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The room was one of the largest America had ever been in, though he had sat in it many times before. In a great crescent was part of the room, with more than a hundred levels, each holding a certain amount of chairs and desks with different country's name tags on the front. There were many country's sitting in the room, those who were able to take time out of their schedule in order to be present for the meeting. In the majority of the other empty desks sat computers, each connected to their country who could not make it in person to such an important event.

Alfred looked around the room, spotting familiar faces as he went. To the left sat Britain, the far right Lithuania. Mexico waved lightly from her seat, Japan nodding to him from his.

But not a single person was the one he was looking for.

Quickly searching for.

So he could say something, or motion something, or even just make some kind of contact with, so he could ease his mind. So he could see that stupid smile that told him that this was all just a joke, just a waste of time. That everything was under control.

It was just a game.

America sighed loudly as he walked in front of the desks and chairs towards the stage. Right in front sat two desks, each with two chairs, their backs to the crowd. Alfred leaned against the right table and looked back, expecting to see his little parade with him.

However, only one suited man followed him in, quickly seating himself and motioning for Alfred to follow. The American shrugged and sat down, leaning back in the chair.

"Who are you, my lawyer?"

"Sure. Let's go with that."

Alfred stared in a bored manner at the man and yawned, stretching his arms behind him.

"Mind telling me the game plan? Or how this is gonna roll? Or something?"

"The original plan was to have you stay home so you could feel better sir, however the council overruled our government's wishes and demanded that you come."

"So...I'm just taking up space?"

"Just leave everything to me sir. This will all be sorted out soon. You just have to sit there and look pretty."

Alfred laughed and hit the table, a bright smile on his face.

"THAT I can DO!"

The other man smiled back.

"Glad to hear it."

A door to the side of the stage opened, allowing three people to walk out onto the stage. Alfred first noted that they were all humans, not nations. Second, he noticed that not a single one wore any kind of 'judges' uniform.

The lead woman sat down at the desk positioned center stage, facing the rest of the audience. The two men then sat at either ends of her.

He also noticed how incredibly serious all three looked.

Lord help me.

"Good afternoon," The woman began, a light Egyptian accent on her tongue, "We will now begin. As voted upon yesterday at 4:30PM New York time, this meeting shall be conducted entirely in English. Are there any objections to this?"

The room was silent, save for the light clicking away of a keyboard. Alfred turned in his seat to spot a man typing down what was being said.

So it really is like a trial. Come to think of it, where's the media?

"Very well." America looked back at the woman as she held up some papers on the table in order to read, "We will begin. Will the Russian Federation please enter the room."

The sound of heavy doors opening echoed throughout the room. Alfred spun around in his chair to see the familiar man walk swiftly into the room, a blank expression on his face.

Trotting behind him was a small woman, a large briefcase at her side. America laughed and waved at the large man.

"Yo dude. I haven't seen you in days. You show up drunk or what?"

But instead of smiling (in a totally creepy ass way) or giving some kind of insult, Russia just sat down, his eyes fixed on the front.

He didn't even look at America.

Alfred rolled his eyes.

"Don't tell me you're all caught up in this too man."

The woman sat down beside him and opened her briefcase. Alfred sighed dramatically and leaned back in his chair.

"This is going to be so BORING!"

"United States of America, though you are allowed to speak when you wish, I would like to kindly ask that you keep all statements that don't regard this case to yourself."

Alfred looked up at the woman, then stared back at the various nations looking directly at him.

He looked back at her.

"I want to say sorry, however, I would like to also remind you that as a nation, I am allowed to express any opinion I have on any matter. Unless the rules have changed? Because the last time I was here I totally got in an epic pistol whipping battle with Braginski over Georgia," Alfred shot a look at Russia, "In which he totally cried like a little bitch."

Ivan remained neutral and stared straight ahead.

Alfred narrowed his eyes.

So that's how it is. Fine. I know this game. You ignore me until I make a total ass of myself, then you suddenly act like the old you and jump in on mocking me. Well no sir, You aren't going to win this time.

America felt a tug on his shoulder as he was pushed back in his seat by his kind-of-lawyer. The nation glared, but decided to cross his arms instead of causing a fuss.

If everyone wanted to be stupid and serious and all freaky then .

He closed his eyes.

I'll just sleep through this then.

"We all know why we are here, so we will begin without a debriefing. United States of America, would you like to begin with your opening statement?"

