She moaned deeply as Itachi pushed his erect cock into her tight pussy. He pushed her up and down over and over again going a little deeper each time. She reached back and fondled his balls, he grinned mischievously as she did this. He reached up pulling her by the hair bringing her body close to his, so he could kiss and bite her neck. She dug her nails into his shoulder shuddering as a deep chill slowly drifted up her spine. He flipped them over so he could have more control over his thrusts, pushing ever more deeply into her soaked pussy. He fucked her slowly at first, quickening his pace and then slowing down once more. He stood up pulling her with him, his cock never fully leaving her pussy. She moaned deeply into his neck as he wrapped his arms around her not letting her feet touch the ground so he could fuck her standing up. The door opened slowly, causing Sakura to glance up to see Sasuke standing there eyes wide. "Ah little brother took you long enough to get home I had to start without you, get undressed and sit on the couch" Itachi laughed. Sasuke did as his older brother commanded exposing his already erect cock while sitting on the couch."Suck his cock like you sucked mine" Itachi told Sakura as he lowered her backwards to Sasuke's waiting manhood. she wrapped her mouth around his cock twirling her tongue around his head, he smiled gripping her hair with both hands. Itachi flipped her over so she would have more access to Sasuke's manhood. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock deeply taking him into the back of her throat, he groaned as she did this. Itachi pulled out of Sakura's womanhood "I will be right back I have to piss" he told them as he walked off. Sakura jumped onto Sasuke's dick bucking her hips hard as he nibbled on her nipples. After Sasuke fucked her pussy for a few minutes Itachi still hadn't returned, so Sasuke pushed Sakura off of him and placed her on all fours. He kissed and tongued her ass until she was clawing at her pussy with both hands. He stood up pressing his manhood into her ass, causing her to whine into the couch cushions. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her tight ass, she was still clawing at her pussy as he fucked her deeper and harder. Itachi walked back into the room lifting her up by the hair so he could sit in front of her, he pushed his cock into her mouth to keep her quiet. She moaned and whined onto his cock as he pushed it up into her mouth, he sighed deeply and laughed "Damn Saku-chan you're going to make me cum if you keep that up." She began to bob her head up and down as Sasuke fucked her ass deeply.