"What the hell was that...that monster doing in Hogwarts?" Fenrir seethed the second Lucius got back inside the lab. He thought it was incredibly ironic that the alpha werewolf was referring to someone else as a monster.

"She's the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor this year," Severus said, banishing the mess the explosion had caused of his potion. "I actually pity the students."

"I can't be here," Fenrir said suddenly and made a move to leave the room. He looked panicked, a look Lucius had rarely seen on Fenrir.

"Fenrir don't," Lucius snapped grabbing the werewolf's arm as he moved past him. "She could still be lurking around. And besides, where would you go?"

"Anywhere," he replied. "Anywhere she isn't."

"Stop!" Lucius shouted, trying to break through to where Fenrir's reason was. The werewolf seemed to have temporarily lost all of it. "You have nowhere to go!"

"I don't care!" Fenrir shouted and then proceeded to snap his jaws at Lucius as if he was going to sink his teeth into his arm. It frightened Lucius to the point that he had to snatch his hand away or risk being bitten. Fenrir growled at him in warning not to follow and left through the door. Lucius wasn't sure if he was going to come back.

"Is this about the anti-werewolf legislation Umbridge squeezed through the Wizengamot? I did not think Fenrir cared about fair salaries," Severus said after a moment of silence.

"No," Lucius replied shortly. Fenrir wasn't the type of wolf to care about salaries, jobs, or even voting rights. Fenrir was far too wild for that. What he cared about was the way in which Dolores Umbridge was able to spread hate like a disease. Lucius had thought her a useful tool for his anti-Dumbledore campaign over the years. However, he had always kept her at a distance because he had always hoped to keep Fenrir in his pocket as well.

Umbridge had once been responsible for setting several wizards free after they had brutally murdered a werewolf. The thought was that it wasn't murder because it happened on the full moon. It hadn't mattered that they had gone looking for the wolf-who had never hurt anyone-and that the wolf had been under the effects of the Wolfsbane Potion and had therefore been entirely tame. They had simply walked up to it and began beating him.

The werewolves had never forgotten Umbridge's role in the matter and Fenrir especially had never wished to forget or forgive. They were all enemies now and there was little doubt in Lucius's mind that if Umbridge got her hands on Fenrir he would experience a long and tortuous end. He may have been reluctant to name Fenrir as a friend but he certainly didn't wish him harm. And he certainly didn't wish him Umbridge.

"Where will he go?" Severus asked.

"Hopefully he's going to cool down, kill a squirrel, and come back," Lucius snapped. "He has no where else to go. Not this close to the full moon." Of course their time in Hogwarts would have to come to a close soon anyway with the students returning but they needed to stay together. Losing Fenrir to the wild country now would only hurt the both of them at this point.

"Hmph," Severus replied already bored with the conversation, poring over his notes to figure out how to correct his mistake. Lucius wished it was that easy to fix his own mistakes.


Fenrir stayed out of Hogwarts and in the Forbidden Forest for the next two days. On the day before the full moon Lucius braved the outside world and went to sit on the front steps of Hogwarts to try and work himself up to go and find Fenrir. By mid-day, McGonagall had found him and deigned to converse with him.

"Are you waiting for your werewolf?" she asked and he didn't much appreciate her tone.

"He isn't my werewolf," he replied.

"That's not what I was told," she said. Lucius looked up at her with a questioning expression. Was that what people said about him and Fenrir? "You two are fairly close, will you go look for him after the moon?"

"If Fenrir keeps himself worked up this moon will be particularly difficult. He may hurt himself."

"So you are concerned?" she asked and he got the impression that she was surprised that he could feel something like concern for anyone other than himself, much less for Fenrir.

"Of course," he snapped. "He's my-" Lucius ground to a halt. He wasn't ready to admit that Fenrir was his friend, mostly because he wasn't. Fenrir was something else. Werewolves had a word for it; one that usually made Lucius roll his eyes.

Which brought them back to McGonagall's first turn of phrase.

"He's your werewolf."

She walked away, perfectly content with the fact that she had put him in a pickle. He could either not follow Fenrir, risk their bond, and lose an ally or he could suck it up and enter the forest. He didn't much appreciate Gryffindors in that moment and scowled deeply at her retreating back.

However, he did stuff his hands in his pockets, left the steps, and went into the forest.


The forest was every bit as creepy as Lucius remembered it to be. He was also highly aware that the centaurs were none too happy with Purebloods, particularly his kind of Pureblood. He walked somewhat aimlessly hoping that Fenrir had chosen to stay near because he certainly didn't have the tracking skills to find Fenrir deep in the forest. And he certainly wasn't going to walk around calling out his name.

After half an hour, Lucius was thinking he needed to start leaving but before he could turn back to the castle something hit the back of his head. He turned to see a small bone, picked clean, and so white that it gleamed on the forest floor. Another bone hit his shoulder while he was contemplating where the animal the bone had come from. He turned again but there was no one there.

A third bone hit his toe and bounced off. Lucius looked up and spotted Fenrir crouching in the tree with a self-satisfied grin on his face.

"What are you doing?" Lucius asked sternly as if he was talking to a misbehaving child. Fenrir grinned wider and threw another bone at him which Lucius ducked. "Come down here."

Fenrir shook his head.

"Fenrir, I want you to come back up to the castle. It's better if we stick together."

The werewolf's only reply was to chuck a skull at him.

"Fenrir, I will stun you if I have to."

"If you cast a spell on me, I'll bite you," Fenrir threatened. "I don't want to go back to the castle."

"If you avoid every building Umbridge and her people walk through you'll have to leave Britain all together. Now come down."


"Are you arguing with me just to argue?"

"Screw you."

