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Chapter 1: Spirited Away

'Vegeta!' was the only thought that passed through Goku's mind at that very instant. It monopolized the use of nearly every neuron in his brain. 'Vegeta!' not 'Vegeta, where are you?' nor 'Vegeta, what's happening?' or even 'What the hell is going on?'. It was just 'Vegeta!', but at the same time that solitary word brought forth every feeling of dread and anticipation that Goku could possibly muster. This was the final thought Goku had before his eyes started to play tricks on him. He realized that he could move his body again, but it looked as if his limbs were becoming transparent. He didn't have time to wonder whether he was hallucinating or not. He wasn't the type of man who fostered fear. He was not afraid of anything that could bring him harm. He was only afraid for the safety of his family and friends, for all that he held dear. He could still not feel Vegeta. He was gone.


He felt a nauseating dizziness overwhelm his senses. The miniscule amount of control he had was lost. His body was going somewhere, but he had no clue where that somewhere would be. He felt weak, and his eyelids became heavy. He tried to blink away his drowsiness, but he could not fight away his drooping eyelids and quickly succumbed to unconsciousness.

As Goku blinked his way back into a conscious state of mind, the first thing he realized was that his head was pounding. It didn't help any that the moment his eyelids opened his hyper-sensitive retinas were assaulted by the brightest light he'd ever seen. As if to make matters worse, there was a loud incessant noise bouncing off of every surface and making his ears ring. A finger twitched as he fought to gain control of his body. He tingled all over. It felt as if millions of tiny little balls were squirming beneath his skin. He could barely move. His mind frantically sought out an answer. 'Why can't I move?'

It felt as if his entire body's circulation had been cut off. How was that possible though? 'Did I die and come back?' he thought. It was the only explanation he could think of. He breathed in deep gulps of air, trying his best to get the blood flowing as quickly as possible. When he regained the use of his hands they immediately went flying toward his ears to shut out the ceaseless noise that had yet to go away.

The air was stuffy and humid. His skin felt cold and clammy. The room smelled repugnant to him. It wasn't a fetid smell, but it was one that he recognized and absolutely abhorred. He immediately detected the sickening smell of medicine and antibiotics. He recognized the stench of death that could never be covered by any chemical. It was the smell of a hospital.

He began to feel sick and panicked. 'Why am I in a hospital?' he thought nervously, trying to control his breathing. 'Why am I in a hospital, why… why… why?'

I suppose I failed to mention that Goku has one fear that is unrelated to his need to protect others and know that they are safe. If it isn't evident yet, he is afraid of hospitals, doctors, and anything else associated with doctors and hospitals. He isn't afraid of the hospital, or the doctor, per se, he is afraid of needles, and everything associated with the medical field must have something to do with needles. (Note: sarcasm)

As one would suspect, Goku's first priority at this point was to search his surroundings for the accursed needle. His eyes began their search, and he instantly realized that something was offbeat. He wasn't in a hospital bed. He was on a somewhat soft surface, but within a few inches of his body, he was entirely surrounded by walls. He considered the idea that he was inside a box of some sort. He stood up on wobbly feet. He didn't feel in control at all. He attributed this to his former dizziness. He must not have captured his bearings yet. The wall wasn't very tall; it was just about an inch over his head. He reached up to grab the outside edge of the box and realized that what appeared to be an opening at the top was really a completely transparent material closing him in entirely. He jumped up and punched at it, hoping that it was glass and would shatter. Nothing happened. He punched harder the next time and the clear plastic-like cover went flying off of his little box and hit the floor outside with a loud clacking noise.

With the top of the box removed, Goku could hear the loud noise from earlier at an even louder pitch. It sounded like a screech coming from a terrified or injured animal. Goku rubbed his throbbing temples. He couldn't think straight with that awful noise.

Goku was finally able to pinpoint where the noise was coming from. It was right next to his box. He climbed up the side of the box and perched himself on the outer ridge. He gasped at what he saw. Next to his box was one that was nearly identical, and inside of it was a little baby screaming its head off. Despite his raging headache, Goku felt the urge to comfort the poor little thing.

"Don't cry, little baby. It's oka – " Goku was unable to finish because he noticed something that instantly shocked him. 'Why is my voice squeaky? Wait… no… no… that isn't possible, is it?'

Goku glanced down at the baby again, and compared the sizes of his box and the baby's box. 'They're the same size… how?'

Goku glanced down at the palms of his hands for the first time since his and Vegeta's little incident, and he nearly fainted from what he saw. They were tiny. These hands didn't belong to him! They were too small! How come they were moving upon his command? 'Why are these hands shaking? I'm nervous. My hands should be shaking, but these are not my hands!'

Goku stared down at the wailing baby and realized that it had a tail. It was a Saiyan baby. 'This isn't possible. This isn't happening! I can't be a… Kami I can't even say it! I must be dreaming. Maybe I'm in a coma or something? This is not happening to me!'

Goku hopped off of his box and onto the tiled flooring beneath it. The room he was in was full of these little boxes. He appeared to be in a nursery. The only noise was coming from the box near to him. All of the other infants were silent. He immediately began to think back to Brolly. Brolly had hated him. He had cried and cried and cried… because of him for some reason he never could understand. Goku furrowed his eyebrows together in frustration. 'Was that baby Brolly?' he thought. He then shook his head in disbelief. 'I can't believe I just considered that! Of course it isn't Brolly. I'm dreaming! Ha! Stupid me!'

Goku sat down on the floor and rested his chin in the palm of his hand. 'What am I supposed to do?' he thought in bemusement. He'd never had a lucid dream before. He smiled all of a sudden. 'I know! I'll just think of ChiChi and a stove and stuff, and everything I think of will be in my dream, and she'll make me some lunch! Wait a minute! I only have to think of lunch and it should show up!'

