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A terrible accident means Damon has no choice but to turn Elena. How will she adjust to vampire life? And can Stefan deal with the sudden connection between her and Damon?

Chapter 1

'I still can't believe I let you drive,' Damon rolled his eyes.

'You know full well that I don't trust you,' replied Elena darkly, and she closed her fingers tightly around the steering wheel.

'And you know full well that I'd never do anything to put you in danger,' he smiled, leaning back in his seat and running a hand through his hair.

'You do realise the only reason that you're here is because Stefan said I shouldn't go anywhere on my own. And... and I need some space away from him. Since Klaus turned up he's super-protecto guy!'

'I get it,' Damon laughed. He proceeded to slump even further back and pull a bottle of single-malt from his bag. 'Unfortunately the driver doesn't get to drink,' he grinned, taking a long, slow gulp from the dusted glass. The rush pounded through his veins as usual when he glanced sideways at her, letting his eyes do the familiar split-second run from her large dark eyes, down the straight bridge of her nose, and around those perfectly-shaped pink lips.

He didn't even waver as the car span backwards and g-force threw Elena's head to the dashboard with an echoing crack.

'Shit!' Damon shouted as steam flooded from the bonnet of the car and the unmistakable crackling of fire filled the air. 'Elena?' he reached across and lifted her head gently from the wheel. 'ELENA?' blood was running through his fingers from the huge cut across her forehead. 'No...no...oh God no... Elena wake up.' He pulled her across the seat and kicked the car door straight off its hinges.

Glass and steel smashed against his back as the car exploded seconds after they'd left it. Squinting through the hazy smoke, Damon laid her down on the tarmac road, ignoring the horrified shouts of the family in the other car, who were closing in on them like vultures.

'No, NO! Get the hell away from me,' he sobbed, shaking Elena's shoulders. 'No...Elena...don't be dead...' he pressed his fingers to her throat, and it was only his vampire senses that picked up on the weakest possible flutters of a pulse. He'd killed enough people to know when it was too far. He knew he had just seconds to decide.

There was a sharp intake of breath from the other driver and his family as Damon pressed his nail to his wrist and slashed a deep slit down his arm. He slipped his hand around the back of her head as gently as he could and lifted it to his arm, so that her lips just brushed the now cascading blood.

'What the hell are you doing?'

The voice echoed around Damon's ears, but he was focused on waiting for that tiny movement in her throat that would tell him she was drinking. That near imperceptible second where he'd know she'd live... 'It's okay,' he whispered soothingly, resting her head across his knees and brushing the blood soaked hair from her face. 'You're gonna be fine...' he turned his head slowly to face the others – a male driver, his wife and their two children, all staring in frozen horror.

He stood, lifting Elena with him and walking straight over. 'You're going to get back in the car... forgot what you saw here and drive home...' he glanced over at the wreckage of their car, 'you hit a tree and crushed the bonnet... it was an – an accident,' his voice broke, and he compelled each of them, shaking more and more with every word.

They turned away in perfect unison and drove back down the road, leaving Damon to slide to the floor as the rain started to fall. He'd never forget that rain, not for the rest of his life. It was heavy, hammering down on his back like the shards of glass being shot into the air from tiny explosions on the burnt out car.

He didn't even think to phone Stefan, he just dragged Elena to the side of the road and leant back against the stone wall there. He felt like he'd just run a marathon, and he wished - god how he wished – that he could find that switch to turn off his emotions, but his mind had slid into a black pool of despair and he couldn't find it.

He wasn't sure how long he sat there, holding Elena's fragile body against his chest. He'd told himself not to be selfish... not to love her. Well that hadn't lasted long.

'Damon,' a voice whispered groggily, and he almost jumped out of his skin as he jerked back to reality, glancing up at the darkening sky and then down at Elena, who was looking up at him through a little bloodshot eyes. 'Damon what happened?'

'It's okay...Elena...you're gonna be fine...'

She looked slowly down at the dried blood on his arm and touched her finger to it. 'No... you didn't...'

'You need to kill someone, Elena,' he looked her directly in the eyes, 'or you will die.'


Damon helped Elena home, her arm around his shoulder and her breaths short and sharp. 'How long have I got...?' she coughed.

'You say that like you're going to die,' he couldn't stop the hot rush through him as she closed her fingers on his arm.

'I won't...kill anyone... hey, wait! My house is... is that way...'

'Yeah, Elena, where Jeremy and Jenna are... if you're gonna kill anyone it's not gonna be them!'

'I can smell the blood Damon!' she cried, 'I don't want to be a vampire...please Damon...'

'C'mon,' he ignored her, moving at a pace slightly faster than a humans and darting smoothly down the side roads leading to the old boarding house. 'We're gonna sort this out, and everything is going to be fine, I swear.'

'I told you I don't trust you...' she laughed weakly.

'Prepare to watch me get my head torn off,' Damon grimaced as he kicked open the front door and lifted Elena bridal-style over the threshold. She went to push his chest but still felt to dreary, though the blood was pounding in her veins like never before. So she let herself laugh with a sigh, before looking up and seeing Stefan framed in the hallway, a look on his face that informed Damon he was just about to die.

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