He stood there just outside my doorway. I'm not sure why my heart raced or why every time he smiled slightly as if urging me out of the doorway made me need to take a deep breath. It was captivating, how he could control me with just his eyes, dark eyes that seemed so wild and yet enticing. I took a step forward and I could see that wonderful smile widen just slightly, so slight anyone else would have missed it. I started to get excited and I couldn't help a wide grin from spreading on my face. Soon I was on the edge of the door way so close to him, he reached for me.

His skin was cool, but it was fall, as always, when he came to me. Such soft skin under my hands, I traced his tattoo just noticeable under his open shirt at his neck. Now he truly smiled for me, "Eric," he said as he caressed my cheek. I remembered I forgot to shave last night, but he seemed to like the stubble and I leaned in.

"Eric!" I jolted up the sun blaring in through the now open window. I groaned, my arm covering my eyes. "This is what you get for staying up so late. I told you not to go to Alcide's last night." I could hear my sister's terrifying pumps click across the ancient floor boards towards the bed. "Come on, I'm not going to be late for the first day of school. I have territory to claim and that takes time." She grabbed the sheet just as I reached for it knowing my sister too well but she was quicker. "Pam!" Her heels clicked as she ran out of the room sheets in hand. Her laughter echoed down the hall.

I fell back on the bed huffing. The dream had been so close, never before had he been so close as to kiss those lips. Sitting up, I noticed a shine of sweat, new to me since moving to Louisiana but what I groaned about was the noticeable heaviness, heat, the erection that tented my boxers. I shuffled to the shower, as the cold water soothed both the smothering heat already engulfing the air and my desires, I thought of the boy. It was unsettling even though I had the dream almost every night for the past year.

I never once considered men, in fact if I did it sure as hell wouldn't be with a short fifteen year old. Gods, he was going insane. It wasn't as if the boy existed, his mind had made him up as some sort of comfort after his break-up with his girlfriend followed by his parents murders. Sighing, I shut off the water. "Come on Eric!"

Dressing quickly in jeans and an almost too tight shirt I made a mental note to go shopping with Pam when she went. Putting on my lucky leather jacket I descended the staircase. Pam was dressed in a white dress her hair perfectly combed into a tight bun. Her arms were crossed and I glared at her not to say anything. "If we're late I'm giving you another introduction with Louis." I cringed, last time Pam got made she chased me around the gardens with those dreaded pumps. After one of the heels broke and I had to endure three weeks of torture until she got three more pairs from Louis Vuitton.

We drove in my new mustang. It was just newly repaired but it still needed a paint job, the doors squeaked and it growled loudly, unnaturally, but I was okay with it. Leaving the farm house behind we sat silence for the fifteen minute drive to Bon Temps High. We had moved from Stockholm just two weeks ago in the middle of the summer. It was necessary since David our uncle had to move to the US for the company that he and dad had made together. Now under his care we were stashed away to the tiny town of Bon Temps, while he worked in New Orleans. We didn't mind the small town, not living in New Orleans because we hated the past months being under the scrutiny of our demon uncle.

I now understood why the company had been such a success. Dad was also a slave driver and I was happy to be living alone-with Pam-away from all the shit of cooperate running's. Parking I noticed a few guys from the parties Pam and I crashed. Sookie Stackhouse a blonde sixteen year old looked over from a picnic table then picked up her books and walked inside her best friend Tara at her side.

Pam raised a perfectly arched eyebrow and asked in Swedish, "What did you do to her?" We walked towards the doors I nodded to Alcide who nodded back, we weren't really friends but he was useful when it came to fights which we had found out when we went to Merlotte's two days ago. It had been our bonding experience. "Well I sort of hit on her, it went well until we kissed then she just sort of tensed up, pushed me away and said something like, 'who the hell is that' and 'you're disgusting Eric Northman.'"

Pam laughed, "Well she was right about that. Oh well she too pure for you anyway." I nodded silent, truth was the moment we started kissing just as with the past year with anyone else I started to make out with the boy flashed in my mind. It was gone though as always, so I made it my mission to get Sookie Stackhouse to go out with me. After all that kiss wasn't at all bad and besides Sookie wanted a bad guy. We had chemistry. And I was still attracted to women, I had to be.

The school was small but surprisingly had a lot of clubs, not that I would make use of them, they taught at a fast level but still had tutors for the slower students. Both Pam and I had a mandatory American History class since the school was informed we were Swedish, it was the only class we had together right before lunch. Sitting together at the back of the class I did what I had done in the last three-I put my head down and started to nap.

It was only half way through that I bolted up jabbed in the ribs by Pam's elbow. "What?" Pam gestured with her head and I looked to the front. The teacher was smiling to the class though his eyes hardened when they landed on me. I made a 'huh' face and he continued, "Now as you know the American Vampire League wishes for equal rights; something that has been denied for several years. I going to give you an assignment that's going to count for thirty perfect of your grade. It will be due at mid-terms and you need to give me detailed opinions and facts about the league. You need to have an understanding about vampires and what impact they are making on our history."

From beside me I heard a snort then Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's brother called, "So you want us to get friendly with those blood suckers." Jason was a slower student gullible but that seemed to be overlooked by most of the school since he made championship games every year on the football field. Blonde, muscled I was ashamed to be in that category as him though that's where the similarities ended, he was shorter than my six foot five stance and he was tan where I was pale. Not to mention Jason was an idiot and I certainly was not.

