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Chapter 5


The dark haired exorcist pushed himself away from the wall and moved to sit down on the bed next to Allen. Leaning over, he caressed the younger one's face before leaning in to kiss him passionately. Though he would never admit it out loud, Kanda had really missed his lover and had been looking forward to reuniting with him ever since he had left headquarters.

Allen gladly returned the passionate kiss, clutching onto Kanda as if he would disappear if let go of. The young exorcist made a surprised sound as he was pushed back onto the bed with his dark haired lover hovering over him predatorily. After gazing at the one beneath him for a few moments, the older of the pair leaned back in to continue the kiss, allowing his hands to wander.

Feeling an adventurous hand brush against his abdomen, Allen began pushing at the body above him weakly.

"Kanda! Wait! …Kanda, wait!" Finally, he managed to get the other to listen to him. Suddenly feeling very hesitant, Allen stared at the bed as if it were the most interesting thing he had ever seen. "There's…..something I need to tell you…"

Suddenly worried by his younger lover's reaction, Kanda asked, "What is it? What's wrong?"

Not entirely sure how to tell his lover the news or what to expect as a reaction, Allen faltered. "Um…well…you see…."

"Did something happen while I was gone?"

"Well….yes…sort of…"

"What happened? Did someone try something?"

"What? No! No one tried anything….I just….um…" Feeling as though he wanted to crawl into a hole, Allen squeezed his eyes shut and blurted out, "I'm pregnant."

Several moments passed by in silence. Wondering why his lover wasn't reacting, Allen hesitantly glanced at the dark haired man. Kanda was just sitting there staring at him with a confused and surprised look on his face.

Finally, the samurai spoke. "You're pregnant? How is that even possible? Last time I checked, you were male…"

"I still am male!" Allen replied somewhat indignantly. "Komui isn't sure exactly how it happened, but he thinks it has something to do with me being a parasite type….Something about my innocence makes things possible that normally wouldn't be."

"So you're really pregnant? How far along are you?" Kanda was still having some difficulty processing everything he had just been told.

"I'm about 3 ½ months along… So it probably happened right before you left."

"So the baby is mine, then?"

Stunned by the other's question, Allen replied "Of course it is, you arse."

The older male smirked, leaning towards his lover. "Good." Sealing their lips together, Kanda pushed Allen into the mattress and hovered over him.

As tongues battled for dominance, Allen wrapped his arms around the others neck and ground their hips together. Enjoying the friction, he let out a soft moan as the dark haired one continued to rub their erections together.

Parting for air, Kanda began unbuttoning Allen's shirt. As more skin was revealed, he began leaving a trail of kisses until he reached the other's abdomen. For a few moments, he stared at Allen's slightly bulging stomach before tenderly caressing the skin. After glancing up at his lover, Kanda began kissing his stomach lovingly.

Allen watched the dark haired male's loving display and felt happiness well up inside of him at his lover's acceptance. For months, he had been worried about how Kanda would react and he suddenly felt all of that worry leave him, as if a weight had been lifted.

After a couple of minutes, Kanda continued his trail downwards. Once he reached Allen's pant-line, he slowly began sliding the cloth sleeping pants down his lover's body. Feeling the pants being slid off so torturously slow, Allen let out a small whine and lifted his hips in a silent plea for the other to just hurry up and take them off.

Kanda smirked up at his lover as he tugged the pants the rest of the way off. He was surprised to see his Moyashi wasn't wearing any underwear today. "No underwear? And you're already so hard." Kanda's smirk grew as he looked down at the younger boy. The dark haired male quickly removed his own clothing before leaning down to lick up the precome already gathering at Allen's tip.

"Mmmmn. Kanda please!"

"Please what, Moyashi?"

Allen wanted to scream in frustration. Here he was, the man that Allen had been dreaming about for the past few months and all he was doing was teasing him. Teasing him! When all he wanted was for him to hurry up and fuck him!

Losing his patience, Allen snapped, "Stop teasing me! Just hurry up and fuck me!"

"Now, now Moyashi. That's not how you ask for something you want," Kanda teased, feeling himself grow harder at his lover's words.

Growling in frustration, Allen sat up and quickly switched their positions. Smirking down at the other, the white haired exorcist put three of his fingers in his mouth and began licking them. After a few moments, he removed them from his mouth and reached behind himself so that he could prepare himself. As he did this, he watched as Kanda's eyes widened and his breathing became irregular.

"Enjoying...ah...the...mmm...show?" Allen smirked down at the other while his fingers worked.

Once he felt he was stretched enough, he reached over to grab his lotion off the nightstand and slicked his lover's heated flesh. The older boy moaned softly at the feeling of warm hands on his throbbing erection as Allen guided it to his entrance. Bracing himself on his lover's shoulders, Allen slowly lowered himself until the dark haired male was fully sheathed in him.

"Mmnn. Kanda!" Allen moaned softly as his lover braced his hips for support.

"Damn Moyashi…So tight…" it took all of the control Kanda had not to flip them over and start pounding into the smaller boy.

After what felt like forever, the white haired boy lifted himself up until just the tip of Kanda's erection was in him and then lowered his body back down on the hard shaft. The pace was slow for several minutes until Allen fully adjusted. And then Kanda's length hit something that made him see stars.

"Oh God! Kanda!" Allen moaned loudly.

Flipping them back over so that he was once again over top of the smaller exorcist, Kanda began pounding into his lover fast and hard. Letting the pleasure overtake them, he knew it wouldn't last much longer.

Feeling the pressure building up inside him, Allen moaned louder and tried to catch his breath to warn the other that he was coming. "Ka- AH! Kaaaaaah-nda! I'm….. coming!"

With one last, loud moan, Allen came, his muscles clamping down on the other. The wonderful feeling of his lover spasming around him and the look on the boy's face was enough to send Kanda over the edge.

Allen lay nestled against his lover's chest and sighed contentedly. "I missed you, Kanda."

"I missed you too, Moyashi." Kanda sighed as he kissed the smaller boy's head softly.

Allen sighed happily again and leaned up to kiss the other chastely.

"Although... You never did tell me why you aren't wearing any underwear today. Were you that eager to see me?"

"Um…..Kind of…." Allen responded, turning a bright shade of pink. "I was um….you know…before I took my nap."

"What were you doing?" Kanda asked, raising an eyebrow.

"…You know."

"No. I don't."

Allen sighed and buried his face in the older boy's chest. "I was….touching myself."

"Mmm. Really now?"

"Yes... This whole pregnancy thing sucks. I have horrible mood swings and I was so horny I thought I was going to lose my mind."

"Well then, I guess it's a good thing I'm back so that I can help you with that." Kanda smirked.

"Shut up," Allen pulled the blanket over his head in embarrassment. "I'm going to sleep."

"Goodnight Moyashi."