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Warning: Slash

Chapter 4-I


Harry let out a gasp as Arthur licked his right nipple. He squirmed but isn't able to move much being bounded to the poles of Arthur's bed. Arthur chuckled as Harry gasped, "More...more please." Arthur's hot breath moved to his neck.

"And more you shall have."

A hand ghosted down Harry's left side, lightly grazing the skin along its path towards his inner thigh.

"Please.." Harry croaked out

"Please what?"

"Touch me"

Harry can feel Arthur's grin when he whispered, "Oh but I am touching you...", right next to Harry's ear. Harry moaned as Arthur's fingers slowly trace up his thigh but move away from it when it was so close to where Harry wanted it. "" Harry managed to choke out, dizzy from all the wonderful and electrifying sensations.

Arthur's hand moved up to Harry's balls fondling him. Harry let out a gasp then a throaty moan as Arthur's hand moved to his length...his aching, hot length. Arthur slowly stroked his lover up and down.

"Faster!" Harry cried out.

"Ah...ah...we're here to enjoy this, my love." Arthur said in a teasing tone that sounded guttural and slightly primal.

Harry whimpered, "Please...I want to feel you. Please"

Arthur let go of his aching length and moved his body away from Harry. For a brief moment without contact, Harry was afraid Arthur was going to stop until he felt something hot on the head of his aching cock. Arthur's mouth was on felt like every single nerves in Harry's system just shot off. Harry wanted to buck up his hips but Arthur's hands were keeping them flat on the soft mattress, slowly taking him downwards towards the hilt.

Harry whimpered when he felt Arthur started to suck and bob his head and he moaned when Arthur used his tongue. Arthur took his delicious mouth off of where it is supposed to be which made Harry whimpered for the loss. Arthur smiled and went to the base of Harry's cock to trace a vein up the length of Harry's penis. Arthur, satisfied with the strangled moan his lover was making moved his lips back to the head of his lover's aching cock and took it into his mouth once again but this time, he immediately went straight to the hilt.

"Ahhh!" Screamed Harry in utter pleasure as Arthur took him right up to the hilt. Arthur sucked, bobbed, licked and slightly scraped Harry's cock. It was pleasure at its maximum and Harry was..."I'm co-..."

Harry opened his eyes and gasp. He was drenched in sweat in his bed. Harry looked to his side, glad to see that Merlin was still asleep. Harry saw that the sunlight was about to shine upon them and set to clean his sheets as well as his trousers which has been decidedly soiled from his...pleasurable dream. Harry packed it all up and used one of the towel rags to clean himself of any sticky matter. Glad to be sticky free for now as he didn't deem it safe to use magic as of yet in front or near Merlin even if he knew Merlin either knew or was at the very least suspicious of him having magic.

Merlin might have thought that he was the one to remove the curse from the witch which is probably why they...Merlin or Gaius hadn't interrogated him further. Merlin might have even thought that he was simply at the...depending on the situation, wrong place at the wrong time or right place at the right time or any other combination that might come to mind.

Harry quietly walked out of the room and greeted Gaius a good morning. Gaius was hustling and bustling making breakfast for Merlin and him. Harry sat as he watched Gaius work. "Gaius, do you need any help?" Harry offered

"It is quite moot for you to ask me that as I am just about done Harry." Gaius replied. Harry blushed. As Gaius finished making breakfast, Harry heard Gaius muttered, "That boy better not wake up late."

Harry stifled his chuckles as he had seen that Merlin was still knee deep in his sleep. Harry and Gaius had breakfast on the bench on Gaius' quarters. "Gaius, I don't know what you do to make this thing delicious. It looks horrendous...and reminds me of something like a gloop. It is delicious nonetheless."

"I don't know whether to feel insulted or flattered Harry. It is a simple mixture of herbs I always seem to have around. It may seem to look as you say 'Gloop' but it is nonetheless a healthy mixture. This old bones needs it."

"Gaius, you aren't that old...yet." Harry said, remembering about Albus Dumbledore. Gaius definitely wasn't that old yet.

"You can tell it to your own bones when you get to my age." Gaius chuckled. "What do you plan on doing today?"

"I have absolutely no clue." Harry said. "I assume Merlin would be on his hands and knees with Arthur."

"Ah yes, as usual. I will come home to see Merlin either bruised, battered, dirty or all of the above." Gaius continued "It is quite rare for Merlin to enter clean."

"Arthur really goes all out with Merlin."

"Most of the time however it is Merlin that made Arthur irritated. Perhaps it is their dynamic."

