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Supreme Dalek: EXTERMINATE!

The Harbinger: Death to the living

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Daleks VS Necrons

Chapter: 8

A planet sized space craft had appeared out of hyperspace with a flash. It was 100,000 times the size of Skaro and was bristling with weapons platforms and docking ports.

The Supreme Dalek was now awed; he'd never seen such an engineering achievement. But that was not going to last. He turned to the communications device on the wall and it turned on, on the other side was another Dalek. "IS THE OMEGA CANNON READY FOR FIRING!" he demanded. The Omega Cannon was a massive weapon that was built into the planet-fortress. It uses the ultimate form of explosive to destroy everything it hits. That explosive was Anti-Matter, magnetically contained Anti-Matter, enough to destroy a planet. They were originally going to use it during the invasion of the eye of terror in order to destroy the 'Planet Killer' the most feared vessel through out the cosmos. But that plan has been officially scraped; it was now for use against this world engine.

"THE OMEGA CANNON IS AT FULL POWER, BUT THE TARGETING SYSTEMS NEED TO BE RESET!" answered an operator while readjusting the targeting array.

Out side the most epic space battle since that of the Humans and covenant over earth was taking place. The small agile Dalek ships and the colossal lumbering Necron ships were going at it like it was the last time they may ever fight, and for many of them, it was.

The Explosions and flashes of light were bright enough to be seen on the other side of the galaxy. Yes the people on board the Mavellon ships could see the flashes of light on their sensors. The Doctor was watching the flashes with great interest, "Can we get a visual on the long range scanners?" he asked, and the screen with the long range visual popped up, and the doctor saw true carnage.

Never in his life had he seen such a brutal conflict except during the time war and the war in heaven, where his sister species the Old Ones had fought against the Necrons and his own race had fought against the Daleks. Now the victors of those wars were at war. But as the Doctor saw the carnage he thought of the carnage to come. He knew that for all the Daleks genius and technological advancement, they could never defeat the Necrons, for they had not yet encountered the likes of the C'tan. The C'tan, the reason for the time-lord home defense systems to be capable of fighting gods, it was the only way to keep Gallifrey safe from the clutches of the four remaining C'tan. (Void-Dragon, Night-bringer, Deceiver, and Outcast).

He turned back to the rest of the room's occupants, eyes glazed over. "We have to help the Daleks." that was a sentence that he never thought he'd say.

"That is against protocol." replied Serena. She was acting by accord to her programming, the doctor new that. But he still got angry "We are helping them, because if we let the Daleks fall, the only species capable of standing up to the Necrons in this time period will be destroyed. Now before you ask questions, If this was the 41st millennium, I would let the humans deal with them, and if this were two million years ago, I would let the Eldar and Orks deal with them. But the humans and Eldar are under powered right now and the Orks would never band together across the universe in order to stop them, so it's up to the Daleks to stop them." through out that entire speech, he was able to keep a level head, a marvel only the Eldar are normally able to do when talking about Necrons. The reason for this is that ever since the fall of the Eldar Empire one million years ago, the Craft-world Eldar tried not to show any emotion, for the emotions would fuel the Chaos deities.

Eldrad stepped forward and said, "I will gather what forces I can to face the Necrons from across the main craft-worlds." and then went back to his ship and finally left through the web-way.

Serena also stepped forward; "I will see what I can spare ship wise." she explained and walked off. The Doctor was not only angry, right now, but upset, upset at the carnage that might ensue is the C'tan incarnate of any of the Star-Gods escaped their tombs to feast upon the young races. Then a thought occurred to him, 'why hadn't I thought of that sooner?' he thought then headed back to the TARDIS, and set the co-ordinates to earth, in the UNSC outpost of Britain, one of the more minor instillation, but there was a man who worked there, and that man would be able to give him advice. That man was known as Dr. Stravinsky Yuri, but in the far future he is known by another name, the...

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