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Prologue: The Beginning of Something Unexplainable

The air on the sparring grounds outside of Capsule Corporation was crisp and fresh. It felt good on the perspiring skin of the two Saiyans locked in combat. The shorter of the two Saiyans was busy assaulting his rival with a tremendous barrage of kicks and punches with awe-inspiring speed and precision, but none of his carefully calculated attempts were even glancing close to the taller Saiyan. The formerly mentioned shorter Saiyan began to feel the etchings of doubt surface in the back of his mind. The look of pleasure on his face morphed into a scowl.

'How is it that I can never beat that imbecile? Somehow, Kakarrot is always one step ahead of me. He is always stronger than me!' It had always been this way for him. It seemed as if Kakarrot were always one measly step ahead of him. It had been his greatest and most strived for goal yet to be able surpass the imbecile. 'How many years have gone to waste? I know he is the better of us when it comes to strength and power, but I am the Prince of all Saiyans. I am his prince! Damn it all! I thought I had finally come to terms with this? Why must I always strive to be better than him when I know that it is futile?'

His mind was tormented by these recurring thoughts all of the time. He could not forgive himself for being weaker because he knew it was his own birthright to be the strongest! 'What would my father think if he could see me now? Sure I've achieved the status of the legendary super Saiyan, but I achieved it secondhand to a low-level soldier's son. Not only that, I achieved the ascended level after the half-wit Kakarrot's 11 year old child! How can a child that young achieve something like that? How can his body have even handled it? Then of course there is my son...' Vegeta smirked '... at least Trunks was able to ascend to super Saiyan before Kakarrot's other brat... even if Goten was able to achieve it at 7... ugh damn it!'

Why? That was the question Vegeta had been asking himself ever since that fateful day about 15 years ago. That day was unforgettably burned into Vegeta's memory because that was the day when Kakarrot leveled up to him for the first time. He was a third-class moron for Kami's sake! It was embarrassing to be at the same strength status as him. It didn't add up because Kakarrot was born with a pitiful power level, while he was born with that of a royal elite! Vegeta sighed exasperatedly as he half-heartedly dodged a punch from Goku. 'That was the day I can never get back... the day he surpassed me... I never had a chance...'

Although Vegeta would never admit it, he secretly envied Kakarrot. He thought very highly of him despite his educational shortcomings. How could a person fight so many evil beings and still have the utmost of faith in humanity and the vast expanse of other creatures of the universe. 'Kakarrot is an idiot. He believes everyone and everything has good in it. All evil beings have potential to change. That is such bull! How can someone that is so naive... scratch that... how can a naive warrior still be alive? How can such a pure man have so much anger festering inside of him? How can he have enough rage to reach the extent of super Saiyan 3 and still be so disgustingly pure?'

His life could easily be compared to a recurring nightmare. Vegeta would come close to catching up with Goku, but Goku would surpass him before he could. It still irked Vegeta all of the time, but after their fight with Buu, Vegeta found that he could more readily accept his circumstances. He could not entirely understand it, but somehow Goku's need to keep his loved ones safe gave him the power to defeat almost anything. It gave him incredible strength. Vegeta would like to achieve that. He would like to be able to have those noble intentions.

'But I am not you, Kakarrot. I never will be...'

Vegeta was shaken out of his reverie by Goku's obnoxious overly-cheerful voice: "Wow Vegeta! You've improved so much. I better watch my back!"

Vegeta clenched his fists angrily. 'I've been completely distracted for the last couple of minutes. There is no way in hell he could be telling the truth!' "Cut the bullshit, Kakarrot!" he snapped in retaliation.

Though Goku continued undaunted, "So..." he inquired with a smirk, "do you want to take it up to the next level?"

Vegeta's thoughts of annoyance dissipated. "I was starting to wonder what was taking you so long to say that!" he replied, emphasizing his impatience by powering up to his ascended state of super Saiyan.

Goku's face lit up like a kid that had twenty bucks in his pocket in a candy store. He quickly followed suit.