Harry chuckled. Once both of them had finished having breakfast, Harry picked up their bowl with which their gloop once resided and started to clean it nearby the available washing basin. Gaius muttered a thank you before going back to his work.

As Harry was cleaning the bowl, they heard a thud and a shout. "Merlin woke up." They both chuckled. Harry was still cleaning the bowls, the gloop was really stubborn. Merlin rushed down and inhaled his gloop before once again rushing off mumbling, "I'm late, I'm late"

It reminded Harry of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. It was afternoon when disaster struck as Gwen ran into Gaius' quarters, urging for Gaius to go towards Lady Morgana's chambers. Harry asked, "What happened?"

Merlin rushed from Gaius' quarters towards the castle. He wondered about Gaius' gloop, how did it turn grey exactly? As Merlin neared Arthur's chambers, he ran in and as usual tried to wake Arthur up. For someone who is a light sleeper in the woods, he is difficult to wake up when they're in the castle. Merlin wondered how to go about this without being punished.

'Ah, can't escape it.' Merlin thought.

Merlin pulled the sheets on Arthur's bed and with a thud, Arthur landed on the ground. Arthur spluttered when he woke up and said, "Merlin, are you daft or something? THAT is now how you wake someone up. You shake them, slap them, not displacing them off of their own bed!"

"Well, your highness, I would do that if you would actually wake up when I do that." Merlin replied.

"Tsk, ready the bath and get me breakfast, my clothing as well." Arthur commanded

Merlin rolled his eyes, "Your bath is already ready, it should still be warm. I'll get your breakfast now, your clothes are already prepared, I hanged them up on the dividers."

Merlin went out of the chambers to go to the kitchen. He sighs, "My life is reduced to this. Shouldn't have saved him from the stupid witch or maybe asked for another reward. Honour my arse."

Merlin arrived at the kitchen and they immediately gave him a tray of food as per usual. Merlin hurried it up towards Arthur's chambers lest he goes off in one of his moods. Merlin knocked, went in and set the tray on the table. Arthur sat on the table and went off on one of his daily tirades about the things that they're going to do today. Merlin simply nods and say, "Yes Arthur."

The whole routine was broken by a scream from Guinevere or Gwen as most people call her. As she ran towards Gaius' quarters, she was stopped by Merlin who was out of the door. She was panicking, "Morgana wouldn't wake up!" With that she continued running towards Gaius' quarters. Merlin and Arthur meanwhile immediately ran towards Lady Morgana's chambers.

Harry was asked to help Gaius carry some of his equipments. Usually, the task would be left to Merlin but he was currently serving Arthur and Gaius couldn't carry all of his equipments. He's not getting any younger or any stronger. Once in the chambers, Gaius checked for Morgana's pulse under the eye of King Uther Pendragon, Prince Arthur Pendragon and their respective entourage.

"The temperature is fine, the breathing is fine, everything is well but it seems she is simply asleep. I do not know what is making her unable to wake unfortunately." Gaius said to the King.

Gaius asked to talk to Uther alone which they did and so they moved towards the castles' meeting hall. It was simply a throne for Uther to sit on and nothing else. Well there are the guards but really they can be easily removed.

"There is something troubling about Lady Morgana's condition." Gaius started

"What do you mean by that Gaius?" Uther asked.

"It might be caused by magic."

"WHAT!" Uther raged. "Sorcerers, IN MY KINGDOM! How did this happen?"

"Your highness, this isn't a simple spell. It is strong, very strong...It might even be the work of Nimueh."

"No, why won't she leave my family." Uther asked with a slightly regretful tone. "What can we do Gaius?"

"I'll check the books, I'll try my best to find the cure from...whatever spell that she may have used."

That night, when Harry was sleeping, he had a strange dream. There was what he assumed to be a man in his dreams covered with a tattered white cloak which once had golden trimmings as can be seen from the undamaged linings of the cloak itself. The man had piercing blue eyes and there was a whisper that seemed to be carried into the air, "I've found you."

Harry woke up, feeling confused. It felt like a dream yet it didn't. Harry sighs. He couldn't even have a decent dream here. In the other side, he had dreams of Voldemort, here he dreamt about...god knows what it is. Harry looked over to the other bed, seeing it empty, wondered just what time it is. It really isn't like Merlin to wake up early.

Harry went out of the room, downstairs, towards the breakfast/occasional Gaius' chemical table or book table when his own has too much stuff on it. Harry chuckled and looked at all the ancient flasks, test tubes and chemicals being burnt in that horrendously ancient laboratory gas that looks like it is going to burn the table. Harry got a knowing look in his eyes. 'Is that why there are some scorch marks on his table and books?'

