The Pandorica

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Summary: The Pandorica contains the most feared being in all of creation, yeah? Well...ever heard of the Holy Trinity?

Warning: if you're extremely religious, stay clear of this!

Spoilers: This story is based on the last few scenes of The Pandorica Opens. Spoilers up until there.

Chapter 1

"Plastic Romans. Duplicates. Driven by the Nestene Consciousness, aye? Deep cover. But what for? What are you doing?", the Doctor queried as two of them forcibly led him towards the Pandorica. "What's in there, aye? What's coming out ? You can tell me. Trust me, I am a Doctor."

The foot soldier would not answer, only speaking to state that the "Pandorica is ready". The Doctor did not yet understand; he had not heard it opening, so what could the Duplicate mean. Ready for what? What was hiding in there? What was so important to the Nestene that it would post an entire legion of fake Roman soldiers to wait out here? Was it one of them? Had they been guarding it? No. No, no, no, no, no. If that were it, there wouldn't have been a Cyberman in the Underhenge but the Doctor had already come to the conclusion that it wasn't a Cyberthing in the box, so what was it. What could it possibly be? The most feared being in all the cosmos... and they were walking towards it. They weren't running.

Why weren't they running away from it?

"You have been scanned, assessed, understood. Doctor." In that moment the most terrible voice reached the Doctor's ear, and he turned around to face his mightiest enemy. A Dalek was talking to him. Talking...

Why wasn't he dead yet?

"Scanned?", he replied, the slightest hint of panic in his voice, closing up his wind pipe, "scanned by what, a box?"

But it wasn't the Dalek who answered. Instead a new voice arose by it's side, only a few feet away from the pepper-pot-with-a -fancy-new-paint-job. A flashing light was the harbinger of the Cybermen's appearance.

"Your capacities have been extrapolated."

Then Judoon, Silurans, Sycorax, Zygons, Atraxi and even Sontarans followed. More and more came to see the spectacle.

"The Pandorica is ready," the lead Sontaran announced.

"Ready for what?", the Doctor asked but something told him that he didn't want to know. He had a fairly good idea of what these 'guys' considered to be the most dangerous creature to have ever lived. They were wrong, of course, and at least the Daleks should have known that but nevermind. The Pandorica had been built to contain the worst nightmare of the universe, every universe, and they were all here, all of them.

All the worst nightmares of the universe, and , of course, he himself was their worst nightmare!

"Ready for you!", the lead Dalek's mechanical voice replied. "Ready for the Doctor and his Mistress of Time."

"Miss... what do you mean 'Mistress of Time'? What mistress?", the Doctor demanded, now in full panic mode. He knew. He just felt it. Felt the truth. He knew. The Impossible Truth. They couldn't have, none of them. Not even together.

"The Holy Trinity will be contained for all eternity," the Cyberleader continued.

"Holy... what?" Hadn't they just been talking of two people? Who was this third person?

They couldn't have. They just couldn't. That technology was lost, destroyed in the Time War. Even he had no way of claiming it back.

They couldn't have.

They had.

The front sides of the Pandorica had just slid aside to reveal the Impossible Truth. They had. What had they done? The opened box showed it to contain three seats in it's limited space. Two seats had already been taken, the ones who occupied them held in place by metal bonds placed at strategic points all over their bodies, leaving only the middle seat free for him to be forced on. The plastic duplicates started to drag him further towards the Pandorica again. They seemed to have no difficulties, even though this time the Doctor struggled in earnest. There was no escape, so he tried a different approach. He screamed at them, pleaded with them to let him go, to let him help but they wouldn't listen. They were dead set on believing that he would willingly explode his own TARDIS, the only bit he had left of his home. His Home.

"Please, total event collapse, every sun will supernova, every moment in history... the whole universe will never have existed, please! Listen to me!"

As the Pandorica was sealed, the Doctor continued to plead with them, now joined in by his two inmates who had previously been too stunned to say anything. Still, the horde would not be moved, would not listen to reason, so intent were they on seeing them as the cause of the great danger they were in. It must seem to them like bitter irony; the very people who had thwarted their plans to often, now themselves a threat to all that is good, all that is...

Just all.

The doors slid shut, and still the Doctor screamed.

"Listen to ME!"

His last effort in vain, a moment of silence reigned in their confined space as they kept looking uncertainly from one to the other. The pairs of brown eyes, so similar and yet so different, flitting across the tiny 'room' in search for something they could not put their finger on. So much was said in those few, precious seconds of utter silence: hello; how've you been; good, you; been better; you've changed; no, I haven't, still the same old Doctor, me; still my Doctor?

Of course, the 'conversation' came to an abrupt halt at that question.

"Why does nobody ever listen to me? Do I have a face that nobody listens to, again? And now I'm stuck in the perfect prison. Doesn't let you escape, not even by dying. All of that, just because they wouldn't listen! Why won't they just..."

A huff of frustration and responding eye roll on the Doctors' part led to a big smile on the face of third person, then a chuckle, and then they were laughing like in the old time. Laughing as if nothing had happened, not the Crucible Incident, not bloody Bad Wolf Bay, not Regeneration. Nothing had changed, though nothing was the same.

"Always your Doctor," they whispered together. Not the box she would've expected, but suddenly there is nowhere else she'd rather be even if she's trapped for the rest of time-however long that is considering the universe will never have existed. At least, with the two of them here with her, it's never going to get boring in their little box.

There was a noise, a quiet whirring sound, and suddenly the Pandorica was opening again to reveal a man in Roman clothe, holding the sonic.

"Ah, how come there's the three of you in there?

End of chapter 1!

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