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Ottery St. Catchpole

The Burrow

Saturday morning, April 7, 2001

Moon phase: Full

It was a beautiful spring morning. It had rained earlier in the week, but the Burrow's garden had dried out nicely in time for the festivities. The sun was shining, the birds and butterflies were flitting about, and the garden gnomes were on their best behavior. George had insisted that they be allowed to attend the festivities, partly to annoy his mother, but mostly to honour the memory of Fred.

The butterflies were flitting around in Hermione's stomach, too. She still considered the day to be Angelina and George's wedding day, and she kept startling herself over and over by remembering that she was officially tying the knot with Bill that day, too. She slid her fingers absent-mindedly over the bond-mark Bill had imprinted upon her neck with his teeth. That was the only ring she needed, really, but a 'proper marriage' would soothe several people's ruffled feathers. She hoped it would all go smoothly, and that her parents would not be upset with the surprise turn of events.

Originally, the wedding was to have been in the afternoon, but with the horrifying attack that had taken place at Gringotts the month before during the full moon, Angelina and George had insisted on moving the wedding into the mid-morning hours. They had switched the menu to be a brunch affair, too, and no amount of protest on Hermione or Bill's part could change their minds.

"We want you two to be a part of our wedding! Tonight there is a full moon, and if a morning wedding will be safer when the moon is full, then of course that's what we'll do," Angelina had said, without batting an eye. She'd also been graciously accepting of the contingent of Aurors and Hit Wizards that surrounded the marriage tent and the Burrow itself. Her only insistence had been that they all be color-coded to match the orange and magenta wedding color scheme that she and George had chosen. With a huge grin on her face, she'd changed the color of each crime-fighting wizard or witch's uniform as they'd arrived on the scene, and now Aurors Harry and Neville both looked distinctly disgruntled in bright orange robes.

Thinking about the older woman's kindness, Hermione's eyes filled with tears as she watched the beautiful bride walk down the aisle. Angelina was glowing with happiness, radiance pouring off her. It was evident how much she loved her silly husband-to-be, as she had eyes only for him. As for George, his face shone, too. He was smiling a genuine, huge, loving smile back at her, and he was obviously trying not to cry. His lower lip was quivering a bit and he kept scratching the side of his nose, as if he had an itch.

Angelina's maid of honour was Alicia Spinnet, who actually looked quite lovely in her robes of pale magenta, and Ron was standing up with George as his best man, wearing orange robes that exactly matched his hair. Despite this, he looked almost as happy as George did, so pleased for his brother to have found his soul mate. If only Fred could have been there.

Hermione wasn't sure, but she thought that the little double-wedding trick they were about to pull was another way for George and Angelina to show their mutual love for Fred. Fred would have loved the surprise addition of Bill's and Hermione's wedding vows to his twin's matrimonial ceremony. He had always enjoyed finding new ways to flummox Molly. Bill and Hermione, glad to have found a way to get married with a minimum of fuss (and get their mothers off their respective backs in the process) were happy to be part of the day and to be part of this silent tribute to the practical jokes and wisecracking history of the Weasley twins.

Bill reached over and took Hermione's hand, squeezing it gently. His knuckles brushed against the slight swell of her growing belly and he leaned over to whisper in her ear, "Are you ready to become official, sweetness?"

Hermione smiled through her tears. "I don't know, Bill," she whispered back, almost inaudibly. She knew his keen wolfish ears would pick up her words nonetheless. "It's all so sudden."

Bill pressed his lips together tightly, a snort quietly escaping him, and she bit the inside of her own cheek to suppress a chuckle. By then Angelina had reached the altar, and her father, a tall, imposing figure of a man who was a cousin of Kingsley Shacklebolt's, as it turned out, was just giving her away to George. His baritone carried throughout the tent as he said, "George, I'm thrilled that Angelina has found you, but I warn you, she's a handful. She's my beautiful, brave, intelligent daughter, clever and quick as can be, so don't you come whining to me when she's got you wrapped completely around her little finger, doing her bidding."

George took Angelina's hand in his and said in response, gravely, "Sir? She's already done that."

There were chuckles, and kisses and hugs, and then George and Angelina stood there together, ready to take their vows.

The officiating wizard, an ancient, wizened apple of a man, stood shakily upon the dais. He asked, in a quavering voice, "Does anyone here have any reason to oppose the marriage of this man and woman? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

Barely a second passed before Bill stood up abruptly, eliciting gasps and murmurs from the wedding guests. Hermione glanced sideways at her mum and dad, who were sitting on the other side of her from Bill. As her scarred-but-handsome mate stood there, looking powerful and menacing in his inky dark-green dress robes, she watched her mother's face.

"I object!" said Bill loudly, taking Hermione's hand and tugging her upwards. "We object!"

George could have won a prize for his acting abilities.

"But, but, big brother, why? Why are you against my marrying my sweet Angelina?" he asked, a tremor in his voice. Those who knew George well knew that he was trying not to laugh. Others who didn't know him quite so familiarly would have suspected he'd break into tears at any second. Indignant shock spread among the attendees. What sort of nasty trick was this older brother of the groom's trying to pull? The poor boy had already been through so much!