Alfred opened his eyes and sighed, about to stand when he was pushed back down by his citizen.


"The government of the United States of America would like to overrule all statements and expressions given by the personification of the United States of America, Alfred F. Jones, on the issue of his disappearance and living with the Russian Federation's personification, Ivan Braginski."

Alfred blinked.

Then tilted his head.

"On what ground?" The woman asked. The American lawyer adjusted his tie.

"You will find on page 5 of your report a thorough psychological analysis conducted on Alfred F. Jones yesterday. The medical professional has concluded that he is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and thus cannot accurately testify or represent himself."

Alfred glared at the man

"Are you calling me crazy?"

"The United States government further wishes to then represent Alfred F. Jones on his behalf-"

"BULLCRAP! I didn't agree to this! Yo! Judge lady! I didn't give the ok for this!"

The woman across from him sighed slightly.

"I am not a judge , I merely help to lead the trial and discussions. I have no actual power in this situation."

Alfred stood.

"Then who the hell am I to talk to?"


America turned around to his fellow nations, who all stared back. He scoffed.

"You're kidding right?"

Mongolia raised his hand.

"Mongolia. You have the floor." The woman spoke, said nation clearing his throat.

"I believe that if a trained, medical professional thinks that America cannot represent himself, then I agree that his government should represent him in his place."

Murmuring broke out throughout the room.

Another hand came up, then another, and then another.

"Yes, Haiti-"

"We cannot disregard everything America says though. What one professional says could be wrong-"

"But just look how he acted when Russia came in-"

"That's how he ALWAYS acts!"

"ORDER! Please! Speaking out of line is discouraged in this room-"

The American then watched as the discussions and arguments exploded throughout the room. He couldn't keep up. Everyone was talking at once, and in so many languages-

"Even the reports say he's totally lost it-"

"Countries don't experience human mental disabilities-"

"It's just brainwashing! I TOLD YOU-"

"QUIET!" All heads turned to the familiar voice, the one that always seemed to bring order to the situation. Germany stared around at the rest of the nations, his hands placed firmly on the desk. He gave a rough sigh, then stood straight, his eyes looking everywhere but America.

"Though I agree America should have the right to speak for himself, I don't think we should disregard the obvious fact that a year of trauma could have warped his mind. When my bruder came home, he was not the same man as before; as I doubt Alfred is."

The nations whispered and mumbled as he continued, looking at his brother.

Alfred looked towards Gilbert also, who seemed uncharacteristically small, like he didn't want to be seen. He stared off to nowhere, attempting to look bored.

"Gilbert lived with Russia for a longer period of time, and he also displayed empathy towards his captor." There was a pause, "And he still does-"

"OH COME ON!" Gilbert yelled, throwing his hands in the air and then face planting onto the table, his arms covering his head. Gilbird chirped happily inside his pocket.

Alfred crossed his arms and looked towards the woman at the front.

"You can't take my freedom of speech lady. Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind up in here."

"Yes. Britain." Alfred whipped his head around to Arthur, who stood awkwardly.

"Well, I was wondering if we could perhaps know what it was that made the...medical professional think that America is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome in the first place?"

There was a murmur of agreement as the American agent turned to the crowd.

"Mr. Jones expressed sympathy and a general caring towards , even after admitting to physical, mental and sexual abuse-"

The room exploded in noise. Ivan slowly lowered his face into his hand.

"WHOA WHOA! HOLD IT!" The room quieted down as Alfred stood and waved frantically, "There was NO sexual- It wasn't like that!-"

"Quote: 'That and like, he would bathe me. Like, full on, legit, lather me in soap and wash me- bathe me. And he enjoyed it.' End quote. Further on it also mentions how the two of you bathed together, and how this traumatised you. You even asked for it to be specially noted that you were traumatised."

Ivan slammed his face into the desk as Alfred went beet red, his hands waving in front of him frantically.

"L-listen! That's not what it sounds like! Like- like- it's ok! I was just jokin' around! We were screwing around!"

The room got louder.


"I say we kill him now!" Someone screamed in the back, causing more nations to jump and shout. Alfred laughed nervously as he grabbed the nearest mic.

"Listen- listen just chill out people! It's not- shut up! It's not weird for two dudes to bathe together! Japan and I do it all the time!"

"Were you naked?" Turkey yelled. Alfred swallowed and pulled at the collar of his shirt.

