Coma Berenices (Berenice's Hair)

China was at war with the western lands over trade routes. China was ruled by Ma Ling, a very powerful empress who was benevolent to her people. The western lands were ruled by Berenice Dessa, a Mongol, Uygur and Tartar. China used the Silk Road through the western lands for trade and had nothing against the Uygur people.

As a child, Ma Ling had travelled to the west to a city at the edge of the Taklimakan Desert. There she made friends with a young Berenice. Where Ma ling was an ordinary girl, Berenice was a spunky young girl who had the ability to communicate with the stars. Her family was said to come from a constellation. Berenice had showen Ma Ling the constellation many times when she visited. Both Ma Ling and Berenice stayed friends until they started to rule their respected lands.

In war, Ma Ling's army used strategy where as Berenice's army had faith in the stars. However, Ma Ling's army was losing the war. The war was bloody, but the empress would take the time to look at the constellations. One night she spotted a familiar group of stars.

"Sorry old friend, I hope you for give me for what I have done," said Ma Ling. At that point Ma Ling orders a message to her generals to stop fighting. When the fighting stopped, Ma Ling travelled to the western lands to make peace with Berenice.

After a week of traveling, Ma Ling had reached the western capital. The western capital was bustling with people from all over. One local guided the Empress through the crowds to the palace. The palace had a Middle Eastern motif to it.

When she walked into the palace, Ma Ling was greeted by Berenice's daughter Farah. Farah was beautiful and exotic like her mother.

"My mother said many great things about you, Ma Ling," Farah said.

"Where is your mother?" the Empress posed.

"She is with our ancestors in the sky, she wanted to see you one last time," Farah said handing Ma Ling a note. Ma Ling read the note:

Dear old friend

I never wanted to fight with you. I wanted to thing to be like it was when we were younger but that is no longer. I will be with my ancestors in the constellation Coma Berenices. I know you did not want to fight me…I am sorry I died your enemy and not your friend.


"What Killed Berenice?" Ma Ling asked.

"She was poisoned by a servant because they did not like her trading with the Arabs," Farah said.

Every night on the way back to China, Ma Ling would search for the constellation Coma Berenices. Every time she found it she would see Berenice's face. "Sorry old friend."