This is my first attempt in writing a fanfic. Naruto gains Kyoka Suigetsu. What will he do with it?


Chapter One, A New Power.

Alone…lost and forgotten. Bleeding to death on a bridge and yet nobody cares. Had he lived a full life? Even though he received glares, he was ill-treated and abandoned, maybe he managed to find that speck of happiness and light in that abysmal darkness. This darkness just happens to the Kyuubi. However, the light was just as strong. Though he didn't realize up till now, there were some who cared. Memories of the past and of his friends flashed before his eyes. Kiba, Chouji, Shikamaru and Shino, maybe he would miss them. Then a very warm settling memory appeared, Hinata. At death's door, in his final moments, he started to think maybe she liked him, and maybe he felt the same way too. No matter, at least someone wanted him. He could die happy.

He thought in his heart, "Good bye everyone. I'm sorry, Hinata."

Just then a voice called out, "Do you wish to live, boy?"

"Who are you?"

"I am the spirit that was forged through yours. The embodiment of your feelings, your longing to be recognized. The ability to shatter the cruel reality that you were forced to live in. Your guidance, your power and most importantly, your friend. My name is Kyoka Suigetsu( Mirror Flower, Water Moon.)"

"Kyoka Suigetsu? Where have you been? What do you mean exactly? I don't understand! Can you save me?"

"So you can hear my name. If that's the case…Boy! Your second chance has arrived! Awaken! Take my blade and do what you will! Defend your honor and my pride. Show those who stand in the way our strength. Together we will carve our names into history. GO!"

Wave Country, The Unfinished Bridge.

With that, the boy rose. Naruto stood in the midst of an ice mirror dome, clutching a long katana with a green hilt. His wounds from before were closed up. He wore a black kimono and a white haori over it. Unlike his Kyuubi's chakra rage from before, he appeared calm and still. Time seemed to freeze around him, almost as if the dead had risen, oh and he did just that. The boy who wore the mask and resided in the mirror look startled. He thought to himself, "After subduing him and that potent chakra, he still rises? What the fuck? No matter, I shall strike him down once more."

Naruto grunted and proclaimed, "Oi, Sasuke-sama, if your Uchiha pride has died out and you can't deal with the enemy, than the dead-last is going to battle and leaving behind."

Tired of waiting, Haku rained senbon needles upon Naruto, hoping to take him out quickly. Just as the attack was attack was about to connect, he disappeared from sight. At least that's what masked boy thought. Rather, he moved at supersonic speed that would make Gai proud. Half a second later, Naruto appeared outside the collection of ice mirrors, his back turned to the enemy.

Baffled, Haku thought to himself, "What just happened? He was there a moment ago and…" At that very moment, every single mirror shattered. Haku stumbled towards Naruto, hoping to finish off the enemy while disregarding the multiple cuts on his body.

Naruto spoke over his shoulder and said, "I have no wish to kill you, stand down and I may yet spare your life."

Haku muttered out under his breath, "Zabuza-sama, I have failed you. I am a broken tool and a lost cause. Let me fulfill my purpose, even at the last moments of my life." He charged forward at Naruto. Though he lacked the intent to kill, he had the intention to die.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at his opponent. He shed a tear before calling out to the heavens, "Way of destruction, White lightning." From his finger, a streaking light leaped across the air and pierced through Haku's heart. The boy collapsed on the ground, having seen his final moments in life. The Jinchuukri kneeled down beside him and said, "You were a valiant warrior, find peace in your next life." Just then, Kakashi impaled Zabuza in the chest. Blood dribbled down the side of his mouth. He had fought his last battle. As he fell down to the ground, he spotted Haku's motionless body and thought to himself, "I'm sorry I made you think you were a tool. Somehow, I look at you like a son. At least, now I can join you in the afterlife. You have bested me Copy Ninja. But I thank you for bringing me my salvation." And with that he blacked out. Kakashi, who suffered from chakra exhaustion also collapsed on the ground.

Suddenly, a midget wearing an expensive looking suit arrived with a large gang of thugs. Sasuke managed to muster the energy to open his eyes and was terrified by what he saw. Men armed to the teeth, and worst of all there were numerous of them. Kakashi was lying prone on the ground. Sakura was no use. He himself was void of energy to move. When he thought all hope was lost, a blurry orange appeared in front of him. "Dobe! What the hell is he doing!" From his diminished hearing, he could make out what Naruto shouted, "Way of Destruction, Orchid Sky!" A burst of air spiraled outwards like a vertical tornado towards Gato and his gang. It was so intense that Sasuke felt the back lash from the attack. When the tornado connected, all he could see were bodies that were scattered everywhere. He felt anger and jealousy in his heart, "Where the hell did the dobe get this power? I must get it from him! I…" Darkness clouded his mind and soon he lost consciousness.

