Nico's pov:

"Percy hey Percy!" I yelled

I was really nervous I needed girl advice you see there's this new girl at camp and she's smoking hot! No, am telling the truth she's even prettier than all of the Aphrodite girls even Drew, and she is hot!

But anyways back to the subject her name is Jessica Blackfire daughter of Demeter, and her name says it all. She's an African American girl with long red brown hair, great body and gorgeous hazel green eyes that you could yet lost in from a mile away. She's like a lioness she's really nice when you get to know her, but get on her bad you might as well plan your funeral right than and know. Just like all the other Demeter girls she's really stubborn.

"Hey Nico what's up are you okay you look tired" Percy asked when I finally got his attention." Am fine just need some advice that's all" I said rubbing the back of my neck "oh you mean about the new girl Jessica right."

"H-h-how d-di-did you know" I replied stuttering like a crazy Percy busted out laughing when he was done he said "dued your not the only guy trying to get her to go out with you your probably the 12 guy to ask me for advice, but seriously why are all of you coming to me". I gave him a dued-are-serious look "well let think about that maybe because your dating, and don't get mad at me for saying this one of they hottest girls at camp!"

Just then after I said that I see Jessica walking my way "hi Nico" she says, and I say something smart like "uh-duhhhhh". Real smart I know right. Percy was no help so I decided to go to her sister Katie Gardener for advice. So I went to the strawberry fields to find her, but of course I found her on top of Travis Stoll in a full all out make out session. "Yo! Tratie there are under aged minors out here you know!" Katie flipped off of him and both of there faces where tomato red." Travis I need to talk to Katie about something can you please leave." I said Katie told him it was fine so he got up and left glaring at me behind his back. "So Nico what did you want to talk to me about I took a deep breath then said " It's about your sister Jessica I want to asked her out it's just am afraid of getting rejected."

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