Bill's gentle but insistent pulling brought Hermione to her feet. She had worn a lightly colored set of dress robes for the occasion. They were the very faintest lilac. Her pregnancy wasn't obvious yet to the casual observer, but still she hadn't wanted to wear white or ivory. However, she had wanted to look somewhat dressed for the part. Now, standing next to Bill, she decided they made a fetching couple. She looked up at him and gave him a wink as he slid an arm around her. She felt his wand in its holster pressing against her waist. He was never without it these days. Her own wand was hidden inside her sleeve, ready to pop into her hand when needed. She would never again carry it in her robe pocket.

"We're not against you marrying Angelina, George," said Bill. "We just don't want to be left out of the fun."

George gasped, Angelina gasped, and then they both said in unison, "Merlin's beard, you two, get yourselves up here and join us! Two weddings are better than one any day of the year, don't you think?"

The laughter that spread around the tent made those who were still uncertain of what was happening relax. Ah, this was a good surprise, the whispers told Hermione. Happiness and joy were quickly filling the spaces around her. Hermione's mother had covered her mouth with the fingers of one hand, and Hermione could tell she was both smiling and fighting tears. Hermione's father was nodding, his arm around his wife's shoulders. He was definitely pleased with the surprise. He caught Hermione's eye and smiled broadly. She smiled back, tears prickling her eyelids.

Thank goodness that Molly, surprise evident all over on her face, didn't do anything rash. Bill had been concerned, and George had echoed him, that she might do something or say something blunt in the heat of the moment. They knew their mum well, and knew how much she enjoyed being in control of situations. Not getting to plan a wedding for Bill and Hermione could possibly make her angry. She would certainly have words for them later, if the snap and sparkle in her brown eyes were any indication, but she did also seem pleased that someone had convinced Bill and Hermione to come around to her way of thinking: it was important to be married, she'd said every chance she could since Christmas, even if the Ministry already considered a werewolf pair-bonding to be as legally binding as a marriage ceremony.

Now, Hermione thought, as she held Bill's hand and stood beside George and Angelina, ready to say their vows. Everyone will be happy, and with luck, Bill and I can relax and be ourselves again. Her free hand caressed her stomach. This baby will be here before we know it.

Shell Cottage

Saturday early evening, April 7, 2001

Just before moonrise. Moon phase: Full

The door burst open and slammed against the wall as Bill carried Hermione into their bedroom. He wasn't carrying her in the traditional way, however. They'd quickly dispensed with the formalities as soon as they'd Floo'd into their snug and secure home. Hermione was in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands cupping his face. She was kissing him passionately. Bill's hands were under her bum, kneading her cheeks. Hermione felt the blood wards that surrounded Shell Cottage strengthen around them as Bill strode into the room towards the bed.

"You're mine, Hermione," he growled against her lips. "My friend, my wife, my mate."

She groaned. The resonant tones of his voice thrilled her to her marrow. Ever since the attack at the bank the month before, he'd been more possessive than ever, remaining by her side whenever possible, staying in regular contact with Floo calls and Patronuses when he couldn't. He needed to know where she was in relation to him at all times.

Independent woman that she was, Hermione had been surprised to find that she didn't mind this at all. She craved his closeness, needed him to be near. Her nightmares were hellish. She relived Greyback's assault on a nightly basis, and it was only in the arms of her mate that she found solace. Bill's wolf was never far from the surface of his thoughts and actions now, and her mate's humanity, laced with his wolf's ferocity, gave her courage and strength she wasn't sure she'd have, otherwise.

She never felt as safe, wild, and free as she did when alone with her mate. Not only did she feel protected, but Bill's dual nature, combined with her pregnancy hormones, also served to make her randy as hell.

"I'm yours, Bill, and I need you," she panted, nibbling at his jawline. "I need you now."

He licked at the bond-mark he'd given her, low on her neck. "Take what you need, sweetness," he murmured. The newly-risen full moon shone in their window, its silvery light making Bill's long, red hair glow.

Bill was standing next to their bed. Hermione dropped her legs from around him, letting her feet touch the floor. With a quick push, she had him down on his back across the mattress. She climbed atop him, yanking at his wedding dress robes. "You don't need these anymore," she said, scrabbling with her fingers to pull them apart. When the robes were finally open and spread out around them, she stared. He wasn't wearing trousers, and his erection was straining hard under the cotton of his briefs. She laughed. Right on the front of his pants was a large, yellow smiley face. "Let me guess. George has a matching pair," she asked, remembering the lunch conversation they'd had with George and Angelina at Fortesque's. Bill nodded, grinning as wide as the smiling circle on his Y-fronts. He flexed his stomach muscles and his eager cock bobbed inside its confines.