Harry sat down and greeted Gaius. Whilst he ate his gloop which is green today, this isn't as odd as the grey gloop, Harry mused. Must've been some sort of a mash with herbs. Gaius asked him how his sleep was. Harry replied with a great and then asked where Merlin was.

"Ah, your sleep must've been really good if Merlin woke up before you Harry." Gaius chuckled

"Well, it was great I suppose. Do you know what time it is?"

"I believe it is near noon now."

Harry looked gobsmacked. He didn't know how long it has been since he has slept till noon. Harry asked Gaius if there are any changes to Lady Morgana's situation. Gaius gave him a negative. Harry sighs and picked up one of the books in Gaius' shelves to help.

After about 3 hours of moving from books to books trying to find any similarities to Morgana's situation, Harry finally found something similar. It was in an entry of what looked to be a diary of some sort. The title of the 'book' was a simple word that Harry knew very well, Morpheus.

"Gaius, I think what is afflicting Lady Morgana is a spell."

"A spell? Which spell is that Harry?"

" didn't say but this book did mention that the one casted upon will enter an endless sleep that will eventually kill as it doesn't put the body under stasis."

Gaius immediately walked over to Harry and checked the book he was reading.

"Oh no, this is not good. Not good at all."

"What's not good Gaius?"

"This book is written by Morpheus, said to be his diary. It states his spells but not the incantation. It also states the effects. If it was true that Morpheus or even someone else has found a way to use the spells within this book, it would be very disastrous for us all as we don't know the counter spells.

As you know Harry, being in Camelot means that magic is banned and known usage of magic means being beheaded. With this spell however, Camelot might just fall if no one can stop the sorcerer that is doing this magic. Sorcerers come from far and wide, some are obvious, others not so. Uther's reign has stopped the chaos of magic that was once around but in doing so, he gained the ire of many sorcerers. "

"But that doesn't make sense. Some of the books I've read said that magic can help."

"It can Harry but Uther has a bad past with magic and he is too set in his ways to change."

"So what can we do about Lady Morgana then if it is about magic?"

"I don't know..."

There was a small silence before it was broken by Merlin barging in through the door.

"Gaius! Gaius! Trouble, about thirty more people couldn't wake up!"

Gaius, Harry and Merlin rushed out and checked the front yard of the castle's ground, otherwise known as the public's walk. There, lay people who wouldn't wake up. Gaius checked all of them in worry before rushing towards the castle, to seek an audience with the king.

Gaius went into the King's audience hall (also known as the meeting hall). "I have the most unfortunate news, your highness."

"Speak Gaius."

"I combed through my books with the help of Harry. It seems to be the work of a sorcerer."

"A sorcerer?"

"Yes, and a very powerful one. The effect of the spell was stated inside a book written by a sorcerer named Morpheus. I'm sorry to say but this might be casted by Nimueh or Morpheus as only two of them seem to be able to figure out the spell. It was not stated in that book thus we can't find its counter."

"This is a grave matter Gaius."

"It is."

"Guards!" The king called. "Bring every knights and soldiers here NOW."

"Yes sir!" The two guards that enter said before moving to spread the news.

As soon as the people needed to be in that meeting was assembled, including Gaius, Harry as well as Merlin, Uther gave orders for every house to be searched through for traces of magic. They split up into groups where Arthur, Gaius, Merlin, Harry, Sir Leon as well as three other unnamed guards were settled into one group. It was nightfall by the time they set out from the castle but alas, trouble was brewing and they couldn't stop for the comforts of the people or Camelot might just fall after all, there can't be a kingdom if the population slept for eternity.

They combed through the houses in the village. The villagers accepted the presence, fear in their hearts that they might be the next one who wouldn't wake up. In one of the house however, something terrifying was discovered. It was a picture. It was a photo printed from a camera to be exact which shouldn't exist here. Harry looked at it in horror however for it showed the image of Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Leon and a few unknown people. "Arthur, what is this?" Harry asked.

"I don't know but, Lady Morgana was affected...and this mysterious object might be the way that the sorcerer is targeting people."

Just as Arthur said that, Merlin fell to the floor. He was asleep. This was followed by Sir Leon. The unnamed guards were ordered to carry Merlin and Sir Leon back to the castle. Arthur also rushed over to the castle along with Gaius. If the targets were of people from the "magical object" then Arthur is in trouble.

No one feel comfortable at night in Camelot. They were afraid if they fell asleep, they wouldn't be able to wake up thus everyone was trying hard not to fall asleep.

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