Summary: the daleks have been loosing soldiers foe a while now but when they find out what is taking them they are in for a fight for the very survival of the dalek race, who will win this great war?

Notes:This is one of my galactic war stories, Daleks VS Necrons the two most genocidal races in any sci-fi universe, I have already chosen which side will win so don't ask for a particular side to win, be sure to read and review

this story will be told in the daleks point of view because they have more dialog than the Necrons,

The Doctor may turn up in later chapters but for now I am focusing on the Necrons and the Daleks,

I will answer questions NOT requests that have been left in the reviews box except of the question of 'who is going to win?' because that would just ruin the story and make sure I haven't already answered a question before you ask yourself.

I will not be putting in the script scenes at the beginning and end of these chapters

To fill in plot there will be Dalek Pariahs as opposed to human Pariahs now on with the show!

Daleks VS Necrons;

Chapter one

"SUPREME DALEK! WE WILL BE AT THE LAST KNOWN LOCATION OF PATROLE BETA-ALPHA-40953 IN 100 RELLS! INSTRUCTIONS REQUESTED!" said a Dalek at one of the many monitoring instruments onboard the Dalek attack cruiser.

"SEND OUT TASKFORCE OMEGA-GAMMA-19430 TO FIND ANY SIGHN OF THEM!" the Supreme Dalek ordered, he would be feeling annoyed if he truly felt that emotion, but he did not so he just went back to reviewing the data of the recording that came from one of the members of the missing patrol.

In the data

The Patrol had gone into the forest of this world, the outpost they had been assigned to had been loosing contact with multiple dalek signatures. The missing signatures were becoming a big problem because nearly half of the world's garrison was now missing.

The first 4000 rells had gone with no problems but then the patrol was attacked.

They came out of no where, skeletal constructs made out of some kind of never before seen metal with green glowing eyes and some kind of glowing weapon.

One of the skeletal construct's weapons had completely obliterated the lead Dalek, and they returned fire but the Daleks's weapons had little to non effect on these 'machines'. The most bizarre thing was that the Daleks were unable to adapt to this new kind of weaponry, it seamed to ignore the shields altogether and just flayed the Dalekanium from the outer armor and tore the lump of life apart on the sub-atomic level.

There was nothing left of the recorder Dalek's escorts but the recorder kept on fighting even though his armor was being torn apart by the green energy weapons as well.

Out of data

There was no more information than that; the Supreme Dalek assumed the planet compromised, but before they destroyed the planet the Supreme Dalek wanted to obtain one of these beings for study so he was leading a lone assault craft with one thousand Daleks onboard.

Back in the Supreme Dalek's train of thought he was thinking; 'what are these beings, they must be really advanced if they are capable of defeating even a small group of Daleks with such ease. The Daleks are the supreme beings! We must learn how to combat these new opponents effectively, we will need to, and this may even give the Daleks the edge we need for victory over the Mavellons after this logical impasse is overcome the Daleks will wage our war on the rest of the universe!'

If he was saying this out loud, those around him would mistake his tone for one of glory or pride. A pitiful emotion; that is why they, the Daleks were the superior beings because they had removed all emotions except for hate, hence making them totally ruthless. But little do they know that the Necrons have already done this long before the Kaleds evolved, (or their planet Skaro existed)

In the mean time the ship had landed in a clearing of sufficient size, "ALL DALEKS ASSEMBLE AT THE FRONT OF THE SHIP IN 600 RELLS!" he ordered and went to the ship's front in order to address them.


With the taskforce the Supreme Dalek had sent out earlier while the craft was still flying, they had reached the last known location of the patrol. There were no remains of anything there no Dalek shells or innards; only the scorched earth that was left after the fire fight. Well that and some of the grass was bent over in the kind of way that a trail is made by Dalek hover devices. "ALL DALEKS FOLLOW ME!" ordered the black commander "WE OBEY!" the others said in unison and they began to follow their leader through the conifers of the forest.

After a while they came to an opening in the opening was a sight of complete bizarreness; two buildings, that resembled temples of some of the old races but with a glowing green portal where the door would be (they're Monoliths from the codex), these constructs were hovering of the ground in a manner that the Daleks had never seen before, and they were churning out those metallic warriors that had so easily destroyed Dalek units. There was however, one of these warriors whom looked somewhat different, he wore a cape of blackness, and carried a glowing green orb and what looked like a staff but at the end was a rod of glowing green energy like the main soldiers weapons, this energy looked like it was being siphoned into the blade that encompasses the energy. The blade itself made the very light around it bend to its power. (it's a Necron lord with war-scythe and resurrection orb)

The most unnerving (if you can say that for Daleks) sight was; where the tracks of the Dalek leads up to was what resembled a Dalek but there were differences that made it seem completely different like the light at the end of the eye stalk, it was glowing green! And the weapons had been replaced with the strange weapons that the foot soldiers held, the whole thing was completely silver in colour and had three blade like attachments in the same place the Supreme Dalek had his armor reinforcements.

There were ten of them, the same number as there was Daleks in the patrol.

After some well thought out calculations the commander said to his subordinates "WE MUST INFORM THE SUPREME DALEK!"