I woke up to see Edward kissing my bare shoulder, I smiled and rolled over to face him, he looked into my eyes, his smile wide, he leaned in and kissed me but the kiss was interrupted by his pager going off.

"Ugh . . ." He groaned, his head dropping down onto the pillow.

I ran my hands through his hair and he sighed, getting up, he pulled his scrubs on and rang the hospital, apparently there was a doctor in surgery that wanted Edward to fill in for him. Edward told the hospital he would be there in a half hour.

I watched Edward get ready and I quickly went to get Johnathan, I dressed him and got his supplies for the day. He stirred in his sleep as I handed him to Edward; I kissed his forehead and kissed Edward. They left and I sighed, going back to bed, I hated the days when Edward had to leave as early as 6am.


As I drove down the highway, I could hear Johnathan groaning. "Dad?" He said.

"Yes baby." I answered.

"Dad, why am I in the car and why so early?" He asked.

"Well you have your check up in the hospital today; we want to see if you're healthy." I told him.

"No needles." He whimpered.

"No needles." I assured him.

He looked out the window and sighed, it was still dark out and I knew he was tired.

Once we got to the hospital, I parked the car and helped John out of the car, it looked as if he didn't want to walk because he wrapped his arms around my neck, and rested his head on my chest, curling up to me.

I slung my backpack over my shoulder and wrapped my arms around him. I locked the car and walked towards the building. When I walked up to the surgical floor, I noticed that Johnathan had fallen asleep.

I kissed his cheek, "Dr. Cullen." A person behind me called out, I turned and saw Michelle, she ran up to me, "Dr. Humphrey needs you in O.R (Operating room) 2." I nodded.

"Okay, take my son to the children's ward, get him a room there and do not leave his side, and do not let anyone examine him until I get there, understood?"

She nodded frantically and I gave Johnathan to her, I then ran to O.R 2 and scrubbed in. "Sorry I am late Dr. Humphrey." I said to him.

"Its okay, Tina will update you. I am doing a heart surgery, the graph is in, you just need to repair the tear and take him off bypass, then stitch him you. Thanks for taking this surgery ion such short notice." He said, giving me his scalpel.

"No problem, go do what you need to do, I got this." I said, standing in his place and looking at the heart, I began to make sure the graph was stable before I started fixing the repair.

After I had the patient off bypass, the phone in the O.R rang; a nurse went to answer it. "Dr. Cullen, Nurse Sophie from the children's ward, says your son is awake and looking for you and that he is a bit upset." She told me.

"Um okay, is there a surgical resident we can call, I just need to stitch the patient."

"Yes right here." A young man said, I nodded and gave him the stitching equipment that was in my hand.

I scrubbed out and ran to the children's ward, "Johnathan Cullen." I said to the Nurse.

"Right this way." She lead me to a private room.

I saw Michelle, she looked sad, I saw my baby in the hospital bed, he was quiet but there was tears running down his face and his breath was catching. I went over to him and held him in my arms, "I'm sorry I left you." I whispered to him.

He held onto me and I kissed his cheeks, "Can I . . . go h-h-o-m-e?" He said crying.

I closed my eyes and held him tightly, "Get Dr. Mark Sloan please." I said to Michelle, she nodded and walked out of the room.

I lay on the bed with Johnathan, he quietened down when I gave him his pacifier. He closed his eyes and I knew he was tired since we had gotten up at 6am. He held onto my scrub cap, his little fingers feeling the material. He looked up at me as I caressed his hair.

I got up as Mark walked in, I gave him a hug and he looked at John. "What do you need me to do?" He said.

"Its his leg, I noticed limping yesterday and when I checked it, I noticed a bump when his knee joint is, I think its dislocated." I whispered, not wanting John to hear.

"Okay, I will take a look." I nodded and watched as he walked over to him.

"Hey John, I am Mark and I am going to look at you leg." He said.

John looked at him, his eyebrows scrunched together, he took his pacifier out, "Daddy said it was a check-up but when I usually get a check-up doctors looking my throat and ears." He said.

Mark laughed, "He's a smart one." He said to me.

I chuckled.

"Well this is a check-up were I check your bones and see if there strong." Mark told him, "So can I lift up your pants and see your knee?"

Johnathan nodded and I watched as Mark looked over his leg, he felt up and down it and I saw him frown for a second but kept a solid fake smile on his face.

He stood up and thanked John before coming over to me, "I want to run a few tests, I am going to run blood work, a CT and I want to see him walk. Can I talk to you outside for a minute?" I nodded.

Mark looked at me, his head down and I knew what he was going to say but I didn't want to hear it, "You know that it's a possibility." He said.

"I know, I just don't want it to be a possibility." I said, my head resting against the wall.

"Edward, the mass that I can feel in his leg might just be a growing cyst and just needs to be removed, don't get yourself all worked up, it might not be cancer." I nodded and he patted me on the back.

I was a little nervous and I knew what it could be but I didn't want to believe that it was cancer. I sighed and I walked back into his room, he had fallen asleep and I smiled at least he wouldn't feel the needle go into his hand.

I watched the nurse take blood and then I took him to CT, after that I took him back to his room and I rang Bella, I updated her but didn't tell her it could be cancer.

Johnathan woke up, he smiled at me and I kissed his forehead, "Daddy when can I go home?" He asked.

"In a while." I told him.

Sloan came in with a huge smile on his face, "It isn't cancer?" I asked.

"No Edward, its just as cyst that we are going to remove, its causing his knee to not bend properly so we are going to sedate him, take the cyst out and he will be home tonight." He smiled, I got up and hugged him.

"Thank you so much." I whispered.

"No problem, I will be back in 10minutes I just want to get the equipment and an anaesthesiologist." I nodded and went over to my baby.

I rang Bella to let her know and let John talk to her, he seemed a little happier when he heard her voice. I kissed his cheek and then Sloan came back with Dr. Milton.

I sighed and held onto Johnathan . . .