When did it get so hot?

"Uh...technically, yes-"


"Now- hey! What we do in our own time is our own business!"

Ukraine hit the desk happily.

"Ah~! I knew it! So that's how it was! You wanted to-"

"Hold your horses babe, I ain't saying I wanted to ok?"

The commotion continued in the room, each country having a say, and looking at Alfred and then Ivan and then Alfred and then Ivan and then-

"It ain't LIKE THAT! I TOLD YOU PEOPLE! I didn't want to- listen he MADE me do it! I didn't want to be naked! I didn't want a stupid bath! But oh no-no we have to bath the stupid animal don't we?!" The room quieted down, "And then I was all 'dude! Back off!' and he was all 'come here little one' and then just-UGH! Then I saw his junk and it was HORRIBLE! Why are you people making me relive this?"

The room was quiet.

Alfred let out a deep breath and looked back at Ivan, who had a horrified expression on his face. Alfred frowned.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

The woman shuffled her papers.

"Are you satisfied, United Kingdom?"

Britain swallowed and sat back down.


"Fine. Then we shall vote. All those in favour of the United States government representing Alfred F. Jones on his behalf please choose A. Those who wish for Alfred F. Jones to represent himself, along with his government, please press B."

There was silence as each country clicked the buttons provided on the table. After a long minute the woman looked down at her phone, then nodded.

"Then we have decided. 73% believe that Alfred F. Jones should represent himself along with his government."

Alfred sighed and turned around, looking at the closest nation to him, South Italy.

"Phew. Dodged that bullet. Thanks man."

South Italy snorted.

"Don't thank me, I voted against it, moron."

Alfred blinked. Then growled.

"Why you-"

"Then, let us also have the opening statement of the Russian Federation. , would you please stand."

Ivan stood and cleared his throat, his arms firm at his side, his back straight and tall.

"I stand by my previous statement given prior to this meeting. Alfred F. Jones did not live in my house for the past year-" voices broke out around the room as he continued, "My government can tell you that they searched my house and did not find him. It was only four days ago when he-"

"LIAR!" Someone cried out, other voices joining in.

Ivan remained neutral though, his stance firm.

"It was only then that he appeared in my house and was found. I do not know how he got into my house or why, what I do know is that he was not with me prior to that incident."

The different voices continued to grow as the woman at the front nodded.

"Is this your statement Mr. Braginski."


"Then we shall open the floor to questioning-"

Among the commotion a hand raised up. The woman pointed towards the crowd.

"Yes. Laos. You have the floor."

"Russia, if you are true, then why is America saying he was with you?"

"Because America lives in a fantasy world, we all know that." China called out, his arms crossed as he observed the chaos around him.

Ivan adjusted his scarf.

"I do not know why he is saying these things. I only know that he is lying," And then Ivan finally looked at him- looked directly at Alfred.

And Alfred smiled at him, one of those goofy smiles that he always gave people.

He was even going to wink, in a mischievous way, as if to show that it was all just a joke. Just another weird chapter in their lives.

But Ivan cut him off.

"Possibly in some twisted plot-"

"What?!" Alfred asked as Ivan continued, his voice growling.

"I never dreamed you would go this far."

Alfred stood once more amongst the chaos in the background.

"Dude, I don't want to kill you!"

"Really? Then why am I here?" Ivan motioned to the room, then looked back at Alfred, "Then what is this?"

"This?" Alfred looked around, looked at the various nations yelling and arguing with one another. He noticed how no one actually cared enough to look center stage, "This- this isn't my fault man! I didn't want this! I just-"He looked back at Ivan, whose face wasn't just cold. Or even angry. It was so full of negative energy that it hurt to look at.

Alfred wanted to shake it away. Wanted to rip it off his face so he could find the one he always saw, always looked at. That stupid face with that stupid creepy smile with his stupid, carefree attitude-

"You what? You what Alfred?!" Ivan roared, motioning violently towards the crowd, "You leave for a year for god knows where, and then you show up in my house and expect everything to be fine?! Expect things to be normal?! What did you think would happen?! What did you think they would say about me?!" He clenched his fists, his face contorted, "I always knew you hated me, but enough to destroy myself and my reputation? With something I didn't do?" He shook his head, "You're worse than I thought-"

"No! No listen! It ain't like that!" Alfred moved away from his desk, the chair screeching violently against the floor as he pushed away from it. He waved his hands and laughed, his mind panicking at the growing chaos around him.

