China was in turmoil. This was the end of the Han Dynasty and China was being unified. Many people were uncertain about China's future. This was the beginning of the Tang Dynasty.

In western china there was a young woman named Moonbeam. Moonbeam was a captivating dark skinned Chinese dancer and singer. She came from the city of Kuqa, of the western provinces. Moon beam played songs for men and was known for her beauty. She usually played very sad songs.

One of the Emperor's magistrates, Qin who ruled the western provinces noticed Moonbeam. She was singing about love and loss. Qin fell in love with Moonbeam instantly. Everyday, Qin would go and see Moonbeam sing or dance. Amazed by this, Qin told the Emperor about Moonbeam and her talent.

One day, the Emperor requested to see Moonbeam dance and sing for him. Qin went back to the western provinces to collect Moonbeam. Moonbeam was overjoyed to know that the Emperor wanted to see her perform. From that moment, she travelled with Qin to Peking. This would be her first time in her whole life that she got to see the Emperor of China. No one in her town had ever seen the Emperor.

When Moonbeam arrived in Peking, she was told perform for the Emperor. She danced very well and impressed everyone in the court. The Emperor was hypnotized by Moonbeam's beauty and told everyone to say away from her.

Qin secretly ran away with Moonbeam to the western provinces. They had a few months where they lived in peace.

The Emperor, betrayed went to war against Qin and the western provinces. Qin formed an army to fight the Emperor and after months of fight the Emperor took Qin prisoner. Moonbeam heard about Qin's defeat and ran away to the steppes in Central Asia. With a group of friends, she went to overthrow the Emperor. They fail but they ended up ruling the western provinces as an independent state.