Once again, the two clashed together, Vegeta was on the offensive, and Goku the defensive. At this point, Goku had to block some of Vegeta's blows, instead of dodging them. Secretly, Goku hadn't powered up to his best in that form, but he did it for two reasons: one, he wanted a better workout, and two, he didn't want to hurt Vegeta's beloved pride. Unbeknownst to Vegeta, Goku now knew him well enough to be able to tell when he was thinking of such things. He'd seen it happen often enough. He realized that if Vegeta were to find out that he was holding back in ascended super Saiyan form, he'd be furious. How could he possibly find out?

This was the same old routine as usual. Goku knew that if he wanted some serious action he should taunt Vegeta. Goku was aware that he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but he knew how to manipulate people. He knew that if he taunted Vegeta and played with his emotions, this fight would be much more interesting. Goku lived for that kind of interesting. He loved a good fight. He loved when he had to strategize instead of just using brute strength and speed. He almost wished he go back in time, to a time when he wasn't so powerful. He thought that it might be fun to be the underdog again.

'I need a new challenge!' he thought.

Although Goku genuinely did not like to hurt Vegeta's feelings, he couldn't help his Saiyan thirst for a good fight. It was like having a sore, dry throat, and you drink water, and you drink more, but no-matter how much you drink, the thirst lingers itching in your throat. He could not quench his thirst. He never could. It caused him problems with his marriage and his parenting. He could not help it. So although he didn't want to screw around with Vegeta's precious pride, he still ended up doing so. And this is where the story truly begins:

"Do you want to play a game, Vegeta?" Goku asked giddily.

"No, Kakarrot, I don't want to play games with you! I want to fight you like a true Saiyan warrior!" Vegeta retorted, rolling his eyes at his childish comrade.

Goku laughed, scratching the back of his head. "That's no fun, Vegeta!" he replied. "I'll tell you what, if you can catch me, than you will experience the most intense fight ever!"

"I do not want to play your foolish ga - " Vegeta began, but he quit when he realized that Goku wasn't going to listen. Goku used his instant transmission technique and disappeared out of sight. "Idiot..." Vegeta muttered.

Goku transported behind Vegeta. Vegeta immediately felt his presence, and he turned around, itching to punch the goofball in the gut so hard that he'd wretch up his oversized lunch. For an instant, Vegeta was able to see him, but it was merely an afterimage. He grunted angrily as he noticed the ear-to-ear smile on Goku's face. Then again, he felt Goku reappear behind him. He turned around and again swiped at his afterimage. This time, Goku had his index fingers in his mouth, spreading his lips apart to an abnormally large width. For a finishing touch, he had his tongue sticking out at Vegeta. Again, he felt Goku reappear behind him. He spun around and this time Goku was making another funny face, sticking out his tongue, and pulling down a lower eyelid.

"Damn you!" Vegeta hissed, turning around before he even sensed Goku's ki reappear. Sure enough, Goku appeared from out of thin air and Vegeta grabbed a hold of his arm before he was able to finish relocating. Goku's face appeared astonished. He could see him silently mouthing out the word "What?"

Unfortunately for Vegeta, his victory wasn't long-lived. For when he was finally able to grab a hold of Goku, he in-turn broke his rival's concentration. Goku completely lost track of where he was going, which is the #1 thing you shouldn't do when you're headed somewhere. Vegeta, of course, knew nothing of this. He didn't realize that the both of them were about to be royally screwed. He was so distracted by the feeling of being teleported that he hadn't yet noticed the alarming expression on Goku's face.

Vegeta had felt what it was like to be transported before, but his memories of it were faded and distant. To say that the feeling was incredible would be an understatement. The sights and sounds were so odd, so unbelievable, and so awe-inspiring, that it took a person's breath away. His stomach was rattled. Vegeta could not describe the feeling because it was new to him. Any human would be able to describe it. A human being would say that it is the feeling you get when you're riding in a car with your eyes closed and all of a sudden, the car goes down a sharp hill. It feels as if your body is weighed down by gravity, but your stomach is lifting. It is like being on a roller coaster. Though, what he was feeling was more intense. It felt as if his very soul had left his body, or at least, as if it was struggling to break free. Have you ever been lightly asleep, and you suddenly are jolted awake by a feeling of falling through your mattress? You feel clammy, and you're suddenly breathing hard, as if you are running from something unexplainable? This is exactly how Vegeta felt in that very instant.