To his left the nations fought, the situation boiling to the edge of reason. They screamed and spat and swore.

But Alfred just laughed and shook his head, his breaths quick.

"You don't understand dude. I'm not lying, and I didn't want it to be like this. I didn't think this would happen. Hell, I didn't know this could happen! I just-"

"Just what?" And then the anger started to fade, just a little. It began to melt away, revealing that hurt face, that pathetic face Alfred hadn't seen since the 90's.

When Ivan had fallen. When he lost everything.

And Alfred had been standing there, wanting to smile, but unable to bring himself to do so.

Because Ivan had just been so small.

Like he was now.


"I was worried about you." The taller man blinked and looked away, "I thought maybe something had happened like…and when I thought I might not see you again…" Ivan held onto the table, allowing it to support his weight as he looked down at the floor, thinking.

And listening.

Before his eyes changed again, as if coming to a sudden realisation. And then he looked up at Alfred, and that look in his eyes-

"No-no! No! Don't give me that look man!"

"But I was wrong."

"No! No listen man! It isn't like that! This- all this- it's just- it's what it always is! It's just a game man!"

The look intensified.

"You think this is a game?-"

"It's always a game with us man! That's what we do! That game we play! How we always one up each other! How I'm always trying to get you to like, freak out or something, and it always backfires! And how you get me all worked up! Or those insults we say to each other- it's just that! It's just the game! It's what we do-"

"Look around you Jones!" Alfred looked up at the chaotic crowd. At the confusion and anger above him, "If this is a game, then you win."

"I don't want to win!"

Ivan laughed bitterly, and then looked back at him with that look-

That face-

With its disgust and confusion and utter hatred-

"Just STOP IT!" Alfred cried, lunging forward before getting pulled back, someone behind him holding him back, "That look! You don't get to GIVE that look! Not to me! After EVERYTHING I've done for you!-"

"Like WHAT?!-"

"Everything we did! You don't get to LOOK at me like THAT!" Alfred pulled harder, a soft voice asking him to stop from behind, "Not like that! Out of all the people you can't give ME that look! I don't deserve it!" His voice cracked, his eyes straining but refusing to humiliate him, "You don't know what it was like for me! How lonely I was when you were right there! And then- and then-"

Ivan hit the table.

"What are you talking about?!"

"You! The things we did! How it sucked but it was also kind of…THAT'S WHY! That's why you can't LOOK at me like that!"

"How do you want me to look at you when you're trying to kill me?!"

"I don't want you to die!"

"Then tell them what happened!"

"I did-"


Alfred's ears rung violently from the noise-

No wait-

From the lack of noise.

When did the room become so quiet?

Alfred looked back at the crowd to see a thousand faces staring back.

He swallowed hard and relaxed, the man behind him slowly letting him go.

After a moment Alfred turned, facing his mirror reflection once more.

The twin gave a painful smile.

"You… should just say what happened."

Very slowly Alfred shook his head, his voice low.

"I can't. No one believes me."

"They will. That's the great thing about telling the truth."

Alfred looked up once more at the crowd, the faces. His friends and enemies.

He blinked slowly and gave a small shrug, his throat suddenly dry.

Because what do you say? Where do you begin with something like this? With a story so long?

And wasn't Arthur right? No one would believe something so absurd.

But what did Matt say?

The truth….huh.

The truth is…

"The truth is that," Alfred rubbed his arm, trying to form the words, "When… I guess a while ago, I wasn't really… myself."

He looked back up. The room was still silent. Their stares burning into his skull.

"I…uh, I wasn't really… I was lost. I guess you could say I was out of sorts. I left Britain's house and then just, found myself on the streets of Moscow. Somehow." Alfred glared up at Arthur, who looked away, "I guess you could say someone must have had it out for me. Either way, something happened to me. I don't know how, and I don't care why anymore, but somehow I found myself different than before. I was…unrecognisable. I was different. So different that when I first saw myself in the mirror I didn't believe it for myself. I thought I was dreaming. But then slowly, I started to accept that, for whatever reason, I was different now. And that's when Ivan found me."

A few whispers started, and Alfred stared directly at them in order to stop the fire.

