I lay on the sofa, my head pounding as I had a headache. I sighed unhappily, I knew Edward wouldn't be home for another few hours, since he was out with Paul. That husband of mine and his friend were dare devils when you put them together. I looked at the time noticing that it was seven. I got up and went to the kitchen, grabbing a packet of crackers and Nutella, I never really liked chocolate, but I had a craving for it.

I walked down the hallway and to our bedroom. I lay on the bed turning the TV on, I watched an episode of two and a half men, I had never heard of the show but it was funny. I ate every last bit of the packet of crackers. I was satisfied but not full. It was weird, I usually never ate more that an still be hungry.

I sighed and got out of bed, I went into the walk in closet and grabbed a pair of Edward's blue plaid pyjama bottoms and one of his t-shirts. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, I changed and combed my hair putting it into a low ponytail. I walked back into our bedroom and say on our bed, I looked at the alarm clock which said 8:53pm.

I groaned knowing my Edward wouldn't be back until around 1am. I closed my eyes, thinking of what are road trip to Forks tomorrow would be like. I was glad that it was Christmas, so Edward and I could spend three weeks with our families.

My phone vibrated and I looked at the caller ID Edward I smiled opening it- Bella, just leaving the baseball game on my way to the bar with Paul and Gerard, will be home at around 12:30 XxxE

I sighed - Edward, see you when you get back, don't get drunk. XxxB

I put my phone on the nightstand and turned out the lights, I curled up into the sea of covers and closed my eyes, I could feel myself being pulled into the darkness.

When I awoke I was alert, it was dark and I noticed that Edward was beside me, I smiled and turned, kissing his cheek, I saw him smile in his sleep, so I kissed his lips, he kissed me back and I knew he was awake, I straddled him and he wrapped his hands around me waist.

I pulled away, "How was the game?" I asked, kissing his neck.

"It was good, I missed you though." I moaned as he kissed my neck.

I began taking my pants off leaving me in my underwear, I took off the t-shirt too and he held my breast gently, I moaned. He took his shirt off along with his pants, leaving him only in his boxers.

That night, he satisfied my every need…