He could feel a pushing sensation all over his body; it was as if it were being compressed. It felt as if he was in a room, this room is no ordinary room. The walls are spinning at such a great speed that you become glued to the wall. It is so fast that your body cannot move. His head, torso, and limbs were frozen still. He felt anxious and paralyzed. He assumed that this was precisely the reason why Goku had told everyone that it is important to hold on tight whenever he would bring them along for the ride. You freeze when you transport. If you don't have a tight enough grasp on the transporter, you will slip away. How horrible would it be to be stuck in the void that you were traveling in for all of eternity? Would you even die? If you did die, say, you suffocated, or you starved, would you be released to otherworld? Or would you forever haunt the abyss, frozen in timeless nothingness?

Surrounding Vegeta and Goku was what looked like static on a television screen. They were surrounded by white-noise. It was all they could see, it was all they could hear. There was a bright white light surrounding them. Vegeta could not identify its source. It was blinding. It felt like a glare from the sun. Try as he might to glance away from it, it stayed in his peripheral vision. There was something missing from this description. It was on the tip of his tongue. Something was wrong. What was wrong? Then it hit him; he couldn't feel anything. By feel, I don't mean physical sensation. No, his whole body was tingling. It felt as if he'd been injected with local anesthesia, and it was beginning to wear off. Although his physical sensations were numbed, he could still feel something. By not being able to feel anything, I mean his sixth sense. He could not sense ki. He could not sense it at all. He could not sense his own, nor Kakarrot's. It was as if they were completely nonexistent. He began to feel an inkling of panic take hold of his mind.

Then he remembered something else that was missing. The last time he had teleported with Goku, he was able to see blurry outlines of people, of all living things. They were all ambiguous, like smudges of ink on a piece of paper, but they were always dwelling there in the white-noise. He could feel their ki before. Now they weren't anywhere to be found. He could not feel them. Another odd thought came to surface in his mind. 'It has been more than a minute no-doubt. If this is supposed to be 'instantaneous' transportation, then why haven't we reappeared elsewhere by now?'

Meanwhile, Goku frantically searched for a familiar ki signal, but couldn't find any, not even the faintest impression of one. Come to think of it, he couldn't even sense a ki that wasn't familiar. It was as if he had lost all sense of their dimension. He was aware that he had lost his concentration for a split-second, but he didn't understand how that little mistake could make the two of them wind up in… well... nothing.

'Where are we?' he thought.

Then he felt it. When he was about to lose hope, he felt just a tiny bit of ki. It was familiar, yet it felt as if he'd never felt it before. It didn't make any sense at all, but if he were to try and describe it, he might say that it was like a bond he couldn't understand between him and the owner of the ki. It was like a bond that has always been, despite the fact that he'd never felt it before. It felt welcoming. It was comforting because he could not even sense his own ki, and yet he could feel this distant ki that felt eerily similar to his own.

Goku tried his damndest to concentrate on it, but it seemed too small and weak. It felt like it was galaxies and decades away. He strained himself to concentrate on it with all of his might. His head began to pound from the extent of mental exertion he was causing it. He was able to faintly lock on to the ki signal. He was not sure if he was attached to it enough to transport himself to its location, but he realized that he had no choice. He knew that he could do no better. It was now or never.

He felt a power surround his body like none other before. A clap of thunder resonated throughout the abyss, and turquoise static lightning lit up as far as the eye could see. It surrounded Goku and blanketed Vegeta in an otherworldly blue aura. Goku could feel his skin crawl with this incredible power. He didn't know how he had started this, but somehow he knew that his attempt to transport was the catalyst. Though despite that, he was still trying his hardest to concentrate on leaving this place.

'Please work!' he begged.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning shot up from underneath them, electrocuting them with its incredible energy. Goku could just vaguely feel Vegeta's grasp being to lighten up. Vegeta was losing his hold on Goku's arm, he was slipping away. Goku tried to move in order to grab Vegeta's hand and pull him back, but he couldn't. He was paralyzed in the static blue lightning.

'Vegeta no!'

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