Truth or dare, TOS style!
Once upon a time, the famous (or not) authoress, Zelda12343, had a brilliant idea. She was absolutely sick of routine, and was in the meantime working on major chapters for her other stories. She felt very lazy as well, and anyway, the idea was truly brilliant-or terrible.

"AHAHAHA!" She cackled. "I shall start a TOS fanfic that owns all others! It will be a centishot (or 100 chapters) to own all others madness-wise! I can hardly wait to start out! In the meantime, perhaps I had better call those crazy friends of mine."

With that, she used her magical author's powers and whisked herself away to the Enterprise.

Kirk was feeling extremely weird. It was as if someone began possessing him. But before he could tell anyone, he began to speak in a voice that was a fusion of his and Zell's.

"Friends," Kirk/Zell began. "I have decided to subject us all to a Truth-or-dare fic!"

Silence met him/her. Spock stopped his equipment and stared at the Captain. McCoy gasped, "I'm a doctor, not a comedian!" Scotty shook his head and tried to stand up from where he'd been fixing one of the machines, but bumped his head and gave a shout of pain. Uhura gasped and dropped her microphone. Sulu stood up and faced the captain, an incredulous look on his face. Chekov gave a squeak of fright and collapsed, receiving a severe concussion upon contact with the floor.

"Dammit, Jim, can the boy do anything other than hurt his head?" McCoy dragged Chekov to Sick Bay. "Voyage Home, Wrath of Khan, Day of the Dove, to name a few!"

"Well, anyway," Kirk/Zell continued, "This'll include OCs, main characters, and random crewmembers. Sorry if any redshirts are harmed in the process. And finally, no real slash. No controversy will be created here!"
With that, Zell stopped possessing the captain and spoke on her own.

"Let the madness begin!" she shouted.

"Why are you here?" Spock asked.

"Someone needs to oversee this joint, don't they?" Zell replied with a smile. When the characters looked at her blankly, she shouted "WELL, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? WE'VE GOT REVIEWS ON THE WAY, DON'T WE?"

The crew jumped to attention and followed Zell's lead, staring in a creepy manner at the readers, chanting "Review... Review... Review..."

All of them did except for Spock, who just raised his eyebrow at his fellow crewmemembers and walked out.

Author's note: Other rules that Kirk and I didn't cover include:

The dares must be rated T or lower! There will be no M-rated dares!

Come to think of it, there will be no M-rated truths either.

There will be few yaoi or yuri-related truths. I do not want to create controversy, so this will just stay off it.

Yaoi or yuri-related dares are allowed as long as they are not serious ones.

I will do a minimum of five dares and five truths per chapter.

No repeated dares.

Songfic-related are encouraged.

I will be including dares and truths of my own if there is a lag.

Well, then, let's go! Review! Submit your dares! *Stares creepily at readers* Review... Submit your dares... Review...