and what they saw wasn't what they hoped to see.

An huge army of goblin, orcs and other big and strange creatures, most of them covered by very long and multicolored furs, was running after them, heavy armed.

Tugger turned and shook his head.
"I don't think they would like" he said.

Next time on Fan fiction:

Marguerita looked up and paled seeing the huge walls that surrounded the city.

The army was quite near them, they could hear the clangor of the weapons, the yells and the sounds of heavy steps coming from the woods very nearly.

The doors seemed very strong, nothing could help them into opening them... and they didn't even know if that was the right city!

Suddenly the doors opened by themselves and slammed against the walls with a loud stung.
"Oh no, what else now?" said Marguerita with a little voice.