Goku laughed out loud and rubbed his hands together greedily. He then shut his eyes and set his mind to work on thinking up every kind of delicious entrée he'd ever had. 'Almost done…' he thought, 'oh wait! I need ice-cream for dessert too. Hm… Neapolitan sounds nice…'

Goku smiled and opened his eyes with excitement. He could feel the drool accumulating in his mouth. Too bad, nothing in the room had changed.

'Maybe I just didn't think hard enough?'

Vegeta watched in stunned horror as his hand began to slip off of Goku's arm. He still could not move a muscle. He had a bad feeling about this. 'Blast! I don't want to be stuck in this rotten wasteland for all eternity! Damn-it Kakarrot! Just what do you think you're doing?'

Vegeta wanted to scream out curses at Goku as his hand parted from his comrade completely. He would have chosen to telepathically send his irritation to Goku and hope that it hit home but he was immediately distracted by something else. He had supposed that his body would continue to float stagnantly into the abyss, but the instant his contact with Goku was cut off, gravity seemed reappear and Vegeta's body began to plummet into a free fall… to where, he had absolutely no clue.

'Damn you and your idiosyncrasy, Kakarrot! I swear that if I have any breath left in me after this I will hunt you down and brutally beat you into otherworld!' Vegeta thought. He began to picture his body coming to a halt on a flat surface of something hard like marble or granite. He hoped to Kami that he would live to be able to keep his recent promise to his rival.

Fortunately for Vegeta, he never became acquainted with a harsh surface. In fact, he didn't remember ever getting to where he arrived. Everything went black in an instant, and in another instant, he was sitting down in a somewhat comfortable seat. He smiled as he began to open his eyes to examine his surroundings. 'I hope Kakarrot hit a hard surface. That would serve him right!'

At long last, Vegeta opened his eyes and came face-to-face with the inside of a space pod. It was not any ordinary space pod. It was his space pod. Vegeta suddenly felt a sinking feeling in his chest. He was staring out a small circular red-tinted window at the vast expanse of space. Stars were flickering past him at lightning speed.

'I have to be hallucinating! This isn't real! I'm dreaming… that's it… dreaming!' he thought in utter stupefaction.

With a masterful hand, Vegeta manipulated the pod's control panel into getting the computer to tell him where he was and where he was headed. He did this with ease. He hadn't forgotten his old life. He wanted to so badly, but he couldn't. A mechanical female voice stated that his destination was Planet Keeron. Vegeta shuddered. This was his first purging mission issued by Freeza himself! He checked the date on a screen and nearly screamed. 'This isn't happening. Kakarrot can't perform time travel and I can't either! This is ridiculous!'

He immediately scanned the radius around his a pod and wasn't surprised to find out that both Nappa's and Raditz's pods were alongside his own. This was impossible! This couldn't be real!

Vegeta pinched himself to see that he was really awake. He felt it. His skin turned red for a moment. He suddenly felt anger overtake his confused thoughts. He wanted to pound at the red glass only inches in front of him and shatter it. He wanted his body to be torn out of the tiny opening and he wanted to be vacuumed into space. He wanted to suffocate and die. Anything but this!

He calmed himself down as best he could. He needed to stay alive. He couldn't immediately understand why he felt this way, but he knew that he had a purpose for staying alive.

'This is the exact date that Freeza killed my Father. This is the day that he will destroy my people along with all that they could claim they had accomplished. This is the day he will lie to me. He will tell me of a meteor disaster instead. I will believe him. He will make me his slave. I will lose my pride. I will be pathetic!'

He glanced hatefully at his chubby little five year old hands. This didn't make any sense. If by some odd reason, Kakarrot managed to transport them back in time, there was no explaining why he was his younger self again. 'I'm helpless again! What the hell can I do? I cannot live like that again! I cannot be Freeza's underling! I will not be spat on by that creature! I refuse to do his bidding!'

Vegeta formed a link to his comrades on his scouter, "Nappa, Raditz!" he hissed.

"Yes, Prince Vegeta," he heard recited dutifully into his ears. He could detect the undertone of annoyance in their drawling voices. Who would want to be commanded by a five year old child? He wished he hadn't heard any response at all. It made this all too real. It made the reality of his situation undeniable!

"Change of plans. Direct your pods toward Planet Vegeta immediately!" Vegeta commanded without missing a beat.

"But, we haven't finished our mission, Freeza will have our heads," spoke Nappa nervously.

"Fine, don't listen to me. I will go alone!" Vegeta spat into his scouter. 'Its better that way,' he thought.

Vegeta immediately cut off his link to his team and he punched in the new coordinates abruptly. 'What the hell did you do, Kakarrot?'

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the vast expanse of space, a lone Saiyan warrior was also traveling in a space pod. He was headed in the exact same direction as his Prince. He was thoroughly bloodied, but it could not distract anyone who was familiar with Son Goku from his face. He looked identical to Goku in every way. The sole difference was a long gouge of a scar on his left cheek. It looked like an 'X-marks the spot'.

This man is important beyond even his knowing. He is important because unbeknownst to him, he is stronger than his own King. This is unknown by any Saiyan that is living, and would ordinarily make him seem harmless, but there is an Icejin that knows of his secret power. He wants to crush him. He is so afraid of his power that he assumes that all Saiyans may be capable of it. He has decided to rid the universe of them altogether. Unfortunately for the Icejin, this Saiyan is aware of the Icejin's mass-genocide scheme. What neither of them knows is that this isn't even beginning of their dilemma. The universe has something very special and troubling in store for them.

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