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Chapter 6

The Start of a New Christmas

Yuki continued to fall into the depths of hell until he found himself hitting something hard. He opened his eyes to find himself back into his bedroom. How'd he end up back here? He ran out onto the balcony. The sun was shining brightly onto him and the people on the streets were in so much joy. Yuki looked down and saw a young teenage boy.

"Excuse me? Boy?"

The boy looked up. "What is today?" Yuki asked.

"It's Christmas Day, sir!"
He couldn't believe it! It was Christmas Day! He didn't miss it. The spirits did it in one night. He was still alive and his things were still there. And if he's alive… then that means Shuichi's still alive too. He needed to change! Well, for Christmas at least.

"Thank you, boy. One more thing, do you know if some stores are still open?"

"There's only one store, sir! Luckily it sells everything!"

"Great! Will you please come with me to buy some presents?"

"Sure, I've got nothing better to do!"

"Thank you! I'll be right down!"

After Yuki got ready and came down, he and the boy went to the store and grabbed the presents. The boy couldn't believe how many presents Yuki was buying.

"I don't mean to trouble you, but can I ask you one more favour?" Yuki asked after they bought the presents and wrapped them up. He pulled out a piece of paper "Could you take these presents to this neighbourhood. I'd do it myself but I have to do something quickly."

"Sure, I don't mind!"

"Thank you and here's something for all your trouble!" He handed the boy 3000 yen. "Buy something nice with it!

The boy was shocked but accepted it anyway. "Thank you, and Merry Christmas!"

Yuki felt great after doing that! And now he had one more thing to do; call his family in Kyoto! He dialled the number and heard it ring until he heard Mika's voice.

"Eiri? This is unusual for you to call us on Christmas. Why the change?"

"No time to explian Mika. I've decided I wanted to spend Christmas with the family. But not in Kyoto. There's somewhere else I want to spend Christmas at. I'll give you the address. Meet me there!"

Meanwhile, Shuichi was getting ready for the neighbourhood's special concert which he was performing in. He was very grateful Hiro and Fujisaki decided to come, but it would've been better if Yuki came. Then, Maiko, Shuichi's little sister came in.

"Hey, big bro? You ready?" asked Maiko.

"Yeah, I'm ready! Let's go!" said Shuichi with his usual enthusiasm. The two siblings came down when they notice a crowd in front of their house when they were supposed to be a little farther down. What was going on? Shuichi and Maiko went through the crowd and went to see what the commotion was. They saw a boy handing presents out. Why?

"Um, excuse me? Why are you handing out presents?" Shuichi asked "Are you Santa's helper?"

"No." said the boy "I was told by this guy to give these presents to everyone."

What did he mean? What guy? Was it some kind of terrorist who put bombs into these presents and blow them up? Or an alien who's using these presents to be jail cells that activate when you open it? Okay, maybe not, but still.

"Is there a Miss Maiko?" asked the boy.

Maiko looked at him. "Yeah, that's me!" she answered.

"Here's your present!"

Maiko took the gift and opened it to be the latest book written by Eiri Yuki. She jumped for joy, but wondering how this person knew that she didn't have this book. It didn't matter! She got the book and that's all that matters. Shuichi wondered who had enough money to buy all these gifts.

"Hey, this gift looks different from the others! It's for someone named Shuichi."

Shuichi looked over after hearing his name. "That's me!"

The boy looked at him. "Oh my god! You're Shuichi Shindo, right? I'm a huge fan! Could I have your autograph?"

"Sure!" The boy gave Shuichi pen and paper. Shuichi wrote his autograph and gave it to the boy, who in return gave him his present. Shuichi looked at the gift and realized it did look different; at least by the wrapping. All the other gifts were wrapped in red or green wrapping paper while his was wrapped in gold. He opened the gift to be some kind of music box. He turned the key and opened the box to be Santa twirling to Santa Claus is Coming to Town. It was beautiful! Who got him something so beautiful? He wanted to know!

"Hey! Shuichi!"

Shuichi looked over to see Tatsuha. "Tatsuha? What are you doing here? How did you know how to come here?"

"Come on! No questions for Christmas. It's the time to celebrate!"

Shuichi realized it wasn't just Tatsuha. Tohma, Mika, and Yuki's father also came. But how? Unless...

"Merry Christmas!" said a familiar voice from behind.

Shuichi turned and smiled at what he saw. Right there in perfect view was Yuki.

"YUKI!" Shuichi screamed in excitement. He rushed to Yuki and jumped on him. Yuki returned it with a bone crushing hug!

"You're here! You're here!" cried Shuichi. "But how'd you know where I was?"

"Lucky guess."

"Still, you're here."

"Yeah, and I'm sorry about how I acted about Christmas. I just forgotten how it felt to be with your family and friends when it came around."

"It's okay!"

"Did you like the music box?"

"I love it! Thank you!"

"And for your second present, I've decided to try to stop smoking!"

Shuichi looked up at Yuki. "Really?"

"Yeah! Just promise me you won't kill yourself if I die!"

"I promise!"

They gave each other a kiss to show how much they loved each other. After they ran out of air, the two just stayed in each other's arms until…

"Shuichi! Come on! You've got a show to do!"

Shuichi grabbed Yuki's hand and lead him to where Hiro and Fujisaki have their stuff set up.

"Yuki, do you mind joining me for this song?" Shuichi asked with sparkling eyes.

Yuki sighed. "Sure! Why not!"

Shuichi then faced the audience. "This song I'm dedicating to everyone here; including this amazing man here, my lover Eiri Yuki!" The crowd applauded, the music started playing and Shuichi and Yuki started dancing with each other.


Oh yeah…

Candles burning low,

Lot's of mistletoe.

Lot's of snow and ice,

Everywhere we go.

Choirs singing carols,

Right outside my door.

All these things and more, baby


(All these things and more)


That's what Christmas means to me, my love


(Christmas means to me, my love)


Oh yeah,

Yeah yeah yeah

I see your smiling face

Like I never seen before

Even though I love you madly

It seems I love you more

The little cards you give me

Will touch my heart for sure

All these things and more, baby


(All these things and more)


That's what Christmas means to me, my love


(Christmas means to me, my love)


Oh yeah

I feel like running wild


(Running wild)


As it reaches a little child

Greet you 'neath the mistletoe

I kiss you once and then some more

And wish you a Merry Christmas, baby


(Wish you a Merry Christmas, baby)


And happiness, happiness in the new year

Oh yeah

Christmas means to me, my love


(Christmas means to me, my love)

(Christmas means to me, my love)


Let's deck the halls with holly

Sing a silent night

Fill a sheet with angel hair

And pretty, pretty lights

Go to sleep and wake up

Just before daylight

All these things and more, baby


(All these things and more)


That's what Christmas means to me, my love


(Christmas means to me, my love)


Hey yeah!

That's what Christmas means to me, my love

Yeah, yeah, oh yeah

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Oh yeah

Merry Christmas, yeah

Oh yes!

From this day on, Yuki kept his word and managed to stop smoking. He still acts like his usual bastard self, but when Christmas comes, he throws it away and starts like a nice guy. Shuichi was proud of this new change and they lived happily ever after (well, except for the arguements not on Christmas).

The End