"Cody" whispered Zack.

"What is it Zack?" Cody looks at the clock "It's midnight"

"I want to switch fuck buddies." said Zack

"Now why would I do that?"

"Dude London's a fuckaholic!" said Zack "She would fuck in her sleep if she could!"

"Really?" said Cody doubtfully.

"Really, honest to god. She would if she could."

"And how long do you plan to switch fuck buddies?"

"A day or so. Please I really want have sex with Bailey."

"I say okay but..." before Cody could finish Zack yelled YES. "As i was saying" Cody continued "I will if it's okay with Bailey and London."

"Okay. Deal" said Zack.

"Now go back to sleep."

*That Morning Around 8*

"Good Morning, Cody" said Bailey.

"Good Morning, Bailey."

London yawns "Good Morning, Zack. Time your wake up call." London gets out of her bed, showing that she apparentally sleeps naked, and walks over to Zack and starts fucking him.

*3 minutes later*

"What the? Oh Good Morning London." said Zack.

"Finally. Now where would you like to fuck first?" Said London, with out gitting of his dick.

"Um, actually London there's something I want to talk about."

*London gasps* "Am I not fucking you good enough!"

"No no, it's not that. Me and Cody talked last night, and we agreed to swich fuck buddies."

"If it's okay with you two that is." Cody quickly added.

Bailey and London walk into a corner of the room

"I'm not sure about this London" Said Bailey nerviously.

"Come on, cowgirl, are you afraid of something different?"

"NO!" Shouted Bailey.

"Then lets switch fuck buddies then."

"FINE!" Bailey Shouted.

They Turn and walk back to the twins.

"We decided to go along with it." said Bailey.

"Great!" shouted Zack "Oh Bailey!"

"Wait!" shouted Bailey

"What?" asked Zack.

"I'm not naked" said Bailey.

"Oh. Was so exicted I didn't even notice."

"Right." With That Bailey removed her Light Blue Bra, and her Dirty Blonde colored Panties. "Okay now I'm ready."

"Great." Said Zack He started fucking her Pussy.

"One question" asked Bailey, while haveing sex with Zack "How long is this switch going to last?"

"A month" Said Zack

"You said a day or two last night" Shouted Cody

"Who cares how long it's supposed to last?" said London "Just fuck me already Cody!"

"Whatever we can switch when we want to swich how's that?" perposed Bailey

"Sounds fine to me." Said Zack and Cody simultaneously.


"That's it! I can't wait anymore!" Shouted London She grabbed Cody dick and shoved into her pussy. "OH, ya. That's what I wanted."

"Sorry London, Now I'll get to business."

"Well, Bailey. Where would you like to have sex?" Asked Zack.

"What about the place you first had sex with London?"


They Went there and started it. regardless of the under aged people that where already there.

"What position was she in?" asked Bailey

"Lying face up said Zack.

"Okay." Bailey said, she got into the possition Zack was already on fucking her.

"Holy Crap, Zack. You're way better than Cody."

"Well, my old fuck buddy is a fuckaholic." said Zack.

*Back in the room*

"Cody come take a bath with me!" shouted London

"Aw. but I want more sex with you." said Cody.

"You can."

"But you'll be taking a bath."

"Sex while taking the bath, Duh."


Cody Climbed into the bathtub with London

"I want it nice and hard." Said London while she leaned back.

"The water?" asked Cody

"No! Your cock!"

"Oh, Okay."

Cody Started fucking London. And before they knew it water was splashing out of the tub.

Back on the sundeck.

"Okay, Enough." Said Bailey.

"Why?" asked Zack

"Because you don't have a choose." said a voice from behindZack turned around to see Mr. Mosby standing there

"I'm disappointed in you Bailey. Come with me." said Mr. Mosby.

"Mr. Mosby, You won't send me back to Kettlecorn, Will you?"

"We'll talk." Said Mr. Mosby.

The whole time during that converstaion Mr. Mosby never looked away from Bailey's boobs or her pussy.

Afterward Zack ran back to the room.

*by this time London and Cody where fucking on BAILEY'S bed.*

"Zack, where's Bailey?" asked Cody.

"Mr. Mosby caught us." said Zack.

"Hope she can take a beating because I was stiff for a while after he was done with me." Said London.

"I hope she'll be fine to" said Cody.

"Why worry about her, when you have me." She put all of her weight forward pushing Cody into her boobs. "Zack my ass is lonely. Please give it company."

"Sorry London I'm a little scared to do anything like that right now."