"No, didn't take me, found me. And he didn't even know it was me. For all he knew I was just some stupid... it doesn't matter. He picked me up and took me home. He took care of me. It was dumb, and honestly it really sucked at first because Ivan is like, the worst caretaker ever, but…after awhile it was ok. He didn't starve me-"


"-And he didn't hit me-"

Without reason.

"-and he didn't do any weird touching-"

Of the sexual variety.

"-He was just himself. Ivan. Taking care of some stupid kid. So yeah, that's what happened. He didn't even know it was me until I managed to change back four days ago. Which is why he freaked out and denied knowing I was there. So yeah. That's it. That's what happened."

The nations continued to stare, this time their faces changing. Some of concern, others of confusion.

A few in anger.

"Alfred," Matthew muttered, his voice low and shy, "I think… you should really-"

"But that is what happened. What?" Alfred glared at the crowd, "You people don't believe me?"

"Alfred, how could he not know it was you?" Japan asked, his eyes never leaving Russia. Russia stared back.

"He just didn't ok-"

"And why didn't you tell him it was you-" France called.

"He didn't believe me-"

"And why didn't you try to tell any of us-"

"I DID but you didn't BELIEVE me EITHER-"

"And then why-"

"LISTEN!" Alfred spat, his hands clenching into fists, "Why don't you people listen to me? Honestly, what do I GET from lying? Think about it? What do I get from making up this WHOLE damn thing and defending him?! What's in it for me?! Did any of you think about that?!"

"Then why are you defending him?" The woman asked from up front. Her voice somehow not as loud as the rest. Her words far away.

"Because-because- you know! Because!"

"Why?" The room seemed to ask.

"Because, because it's Ivan. Because it's him." Alfred motioned towards the taller man, his face tired and frustrated-

But also sad. Like he was far away.

"I mean, wouldn't you defend someone who- who is…you know. A person who, like…" He lifted his hands and moved them, but even they confused him. Somehow they couldn't portray the message he was trying to say.

So instead his throat just burned as he tried to spit it out, these words that he couldn't understand.

"He's like, he's…what he did for me-"

"What did he do for you?"

"And then, in turn-"

"What did you do for him?"

Because wasn't that the question?

Isn't that always the question? What do we do for each other?

Alfred looked down at his hands, then back at Ivan.

'What is he to you?'

What is he to me?

How do you define something that was built on hatred and grew into-

What? What is it? What do we have?

Because all the memories that he could quickly snatch and pull back weren't technically warm, or comforting, or friendly.

They were images and pictures of torment.

All the little threats, the heated discussions, and infuriating arguments.

The victory over the Soviet Union-

Before that.

The fear of nuclear war, and the blazing hatred of anything even remotely close to Braginski-

Before that too.

The humiliation of Vietnam.

Further back.

The confusion in Korea.

And before that, the sly remarks over Leningrad. The empty promises of aid. The numbing cold.

The radio and its reports of revolution.

That blank look on Ivan's face and Alfred's intervention over Japan.

That conference in Europe.

His trip overseas.

Until he was at that first time, the first time they had ever met. And Ivan had looked like a monster of a man, far too tall and large to be human.

And how Alfred had felt so small, his feet only recently holding him up all on his own. Since he had pulled away from Britain. His hands so strained from the war of no invading force, but that of his own people.

Ivan had just stared at him, observing him, sizing him up. And Alfred had stared directly into his eyes.

And then Ivan had smiled, the first Alfred had seen, and weighed his heavy hand on Alfred's shoulder and said:

"You are different from the others. I can tell, yes?"

"Don't touch me."

Ivan laughed and shook Alfred slightly.

"I was told of this fire of spirit that defeated Britain, though I cannot tell if it is because of courage or simple stupidity." And with that he walks on, leaving Alfred with the other naval staff.

And Alfred glares and sighs:

"I don't like him."

The human smiles at him.

"Really? Because he likes you."

Of course he does. Isn't that why he's always pushing me? Always begging for attention with his weird jokes and insults hidden by compliments?

The nation twirled his hands once more, his mind dragging his screaming psych back to the present. Where the world watched and listened.

"I don't like Ivan." He told himself, his voice echoing through the quiet hall. "He's cruel to me. He always pushes my buttons and knows just what to say to make me feel like a miserable human being. Everything that I'm insecure about he mocks, and the times I am able to fight back he hits me. It feels like I'm always at war with him. I never have any peace. But-"

And yet...