At that point of time, the army that Inari gathered arrived at the bridged and saw the massive slaughter. Men were battered, bloodied or floating on the water's surface. On one of the houses was Gato's corpse. It took a moment to sink in, but when the villagers realized what had conspired, the cheered as they finally obtained their freedom. Standing in the midst of the carnage, the boy who wore a black kimono and white haori, who would soon come to be known as Shatter, was the hero who saved them and liberated them from the thumb of the ruthless business man. They quickly gathered around him and praised the boy, thanking their hero.

Wave Country, Tazuna's House.

The whole group of them was chucking bowls of food down their throats, trying to replenish the energy that they expanded from before. All except Sakura and Sasuke who were staring at Naruto Uzumaki, who still donned the attire from before.

Sakura, who was trying to quell her curiosity, asked him, "Oi! Naruto! Why are you wearing those strange clothes! You suddenly got them on the bridge as if out of nowhere! Besides, what's with that strange sword? Since when did you get it? And how were you able to perform those high level jutsus without hand signs?"

Sasuke, who grunted, also asked, "Dobe, give me that power."


"What do you mean no?"

"You can't have it."

"I demand you hand it over!"

"No thanks."

"How dare you deny the last Uchiha!"

Sasuke rushed forward at Naruto. He leaped at him and performed a kick, aiming at his face. Naruto held out his hand and muttered, "Way of Binding, Repulse." A spherical blue ball appeared at his wrist, and Sasuke rammed his leg into it. As he connected, the ball dissipated but not before propelling him through the wall.

Kakashi's eye widened and he thought, "The rasengan? But it didn't appear in his hand neither did Sasuke twirl when he flew. Nothing makes sense these days."

Naruto walked towards Sasuke's crumpled body on the ground. He let out an extreme amount of reisatu , causing everyone in the house to fall on their knees. The emo-boy froze up and couldn't move because of the pressure. Naruto unsheathed his sword and held the sharp end at Sasuke's neck.

"Don't get cocky Uchiha, lest I make sure that Sakura can't get pleasure from you in future. Try that again and I will cut your balls out in front of your fan-girls and slowly stab you to death. Don't even bother approaching the council. I might consider killing them and their supporters if you do."

Having said his piece, Naruto suppressed his reisatu and sat down on his chair, continuing to shove food into his stomach. Scaredy cat just sat there, unable to move. Every strand of hair on his skin stood up, having experienced fear for the second time in his life. "What was that, I felt so…powerless. I couldn't do anything to the dobe. I just froze up. WHERE DID HE GET THAT POWER. I MUST HAVE IT."

Konoha, Team Seven Training Ground.

A pink haired girl, a duck-ass hair boy and a blonde were waiting…for the past couple of hours for their teacher to arrive. When Kakashi appeared in a swirl of leaves, Sakura stood up and yelled at the top of her lungs, "You're late!"

Kakashi gave his trademark wide eye smile and said, "Now listen I have an actual reason this time."


"Oh so I guess you don't want these then." He held out three forms for the Chunnin exams. Naruto took his and disappeared. Startled by this, the Copy Ninja thought to himself, "Where did he learn that? I need to speak to the council about making him teach Sasuke."

Konoha, Council Room.

Naruto stood in the middle of tables that encircled around him. At each of the tables were the council members, one half with the civilian council and one half with the clan heads.

"Naruto Uzumaki, recently you seem to have acquired new powers. We demand you teach Sasuke Uchiha all that you know."


"What do you mean no? He is the last Uchiha and has the right to know!"


"You dare defy the-"

"No. I will not teach him."

"You will teach him and we command you to. There is no alternative in this matter and you cannot refuse!"

Naruto contemplated to himself for a moment before letting out a massive reisatu, causing most of the council members to cower before him, including the fool who dared demand something so ridiculous. In a flash, he disappeared and appeared in front of the council member holding his sword at his neck.

"H-how d-d-dare you do this to m-me. I-I will g-get you for this."

"Do you have a wife."

"So what?"

"She's going to become a widow if you don't shut up."

Naruto sheathed his blade and re-appeared in the center of the room. He spoke in an authoritative voice, "If any of you dares to steal my powers and skills from me, you will meet the tip of my blade. Do not mess with Naruto Uzumaki. I will take my leave if that is all."

Well that's it! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Shatter. Cya.