can't believe Mr. Mosby is making you guys do a one-million word essay on the Tipton's!" Shouts Carrie "What did you two do!"

"We had fun" replied Zack

"For once Zack isn't lying" Cody stated

"Huh. I better go down and have a nice little chat with him then" said Carrie

As Carrie walks away her jean shorts and her tang top fall off leaving her in a bright blue bra and white panties.

"That was a sight I never thought i would see." said Zack and Cody simultaneously.

15 minutes later in Mr. Mosby's cabin

"OUCH! Not so hard Mr. Mosby!"

"I'm done now anyway." said Mr. Mosby "If I ever catch you or your little friends doing that again your next experience will be a lot harder and a lot longer."

"Okay. I'm going to go up to my room now" said London while she was walking away.

On the way London and Carrie meet

"Oh. Hi Carrie" said London cheerfully

"Ahh, Hi London. May I ask why you're naked?" asked Carrie curiously

"Oh I was having sex with Mr. Mosby after he caught me with Zack and Cody"

"They did what now!" shouted Carrie

"Calm down, i know your mad. So I'll pay you if you forget about it" Said London as she pulled out $1,000,000,000 from the purse that was hanging over her shoulder.

"That'll work. Now this means a lot to me London." Says Carrie "but (something tells me I'm going to regret this Carrie says under her breath) but you and who ever you want can have ... sex with Zack and Cody."

"Great! Well see you around Carrie!" Says London as she walks away.