"That's the thing that Ivan and I do to each other. We hurt each other. I don't know if it's out of some weird insecurities, or if we're just naturally violent people, but it's what we've always done. And I don't, I don't hate that." Alfred shook his head, "It makes me kind of happy. In a weird, messed up way, I enjoy it. I can't do this with anyone else. No one else understands. It's like, through these pointless fights and threats we bond. It's how we get closer."

Alfred wrung his hands, his eyes now just staring down at himself, deep in thought-

Because if he looked up he would lose this-

"I've always sought attention. I've always wanted people around me. And I do, I have people. I have friends. But- they're not really there. All these people look at me without really looking at me. It's like they ignore all the dark and dirty things about me- they're ignoring a part of me. I hate those things, that part of me, but it's still me. You can't just see one part of who I am. But he doesn't do that."

The hands that were once clenched in fists slowly released, the Russian's face softening.

And curious to listen to the surprisingly familiar words-

"When he looks at me, he LOOKS at me. Ivan doesn't ignore that. He doesn't ignore me. When Ivan talks to me, he talks to who I REALLY am. All these other people ignore me! But he doesn't do that. He doesn't IGNORE me!"

He raised his eyes to the crowd.

"Because the worst thing you can do to someone isn't to hate them, but ignore them. And that man," Alfred pointed towards Russia, who looked different than before.

His face no longer holding anger, or hatred, of fear.

But shock.

And realization.

"He's never ignored me. Not once."

The crowd was silent, before bursting with noise once more.

But not at Alfred's speech and words.

But at the Russian stepping forward,

and in just a few strides suddenly pulling the shorter blond close, so close he might disappear into the familiar scarf and suit jacket.

Alfred blinked in shock, his hands not knowing what to do with themselves as the other held the back of his head and squeezed, his breath hot and choked-

"Little one, you are full of surprises."

And with that a familiar bubble began to form in Alfred's stomach. And it grew and and built until it ran up his throat, his mouth vomiting out the laughter.

That familiar laughter.

Because he had to laugh at something as stupid as his sweaty hands and flushed face.

At the fact that he was standing in front of the world while being crushed to death in the most intense hug he had ever felt.

And at the familiar scent of blood and alcohol, and how he found it comforting.

And at that stupid man holding him, that guy who had caused him so much torment over the past year. And his usual stupid smile and hidden compliments, and his eyes that just-

"Please, Alfred, please don't cry."

The shorter man tried to swallow, tried to breath, but the spit and tears refused to be pushed away.

So instead he just pushed his face further into the familiar fabric, his wails echoing throughout the theater.

He tried to talk. He tried to reason, but he couldn't.

His fingers strained as they clutched the fabric hiding the strong back, his body wracked with sobs.

Is there anything so humiliating?

"Shhh. It is ok little one. I am here now. I am sorry I did not realize before, but you must admit, this whole situation is rather...absurd." He chuckled lightly.

The America managed to swallow somehow, his breathing erratic as he suddenly turned to the crowd.


"Alfred! Alfred please!" Ivan laughed, pulling the shorter man away. He then cupped the other's face in his hands, the tears flowing down and wetting his hands as the younger nation continued to cry.

"Honestly Alfred, how do you expect me to humiliate you if you are doing it so well by yourself?"

The other let out another wail, as if that would express his feelings, his hands straining a death grip on Ivan's wrists.

Ivan laughed and shook his head, kissing the top of Alfred's hair before nuzzling his face into the familiar blond locks.

And he continued to laugh, swaying the other slightly in an odd dance.

"You kill me! You really do! Just look at yourself!" He pulled away in order to get a good look, a genuine smile smothering his face as he looked at the broken man before him, "I wish I had a camera! A kodak moment!"

"Y-YOU'RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE!" Alfred screamed, his hands shaking Ivan's as the Russian laughed harder, "I-I'M TRYING T-TO S-SAVE YO-YOU'RE D-D-DRUNK AS-ASS AND Y-"

"No, don't! You're killing me!" The Russian cried, small tears etching at the corner of his eyes. His laughter so strong that it caused a few to fall. Alfred let go of the other and threw his own hands in the air, Ivan crying out happily and pulling him once more into a crushing hug.


"Oh my little dear~!"


"You love me! You love me!" Ivan cried, twirling the other around as the American screamed.

And so was the image to the world.

Alfred in tears of fear and passion.

Ivan in tears of laughter.



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