The teacher's lips tightened then he said, "Not friendly per say but try for some acceptance Mr. Stackhouse Vampires are a hell of a lot older than us and apparently are here to stay. It's been seven years since they came out to the public, you were a child, I want you to ask your parents and guardians of their experiences and what yours was. Now all of you are to come back to class at night Monday evening just at sunset where with the school districts permission we are interviewing our own vampire." Then before he could say more the bell rang. "Read the first chapter of your books everyone."

I heard many people talking at once. Some were excited mostly girls and whispered what the vampire would be like others were worried saying what if it got hungry and others were angry. Jason in particular made a fuss about leeches and that dead people should stay dead. Pam strode down the halls beside me, through the cafeteria where they had installed a healthy meal plan (which was good and real food) but apparently it was new because many people were groaning. Then we walked out into the football field and sat on the bleachers. "So what do you think?" She finally said biting into a fruit salad.

I shrugged mouth full then said, "I suppose we'll have to wait and see. I mean we've known about them since we were ten you just never met one." Pam nodded just a slight frown as she thought of home. In Stockholm I had known a vampire though Pam didn't know about it until I accidentally let it out, Pam and I were too close at times, we didn't know how to keep anything from each other. I had gone to a vampire club and hooked up with a chick, it had been alright though kind of vanilla. Luckily though mom had been in Milan for a fashion show, her work being shown and dad had been in New York working. We had spent our entire lives it seemed with just each other. But it still didn't make it easier losing them.

The rest of the week seemed to pass slowly and boringly. The two of us twins in all but gender had brilliant minds and truthfully we had learned all the work years ago. Pam sighed curled up on my bed as I worked at my desk, she threw down her book and sighed again. "What Pam?" I asked warily. "It's Thursday and I have read this book in grade nine." I smiled, not looking at her, "And…" "Let's go out."

I looked out the window to the river view, our farmhouse was big compared to others, newly renovated and perfectly designed by Pam I considered my options, Pam here angry and bored; to be taken out at me or a night out, sleep the morning classes away and get a nice hangover meal at Merlotte's.

"Alright let's go."

We ended up at Merlotte's. Sam Merlotte who practically managed his dad's bar was bartending though just a year older at nineteen. "Can't serve you Eric." He said as I sat down. He nodded and I turned in the direction. There in the corner was the chief of police. I nodded and ordered some wings and fries and a double burger. Pam rolled her eyes and asked, "Know where we can go?" Sam looked sideways trying to spot his dad and mom, not to mention Sookie, Tara and Arlene who waitresses. "Go out back, take the path and go right."

We nodded and once our order was ready, left. When we got there a party was already in store, a small trailer was bursting with people and music. Pam and I got a beer sat down on the rugged sofa (which Pam complained about) then set about getting drunk.

Pam left first leaving me five beers in to go make out with a blonde chick I thought was cute. Her back and forth sexuality was confusing, though for the past couple of months she had actually stayed with women. I was surprised. A half an hour later I got up to use the bathroom and untangle myself from Lafayett Reynolds a black gay man who was trying to hit on me. The boy pushed his way forward and I knew I had to get out. No way in hell I was experimenting now.

Sam joined in, his shift over I saw him talk to Sookie but then I saw her turn and greet a dark haired guy I didn't know. Sam didn't look to pleased either. Making my way to the back I stopped when a guy tried to push me to the side. Being the tallest here I held my ground pretty good. "Get the fuck out of my way asshole." He seemed to be shaking and sweating, then I noticed something in his hand and without thought grabbed for it. He went crazy.

I ended up not going to the bathroom, instead I found myself running for the doorway, pocketing the vial. The guy shorter than me but he seemed to be on steroids or something. I was caught just beyond the trees and landed hard. A fist came at me faster than I blinked and I grunted at the impact. Then instinct came over. I grinned. I knew Pam would be angry but I couldn't give up a fight, I didn't know why I grabbed his drugs but I knew I wanted this. I snapped.

Kicking him off me I got a good look at him, his eyes were glazed and he was actually drooling. "Give me that back human. You don't know what you're messing with." My attention focused when he said 'human' since I knew he had a heart beat that had raced when he barrelled into me. I grinned, "Come on you don't wanna share?" He lunged at me and I jabbed, fists were flying and then I got a good opening. He slammed his knee into my ribs and I felt a dreaded crack. Then I slammed a right hook into his cheek and he went down.

Both of us were bleeding and panting. Every breath I took seemed to hurt but I stood straight trying my best not to wince. I laughed, "That all you got?" Then from behind me I heard a twig snap. The guy started laughing and slowly I turned. Four guys all with the same build as me, one just as tall were slowly circled me. They too had glazed eyes and their movements were jerky and wild. Then between them were growling dogs. I glared at the guy now getting up, "So you needed a whole pack to take me down. I'm flattered."

They all attacked at once as if in sync with each other then I started to panic slightly. I kicked as much as I could, and landed a lot of punches, but they were seriously strong. I remembered the human part again as a dog latched on to my leg. I yelled as I felt the teeth rip my flesh. Then I saw a flash of sliver and a sting. I fell bloody, bruised and I knew I had broken bones. The guys were in a frenzy and just started to attack more. I felt my head get heavy and I knew I'd lose consciousness, bad idea I thought just as I heard screams and howls.

When I opened my eyes everything seemed skewed and far away. For some reason my attackers were gone. Then on top of me frowning and actually looking worried was my dream. Now he wore a lose white shirt and I slowly shakily raised my hand to his arm, I tried for his throat but it was too far away. Gently I traced a little bit of those tattoos. I sighed softly at the feel of them raised against my fingertips. I left a blotch of blood though and winced letting my hand fall. His expression was confused, thoughtful and I think even a little joyful.

Then he lowered his head and I thought he was going to kiss me finally but instead darkness took over.