Lucius ducked the dead body of a squirrel. He huffed in annoyance and turned to storm out of the forest. He could hear the rustling of branches and leaves as Fenrir followed him from above. The alpha could have followed him without making a sound; Lucius had experienced enough Fenrir-sized surprises to know that. The presence of noise now meant that Fenrir simply wasn't interested in being quiet or he was getting ready to play a different kind of game.

Sure enough, just before the tree line ended Lucius was tackled from above and hit the ground hard with all two-hundred plus pounds of werewolf pinning him to the ground. The breath was forced out of his lungs and the pain was quite substantial.

"What are you doing?" he wheezed into the ground. Fenrir had one hand on his head so that Lucius couldn't move. This type of thing had happened before and he knew it was best not to panic.

"You followed me into the forest," Fenrir said.

"Yes. So?"

"A month ago you wouldn't have followed me into the forest."

"A month ago you would have killed Umbridge no matter who was standing there."

"Are we changing Lucius?"

"Probably. Does any of this have to do with why you tackled me or is that just a werewolf thing?"

"I'm not sure I enjoy changing."

Lucius rolled his eyes at Fenrir's straight forward contemplation of his sudden development of morals.

"I don't enjoy being tackled."

Fenrir dropped his face to the ground so that he could look Lucius directly in the face their noses almost touching. He was probably the only Pureblood in the world who wouldn't panic being in such a position. He had known Fenrir too long to be intimidated. Lucius knew exactly how to tell when Fenrir was going to hurt someone and when he was simply being a werewolf.

"I don't think I should be in the castle so close to the full moon."

"You seem fine to me."

"That's just because it's you. You know that." He stood up, grabbed Lucius by the back of his collar, and hauled him to his feet.

"You'll be fine. Just stay in the dungeon."


Lucius followed Fenrir back out of the forest and into the castle. They passed McGonagall on their way to the dungeon and she gave the both of them a very knowing smile.

Fenrir growled.


Lucius read the book Granger had given him piece by piece. He would sneak out each night and sit in the corridor with his lit wand and read a chapter. The little book was small; it only had five chapters but he read it slowly, engrossed with what he was reading.

On the final night, as he read a section about Muggleborn rights protests in the 1930s Fenrir caught him. It was the night before the full moon and Lucius should have thought that the werewolf wouldn't be able to sleep because of the ache in his joints.

"What are you doing?" he asked, startling Lucius so completely that he dropped the book. Fenrir picked it up.

"Muggleborns: The Second Class," he read and made a confused face. "Why are you reading this?"

"Granger gave it to me," he responded truthfully. There was absolutely no reason to lie to Fenrir. "She seems to think I need to read it."

"In the corridor in the middle to the night?" Fenrir asked.

"Um," Lucius started not sure what he could say to make this situation look any less weird or stupid for that matter. There really was no reason why he couldn't have read this in Severus's living room. Nobody in this castle was likely to kill him over it.

"What's it about any way?" Fenrir continued not expecting an answer.

"It's about Muggleborns and what makes them second class citizens," Lucius replied, perfectly happy to be sarcastic. Fenrir threw the book at his face and Lucius scrambled to catch it before it took out an eye. By the time he had righted it, Fenrir had sat on the floor next to him.

"Never thought I'd ever see you reading something like that," Fenrir observed.

"Me either."

"Is it good?"

"It's informative," Lucius told him. "Would you like to hear some?"

"Mmm, hmm," Fenrir hummed. Lucius began reading where he had left off.

"In 1938, the Muggleborn rights crisis came to a violent head when the Minister for Magic, Gregory Marchback, authorized Aurors to use brutal force when breaking up protests. The Aurors used spells that broke bones, caused internal bleeding, and, in one unfortunate case, crushed the skull of Muggleborn fourth year Matilda Von. At Hogwarts, Muggleborns were sequestered in their own separate dormitories so as not to spread their political influence onto other students.

"After months of continued isolation and mistreatment, these underaged Muggleborns walked out of their sequestered dormitories and sat in the Entrance Hall for three days and three nights, refusing to move, eat, or speak. In order to avoid the presence of hundreds of dead children in plain view of everyone, the Hogwarts Board of Governors called in Aurors who arrested all the protesters. Most were taken to Merlin's Hospital For Muggleborns to be treated for malnutrition and dehydration but those few who resisted removal were taken to Azkaban Prison. In their weakened state, most did not survive the week long waiting period for their criminal trial. The two children that did-one a second year and the other a sixth year-were both sentenced to ten years in Azkaban prison for crimes against the Ministry for Magic. Both would die in Azkaban following the eight others who died before their trial.

"By the beginning of 1939, half the cells of Azkaban consisted of Muggleborns and most of the remaining half consisted of their sympathizers. It would not be until Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in 1945 that these numbers would start to change when the now famed Muggleborn sympathizer would lead a mass protest on the Ministry for Magic. This mass protest only ended when Minister Marchback stepped down from office."

There was more-nearly twenty pages more-but Fenrir had ultimately lost interest.

"Not anything I didn't already know," he said as he stood up.

"Really?" Lucius asked, surprised that Fenrir of all people would be knowledgeable about Muggleborn protests in the thirties. He hadn't even been alive then.

"The werewolf that made me," Fenrir said, "he was a Muggleborn before he was bitten. He was there when they did that sit-in the Entrance Hall. He used to tell me stories about it when I was little."

Fenrir shrugged and left for his camper bed to try and get some sleep before the full moon the next night. Lucius stared after him for a moment, contemplating the fact the Fenrir had never before told him anything about his childhood. He wondered what it meant that Fenrir was starting the tell him these things now.

Putting it from his mind, he turned back to his little Muggleborn rights book, determined to finish it within the hour.