A Red Alert

"Hi, everyone!" Zell shouted. "Sorry about being gone for so long; I've had life to deal with."

"You're giving me a migraine," Sulu complained. "We liked it better without you, anyway!"

"Tell that to the fans who have been checking in on me!" Zell turned to him menacingly. "Anyways, I have decided that since this is getting to hard to update, I'm discontinuing it."

The authoresses gave shouts of surprise or outrage. Rotten fruit got thrown at Zell from her audience. She just opened a parasol. The characters, however, all sighed in relief.

"That does not mean, however, that TOS Truth or Dare is being discontinued!" she continued. The authoresses just nodded, still looking skeptical. The rotten fruit-throwers stopped. Zell closed her parasol. The characters all gave moans of 'NO!'

"As of this moment, TOS Truth or Dare is being moved to a forum. This way, instead of waiting for updates that usually come late and only once a week, I will be able to respond to each dare more quickly."

"Okay, but still, that might make it harder," pointed out Ladyofthelake13. "Will much change? I would like to see that film I allegedly made."

"I'm getting to that," Zell replied. "Another way that this will be easier is that my friends and awesome supporters the other authoresses will be able to actually do something other than just be in the fic having me write them. Yes, I'll be inviting all three to be fellow moderators if they don't hate me for taking so long on this update." *Insert reaction here*

"Finally, because it is a more complete forum, I will be having several different sections, including one in which dares will be answered, in which we finally get to read Chekov's pink, sparkly diary in its entirety (Chekov turned bright pink), in which we will be watching those fun films, in which we have character bios, and in which we'll be writing challenges." Turning to look at her friends, Zell grinned.

"And guess what the best part is?" she asked, breaking the fourth wall and talking to her mostly female audience. "Unlike TOS Truth or Dare, in which you only get a new rarely and that had an end in sight, this is NEVER going to end! I'll have to die before this ends, and hopefully I'll have other moderators to carry it on if that happens!"

The characters all groaned.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Zell asked with a grin. "Get moving!"

The lights went out.

Suddenly, the lights came back on to reveal a blushing Zell.

"Oops! I forgot to give you lot the forum link! It'll be easier than just going to the forum section, after all! The forum can be found here: http:/forum. fan fiction . net /forum/TOS_Truth_or_Dare/92295/

Just remove the spaces, y'all!"