Type: Pikachu

Name: Thunderblade, or Blade for short

Age: 13

Personality: Thunderblade is a fun-loving guy who knows you should have more friends than enemies. He trains hard with my family and friends in mind, especially Star. Blade can be a little paranoid at times, but he always tries to focus. Thunderblade enjoys helping others and will go out of my way to help those less fortunate.

History: Thunderblade has taken care of his sister since they ran away from his insane parents. He is quite protective of Star for this reason. He has tried to give Star a normal life, and both of them went to school and made friends.

Moves: Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, and Thunder

Clothing: A blue scarf and blue goggles

Dating: no

Crush: Ella

Thunderblade's POV

I had to hurry and get Star. It was no longer safe around here. With more and more talk about the legendaries turned evil, I had to take my little sister to the far away safe camp my friend had told me about. As soon as Spanish class was over I would get Star over at the Elementary school. I sat quietly as Ms. Jynx told us how to speak with a Spanish accent. My mind turned toward the legendaries. Why would they turn evil and attack all other pokemon? It just didn't make any sense to me.

"Mr. Blade, let's hear your accent."

I looked up in shock, knowing I would fail. As I looked over at Ms. Jinx I noticed an ice cream truck through the window. "Is that an ice cream truck?" I exclaimed. Seeing I was telling the truth, my classmates and Ms. Jinx made a mad dash to the truck. I couldn't help, but grin as I walked out the door. "Class is dismissed."

Star's POV

Type: Pichu

Name: Star

Age: 8

Personality: Star can be a bit of a coward and paranoid. If you surprise or anger her, she will zap you with Spark. Star always tries to keep a happy look on life, and loves playing with bubbles.

History: Star and her brother Thunderblade, ran away when they were younger. Since then Thunderblade has tried to protect her and give her an average life. She admires Blade and won't leave him behind.

Moves: Spark and Helping Hand

Clothes: none

Dating: No way

Crush: maybe an Oc

I hate gym class. Every class Mr. Machamp makes us either run, or play dodge ball. Whenever I run someone bumps into me and I accidently fry them with Spark. Whenever we play dodge ball my balls are always caught. No one wants me on their team any more. I feel so left out. Once, the whole entire class was on the other team. I got it with ball after ball, and Mr. Machamp just sat there and watched. This all happens because he favors Buzz, the Elekid. He is my arch-nemesis and is always trying to get me into trouble. Cali the Plusle, and Ema the Emonga are the only ones who get me. I was so deep in my thoughts I ran into Tog, the Togepi. He shrieked as I Sparked him.

He spun toward me. "Star, I know that was an accident, but you should be careful. Remember when you Sparked Buzz? Mr. Machamp almost had your head! I know Buzz and you don't get along, but try to befriend him. Maybe everyone wouldn't hate you then." And with that, he sprinted away. My heart missed a beat. Everyone wouldn't hate you? Was this really what they thought of me?

Ella's POV

Type: Mew

Name: Ella

Age: 12

Personality: Ella's goal is to stop the group of evil legendaries. Even though she's a legendary pokemon, she often is beloved to be weak, though she is quite powerful. She is very nice and tries to help anyone in need. Ella does have a tough side and will not hesitate to attack someone evil. She is not afraid to speak her mind.

History: Ella has spent most of her life in Sky Valley, a valley high up on a nearby mountain. She usually hung out with her best friend, Shay, the Shaymin. Ella has often patrolled the skies around Sky Valley, keeping out intruders.

Moves: Transform, Aura Sphere, Metronome, and Physic

Clothing: none

Dating: nope

Crush: Thunderblade

"Come on Shay. I know you aren't telling me something. You can't hide it from physic." I exclaimed.

Shay frowned. "I, I don't want to talk about it."

I reached over to Shay's gracidea flower and tossed it to her. A bright light appeared as she transformed.

Shay smirked at me. "I'll tell you. I joined the group of evil legendaries. My first assignment is to attack the elementary school down there. So… bye!" She called as she flew toward the town.

I gulped. It had come to this. My best friend had turned evil. It was chaos.

Here's the OC form

Type: No legendaries please, Unova/Isshu Pokémon accepted.

Name: simple

Age: 8-18

Gender: yup, pretty important

Personality: What they act like

History: what happened before?

Moves: no more than 4

Clothing: Not a full outfit and they don't have to wear any

Dating: Are they dating?

Crush: Yes or no, and anyone specific?

Side: Are they good? Or are they one of the evil legendaries evil soldiers?

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