With a smirk, Hermione slid her fingers inside the waistband of his briefs and tugged them down to his knees, allowing him to spring free. He gave a sigh of relief, which quickly became a growl as Hermione bent over him to take him into her mouth. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around the base of his cock, pulled his foreskin taut, and licked him from top to bottom. The fingers of her other hand cupped his sac, rolling and massaging his bollocks.

"Herrrrrrmione…" Bill groaned, his hips thrusting upwards. She was straddling his thighs, so he couldn't move much, but he strained against her anyway. He grabbed at her own wedding robe and tugged at the sleeves, trying to pull the garment off her. It wasn't working very well. He grunted in frustration, even as Hermione playfully sucked his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. She hummed around him and was rewarded with the sight of her mate's eyes rolling back into his head as he groaned even louder. She loved to play with him like this. As controlling as Bill and his wolf were in the rest of their life together, neither side of him seemed to mind when she wanted to be in command of their lovemaking.

With her distraction, Bill's grip slackened on Hermione's robes, and she let go of him to sit up fully. He watched her with half-lidded eyes as she released the clasp on her light wedding cloak, allowing it to fall off her shoulders. He sucked in his breath. Beneath it, she wore nothing but a demi-bra and matching satin knickers, both lilac in color to match her outfit. Bill's eyes widened.

"Let me guess," he said with a growl. "Angelina's got a matching set."

Hermione nodded, her eyes sparkling with laughter. "Hers are orange, but otherwise..." Her voice trailed off as she watched the want and need bloom over her mate's scarred face.

"You're beautiful," he muttered, his voice vibrating with lust. He ran his gaze all over her form, drinking her in. Her breasts, full and heavy as a result of her rampant hormones, were practically spilling out of the bra. Her skin practically glowed with her desire for him. He slid his long-fingered hands up her thighs to caress her stomach. The small cuts from Greyback's claws had healed. At just four months, her pregnancy was noticeable only to Bill and herself, but he ran his warm palms over her skin as though she was the most precious, fragile object he'd ever held. Then, slowly, he let his hands wander to her barely-covered breasts. He pulled the bra cups down until her nipples popped free, and then he proceeded to tweak and stroke them until she was panting as hard as he was.

When he let his hands slip down to the waistband of her knickers, she covered his hands with hers, stopping him from removing that last barrier. He raised his eyebrows in surprise, searching her face. She smiled, raising herself onto her knees and drawing one of his hands between her legs, placing his fingers against that most intimate of places. His eyes narrowed to slits as, with a feral grin, he realized her pretty little pants were also sans crotch. He could feel her wet, slippery skin and he let a finger glide inside her. Hermione let her head fall back, and her loud, heartfelt groan surprised both of them.

"You want more of that, sweetness? Hmm?" With a deep chuckle, Bill pulled himself up slightly using only his stomach muscles, and sucked one of her erect nipples into his mouth, while he teased the other one with one hand. His other hand busied itself with Hermione's nether regions. She squirmed and wriggled against him, trying to find some relief. Finally, she pushed against his shoulders in frustration, making him fall back onto the bed. She took hold of his erection at the base, lifted herself up, and pushed herself down onto him, taking him into her to the root.

"Yes!" they hissed in unison. Bill's hands went to Hermione's hips, to both steady her and urge her on as she rose and fell against him. She braced herself on his shoulders, working and grinding her hips against him. His growl was low but constant. He strained against her, surging up to meet her on her downward stroke. It felt so good to be connected to him this way, and normally, she could ride him like this for hours. Right then, though, there in the glow of the moon, she needed a quick release. She straightened up a little, trusting that Bill would hold her safe. She let one hand drop between them, where she began to circle her swollen clit in rapid motions with her middle finger. She tugged at one nipple with her other hand. Warm pulses of electricity began to course through her. So close already… "Oh, Bill, I'm going to come!"

He grunted. "Come on me, Hermione. Yes, sweetness, come all over me!" He reached up and tweaked her other nipple as he said this, and Hermione screamed as she climaxed, shuddering, all in one explosive rush.

"Oh, oh, OH!" she cried, grinding against him, her muscles clenching him tightly. Dimly, she heard him shout, and she could feel his cock pulsing inside her, filling her with his seed. He was holding her in a vise grip, burying himself to the hilt, and he howled out his orgasm as she rode the waves of her own. Finally, she slumped forward onto his chest, sweaty, spent, and sated.

After a moment, Bill deftly unfastened her bra and stripped it from her body before rolling them both to their sides. He drew her against him with one hand cradling her bum, his lean, muscular thigh wedged between her legs. He nuzzled into her hair. "I'm not done with you yet, sweetness," he mumbled, still panting. "This's just a breather."

"I know, love," she whispered, kissing him softly. It was the full moon, after all. Bill rarely needed much sleep at this time of the month, and tonight, she felt the same. She chalked most of it up to her ramped-up hormones, but she also realized that, since she had mated with Bill, she'd been more aware than ever of the moon's cycle. She'd been changed by their bonding and the pull of the moon would soon have her ready for another go with her mate.

The idea made her shiver with excited anticipation.