One day on the S.S. Tipton London is lying on the sun deck in a sweater and blue jeans. She Looks Mad.

"London, what are you doing?" Cody asks.

"Oh, Hi Cody! I'm trying to get a tan. And it's not going to good" replied London

"I bet" Zach muttered to himself

"Maybe it'll help if you took the sweater and jeans off."

"Okay" London then takes off her sweater reavining a small black bra with pink polka dots on it. When she takes her jeans off, it reviles a shaved smooth pussy.

"I like what I see" said the twins at the same time.

"Here take there to my room you two." London hands Cody her jeans and sweater.

"Zack, I'll take the clothes." says Cody

"Fine." Zack says "Hey London, you want to get a really good tan?"

"Duh." London says in a 'you have to ask' type of voice

"Then take your bra off" Zack said with an anxious and nervous voice.

"Okay." London takes her bra off reveling boobs the size of grapefruits.

"Wow. London you look great." said the twins at the same time.

"Thanks. Now leave me alone so I can get a tan."

Zack and Cody start walking towards London's Cabin.

"That's it! I can't take it anymore!" shouts Zack.

"You can't take what anymore?" ask Cody.

"Seeing London naked! Here take her bra. I'm going to go to my cabin get a camera and take some pictures."

"Okay. And when u get then developed get duplicates so i can have some."

"Will do buddy." Says Zack. Zack runs out of site.

Cody continues down the hall and into London's cabin. As Cody walks into the Cabin, Cody hears the shower turns off. Cody sets London's clothes on her bed. As he does this Bailey walks out of the bathroom with no towel or anything on.

"Cody! What are you doing in here!" Says Bailey shyly while trying to cover up her boobs and pussy.

"Ummmmm. London asked me to bring up the clothes she was wearing so she could get a tan."

"Ya right!" shouts Bailey "Prove it!"

Cody shows Bailey the clothes he brought up

"So you're telling me that London is laying butt naked on the sky deck."


"You've got to be fucking me!"

"Okay." Cody stands up and starts to undress

"What are you doing?" Bailey asked nervously

"You said that I had to be fucking you. So that's what I'm going to do. Fuck you"

"I was using that as an expression! I'm not going to have sex with you!"



"Can I at least see you naked and get some pics?

"That much I'll let you do." Bailey drops her arms to her side to

Revile her boobs and an unshaved blonde pussy.

"Holy crap"


"You look so amazing."


4 minutes later

"Done" says Cody.

"Finally, now get out!"

"Okay. I'm leaving, if you change your mind about having sex I'll be on the sky deck or just call me."

While this was happing

(Back on the sun deck)

"Hey, London. Could I get some pictures?"

"Make it fast you're blocking my sun."

"Okay." He takes about 250 pics "Done"

London snores

"Sweet London fell asleep." Zack strips down to nothing and starts sticking his 6 inch long cock in and out of London's Pussy. "I hope she doesn't wake up when I'm doing this."

Cody comes running up "Zack you'll never guess what I just saw!"

"What." Zack replies not seeming to care.

"I saw Bailey naked!"

"What! I don't believe you."

"Here's prove!" show's Zack the pics. "Wow. Lucky."

London wakes up and sees Zacks dick in her pussy. "Zack what are you doing?"


"Wait you're having sex with me!" shouts London "All you had to do was ask and I would've let you."


Suddenly Mr. Mosbey walks around the corner and sees London naked and Zack naked on top of her and Cody off the side staring out into the ocean. or so it looks.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!" Shouts Mr. Mosbey. "Zack just wait until your mother hears about this!"

"Zack no please Mr. Mosbey. Anything but telling mother."

"Fine let's make a deal you have to write a one-thousand word

essay on the history of the Tipton's! As for you London wait for me in my cabin." said Mr. Mosbey.


"Fine Two-Thousand!"


"Fine make it a one-million word essay"

"Zack, I would shut up if i were you. Because this is one essay I'm not writing for you."

"What! Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I was board and I didn't feel like moving."