The Pandorica

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Summary: Scenes that might have gone different with Rose there...

Warning: Spoilers

Spoilers: This chapter is based on The Big Bang. Spoilers up until there.

Snippets of Change

The Doctor was examining Amy's body, checking for vitals and/or signs of decay. The universe was speeding up, and with their luck she'd turn into a half-rotten corpse in a matter of minutes. Behind him stood Rory with Rose and his Metacrisis, spouting out questions at awe-inspiring speed.

"Can you do something for her?" Rose asked, and it was her quiet tone that brought him out of his musings.

"She's mostly dead. Not quite..."

"Please, Doctor," Rory pleaded with him, "there has to be something you can do. I... I can't... She can't die here! There must be something..."

He walked a couple of paces away from Plastic Rory.

"Probably if I had the time. Which I don't. Please, Rory, get a little perspective. The entire universe is being unwritten; never existing. Everything, everywhere. Your girlfriend isn't more important that that!", the Doctor taunted, trying to provoke him.

It worked better than he'd hoped for.


And then, 'bang', he felt his head turn sideways at the infamous Tyler slap.


"Amy!" Rory yelled into the empty room before turning to the Doctor again. "Where's she gone?"

"Nowhere. She never existed", the other Doctor answered. "She was never born."

"Neither were Rory or I. Even you, either of you," Rose reminded them.

"Yeah, how come we're still here? Why are we safe?", Amy added.

"We aren't. We're all anomalies," the bow-tie-wearing Doctor started to explain when, suddenly, there was a flash, and suddenly there were two bow-ties in the room.

"Not another one," the human Doctor muttered. "What now?", he added when he noticed that the injured Time Lord was whispering into the other's ear. By all means, they shouldn't even be touching, let alone talk, but seeing as it was the end - or rather the never-beginning – of everything, he supposed that it didn't matter.

"We have to hurry," the Doctor simply said as he laid the other one down. Rose rushed to his side.

"Is he... are you..."

"Dead, yeah. But that isn't our real problem now. Come on."

"I'm staying."


"Don't you 'Rose' me. I don't... I can't believe you're dead, and if you are... how could I leave you?", she asked in an anguished tone. Her eyes were shining with tears when she looked up at them.

"Because there's a Dalek around the corner, and you'd do me no good dying yourself!", the Doctor insisted. She seemed to ponder this for a moment but a look at his limp form had her determination cease to waver.

"I'm staying."

The Doctors exchanged a glance.

"Oh, you stubborn woman. Fine. Rory, John." He snapped his fingers and pointed at her to have her dragged with them. He wasn't about to lose her again.

Especially not needlessly.


"Rule One: The Doctor lies!", River Song announced as she stalked down the stairs and around the corner, seemingly not surprised at not finding the Doctor's lifeless body sprawled across the floor.

Rose's hand twitched, and John inched away from her before she'd decide to use him as a substitute Doctor to slap.

"Rule One Point Five: The Doctor doesn't get away with lying to ME!", she roared.


He was already waiting for them in the Pandorica. Judging by his expression, John assumed the Doctor knew he would get himself slapped for that little stunt earlier if he didn't look so damn pathetic and injured. It didn't matter, in the end. The moment Rose and Amy laid eyes on the Doctor's strained, heaving, sweating form, they rushed to mother him.

The Doctor chuckled.

"I'm fine girls, really. Told you, Rose, didn't I? Perfect prison, this one. Can't even escape it by dying. It keeps me alive."

"What for?", Amy demanded. "What are you planning?"

The Doctor turned to her, smiling.

"Would you give us a moment, Amy, please?" His tone was soft but left no room for arguing. Not that Amy was going to. The Doctor was sick, and if he wanted a few minutes with this Rose he seemed to know so well, that was what he was going to get. She resolved to ask him about her later, though.

"What are you planning?"

"I told you: Big Bang II."

"What does that mean? It's got something to to with the TARDIS, yeah?", she questioned again, and the Doctor wished she hadn't. She didn't want to know. Some truths were better left untold.

"He's going to fly the Pandorica into the heart of the explosion. Give it a moment of infinite power, indeed," her human Doctor answered, taking her hand and squeezing it gently. This was not good. If he felt the need to do that right now...

"He's...", she turned, "you're coming back, right? Right?" Tears were leaking from her eyes. She knew the answer already.

"The universe will be safe. The cracks will close but I'll be on the wrong side I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," he whispered softly to her as she was shaking her head in denial, grasping onto both their hands.

"You can't just leave me again. Not again." She cried in earnest now.

"You won't miss me." He'd said it without wanting to and now she was crying even harder. He laid a hand against her cheek, wiping the tears away. Caressing. "Or maybe you will. Maybe some part of you, deep down, will know something's not right, that someone is missing."

"Let us come with you."

They both turned to the human Doctor in surprise. Apparently it hadn't crossed either of their minds, and the Time Lord was glaring at his Metacrisis for even suggesting such a thing. Now Rose would fight him even more. He turned to her quickly, and told her to forget it. That he'd never let her do that. When she was about to protest, he did some quick thinking and came up with the most stupid idea how to shut her up, ever. He kissed her. His lips were dry and sprung and it wasn't exactly masterful but he felt her pulse quicken and his hearts miss a couple of beats.

"You're coming with me, though, John. So that I can drag you back into existence. Could you get me Amy. I need to talk to her."

"You've got a plan?", the human Doctor queried.

"Of course. I'm the Doctor, after all."

"Well", Rose said, wiping the tears from her face, "if it at least half works like most of your plans, you know where you'll find me."

They looked a little lost.

"Working at Henriks. Try not to blow it up this time." She chuckled. "Oh, and it might help to mention that you can travel in time."

The End

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